Monday, 14 April 2008

Hi Folks it's me again
As a way of explanation t0 those like Gledwood who suggest I use the computers at college to post my blog. As I depend on a lift from J to get to and fro from college I am unable to stay outside tutorial time to post as it would mean missing my lift any time I have to spare in a lunch hour I have to spend typing up assignments and doing research.
I will try to get my pc sorted out as soon as I can but at the moment I have no income at all while my (hopefully) benefits are being sorted. I have explained the situation to one of my tutors and she has said that she will do all that she can to enable me to finish the course. All assignments done and handed in now...just have to wait for the last three to be marked....then revision for exams in May!
This afternoon is our last IT tutorial and luckily I have finished all my work so our IT tutor has said I can have a play about on this computer to do whatever I my chance to do this post.
Many thanks to all my dear friends who sent emails in memory of the Day Mick passed away...the family and I were deeply moved by all your kind thoughts. We carry on the best we can...always remembering the words of one wise blogger

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hi Folks! I'm staying with Leanne and Co for a couple of days so taking advantage of her computer. Many thanks to all of you who have been concerned as to why I'm not posting and thanks to Mrs Nesbitt for posting in my comment box to explain that I am 'sans pc' at the moment. So far so good at college. No referrals so fact between you and me I've had some really good comments on my work by my tutors. Three assignments to do over this Easter break so I've been scribbling away on paper, tearing my hair out and pacing the floor. Hopefully I can get the bulk of it typed up while I'm here. Exams in May and also a Project to do so keeping busy.

Unfortunately no photos as I didn't bring my camera to pc lead with me (sure there's a proper name for it but it escapes me at the moment). Suffice it to say that the garden is doing well considering that it was covered with snow at Easter!

There have been some emotional times; March 4th would have been Mick's 65th birthday and the 1st anniversary of his passing away is on April 6th but I won't dwell on that. I did try to sign on to Job Seekers as the bereavement benefit I've been existing on ends today. However, it transpires that although I am willing to work when I'm not at college this is not allowed. If I wish to go on Job Seekers I have to come off the course. To have come so far and then not be able to finish it seems ridiculous especially as the whole point of my going on the course was to put me in a better position to find work. What is even crazier is that if I do give up the course the DHSS could well put me on a course to help me get a job!!! Anyway things are a bit in abeyance at the moment ...fingers crossed I get something sorted out.

The gardens doing quite well considering that it was covered in snow at Easter. Wish I could show you some photos but you'll have to use your imagination. Various types of Daffodils have been in bloom, since January. Irises, tulips, anemone blanda, perennial candytuft etc etc. The Camellia is just starting to bloom and the buds on the Clematis Montana are swelling up nicely.
Once again many thanks for all your messages, unfortunately with no computer I've only just managed to pick them up.
Stay well my friends and keep smiling.




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