Wednesday, 12 December 2007


abc wednesday

I'm really stuck on the letter 'U'. I don't have a UKELELE (ukulele), an ULTRAVOX album or a copy of ULYSSES . I've been wandering around the house hoping a 'U' will jump out on me....hang on......what do I see on these shelves.............................


If you'd like to learn more about Unicorns just click on my photo above.

Just a brief update on what's happening here in Suffolk for those of you who so kindly drop by to see if I've posted. I'm staying at Leanne's (Crowsfeet Anonymous) tonight as one of our Grandaughters is singing in the choir at Colchester castle....really looking forward to it but must make sure I have tissues at hand...hearing youngsters singing always brings a tear to my eye. It also means I've managed to post this as I'm using her computer! I've been working hard on my History and Literature Assignments in the Childhood Module....all handed in now. My Sociology survey I have to write up over the Christmas Holidays. We will be moving on to the Gender module next......I guess they'll be a few feminist issues raised over the next few weeks as we've only one man on the course!

I'm totally unprepared for Christmas which is unusual for me......I do have a few of my Cristmassy knick knacks scattered about though. It's going to be a difficult Christmas this year but I'm going to Manda & Co for Christmas will be so strange not cooking it myself!!!!!

It will be some time before I'm back on the computer properly......but I'll try to get the rest of my ABC's posted each week. It'll take me a year I reckon to catch up with you all!!!!....till then



kml said...

Seek and ye shall find! Great U!

Andrea said...

Great U post. You always come up with some unique ones.

Gledwood said...

Here's wishing you an entertaining time this Xmas Ruth ... not cooking dinner means more drinking time. Have they got Sky? Al Jezeera news in English is always good for a laugh. I have been trying to read Bleak House. Wow, but it is wordy!!
Ooer I gotta go I've an appointment at the hosp "this arvo" as they say in Neighbours. I hope your computer gets better soon!!

Gledwood said...

u.s. ui uas uoing uo ury und urite u uessage using unly uetters uhat utart uith u - uut ut's uot uhat uasy....

bonnie said...

I had trouble with U too. Oh what about U2? I don't have a ukelele or a unicorn. I used the dictionary and an illustrated children's book. It didn't help. It was quite a challenge.

Icarus said...

Oh, how U are missed!!!!

It's jUst not the same. Like there's this conspisUous space in the comments. JUst learning that Monday was Auds' first blog birthday, it strUck me hard, jUst what these 12 months have been aboUt, everything they have done. And so fast, this past year.
All these big "U"s tell me how much I Use the word "jUst".

You may not have a copy of Joyce's Ulysses, bUt someone I know gave U a version of Tennyson's, right?
And NOT to yield!!!!

Soon, all the love,

Sxxxxxxxxx to U.

Icarus said...

PS - I meant AUds; bUt I prefer "conspisUous", that can stay.

Icarus said...

PPS I'm back again because I forgot to tick the follow-Up box and yoU can't get that withoUt a comment. So here it is.


dot said...

I miss you blogging! Glad all is going well.

Annie said...

Hi Ruth, You did it, you found a U. And a unicorn is a magical creature so I really like coming upon it here.

I send you greetings for a happy Christmas with your family, with some friends, with all of us if you find a computer again.

Peter M said...

Ahh yes those elusive creatures, it would be great to see one for real. Well I did last night, it was on my way back from the pub or was it pubs.

Gene Bach said...

Hang in there Ruth!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Glad to see you got a U post, ruth. I know what you mean about Christmas. I haven't done anything, It is a difficult year to get in the spirit.

Analía said...

My dearest friend, you posted a U for Unicorns and I will have to reply with an S of Serendipity. I guess you didn't have time to visit my blog, but I know as soon as you do it, you'll find out what is all this serendipity about. I changed my layout two weeks ago and.....
So, I can see you are studying a lot. Great!! I love when students actually study and do ALL the assignments, that's paradise!

Ruth, my cell phone was stolen :( and I'm not able to send you TXT right now :( I'll do it as soon as I get a new one (probably in 2010 or so LOL) But I will call you before Christmas ok?

Please take care, study a lot and enjoy your family. We will be waiting for you.

Oswegan said...

Sounds like you had lots of ideas for U.



Libbys Blog said...

I wondered where you where. So glad all is going well with the course, hope the computer gets fixed soon.
All the best xxx

john.g. said...

Have a great xmas Ruth!! xx

Sheila said... umbrella...?
Unicorns are more interesting anyway. I always get weepy at the children's Christmas concerts. It is my youngest grand daughters tonight.
hope you are well.. big hugs

Akelamalu said...

Great to see U Ruth, if only fleetingly. :)

CG said...

Glad to see you posting xxx

Jon said...

As we say in the Deep South, U all (y'all) have a very merry Christmas over there in jolly ole U.K.
Always a treat to visit your blog!

Jon in Vicksburg, Mississippi,U.S.A. on 12-13-07

Neva said...

I will still drop by and check! Have a good Christmas!

Pat said...

Hi Ruth!

So great to read your blog again. Tried the one I usually read but says I can't access it.

We'll talk soon.

Please have a wonderful Christmas if we don't chat before then.




Guelph Daily Photo
Pat's Daily Photo
Photography Cafe

Audrey said...

There U are. Unmistakable, Unforgettable Ruth. Sounds like college is going well though I imagine its hard work all the same. Enjoy the concert, I know you will and dont forget the tissues :) Im working this christmas so no cooking for me either, wont half feel strange. Take care and hope your back online soon..Missing you XXXXX Auds

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth Just popped in see how your going.I wish you a very merry Christmas, Have a wonderful Xmas with family, Im not cooking either im going to my daughters also, Happy Memories... ((((HUGS))) Jen.

Max-e said...

Hi Ruth
Also has a problem with U, but like u I also came thru, not with a unicorn, but an "union".
Thanks for your comments and thoughts during my recovery.
All the best

Mauigirl said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Ruth - I know it will be difficult but I'm glad you'll be at Manda's. I'm also glad you have been able to keep us up to date with your studies - sounds as if you're doing wonderfully.

Meg Wolff said...

Just wanted to see what you are up to love.:-) I will keep smiling. ox

Moi said...

that's gotta be my fav. U :)
i love the fables attached with the beautiful mythical creature......

and you enjoy your Christmas...Though I miss you, I understand you have important things lined up....I just wanted to let you know, I finally graduated on 15th , and so did my husband :)

eda said...





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