Thursday, 17 January 2008


sky watch friday

A couple of photos of Thursday mornings fabulous sky...the 'shepherd's warning' was right as the rest of the day was dismal, wet and thoroughly miserable.

sky watch friday
sky watch friday

Good news...I got a pass for my last Literature assignment 'Compare and contrast the presentation of childhood in Elliot's Silas Marner and Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience'...YIPPEE!!!! (Still waiting for the return of my Sociology assignment but so far so good.) At least my Tutor didn't think it was a load of rubbish..................unlike this!!!!!

Yes the Phantom Rubbish Dumper has once more reared it's ugly head.........this lot has been in the alley for nearly 2 weeks now...what a mess!!! As some of you will know, the last year or so this kind of dumping had been a perpetual problem. I'd really hoped I'd seen the last of it!

It was the first of this terms Maths Club went really well. We've called ourselves the ADDERS.....I made up some special Adders club I.D. cards with a word square on them for each of the children.......and our logo is.....................The children have written numbers into each of the circles on their own snake......We also have our own song to sing on the way in and out of the classroom.......

1 + 1 IS 2…. WE SAID
2 + 2 IS 4…. WE’RE SURE
3 + 3 IS 6…. NOT MORE
4 + 4 IS 8…. WE SAY
5 + 5 IS 10…. OK

The numbers in the song will be changed every few weeks.......the only problem was is that we were singing with such gusto that the secretary wondered what all the noise was!!!! We had fun though and the 'horror' from last term wasn't quite as disruptive.

Well it's starting to get light here....time for me to get out of my night clothes and get ready for college.



Suzi-k said...

well done, goodness, I don't know how you fit it all in, between blogging, studying teaching, photography, dumper monitoring, do you actually get to sleep?

Suzi-k said...

oh yes, and I forgot the dreaded housework, and the not-so -dreaded gardening!!

Dilly said...

Ahhh........Dilly see sky tooo! Be nice, be pink! Dilly luv PINK! Be pwinsessy!


Ida said...

Nice Sky Watch. :)

Wishing you a happy and creative weekend. :)

dot said...

You always have such cute posts! Nice sky pictures and interesting other things but sorry about the garbage.

Angie said...

Hi Ruth,
A beautiful sky.I'm sorry about the rubbish dumped. This sort of thing drives me mad.We have some lovely lanes round here and what happens? Some moron drives along them and dumps bags of rubbish.I wouldn't mind but there is a municipal dump where they could take their rubbish if it won't go in the wheely bin! I'd throw the book at them if I caught them!
(Angie comes down off her high horse!)

Auntie Noo said...

The adders sound cool!!!!

Marie said...

Beautiful photos of Thursday mornings fabulous sky!

Sandy Carlson said...

Congratulations on your grade. And all the other work you're getting done. This is a wonderful sky shot.

gaz said...

i like the blanket of cloud in the second shot. right place right time i guess.

RuneE said...

What a differences between the first two pictures and the third. I think I'll keep the two on top ;-)

Kahshe Cottager said...

A lovely sky ... but not so nice about the garbage. What a busy person you are!

Andrea said...

Nice sky pictures.

One of my biggest pet peeves in roadside garbage. Our world is too beautiful to clutter with peoples unwanted trash.

Pauline said...

Well done on the assignment, great sky pics, and as for the rubbish I wonder if the council workers that will eventually have to deal with it, will go through the bag looking for evidence of an address to identify the culprit? I saw a programme once that showed this being done in London and it struck me as being a good idea.

Misty Dawn said...

Beautiful sky shots - I love the second one the best.

Akelamalu said...

Great news on your homework Ruth. You sound as though you are really enjoying the Maths club. Have a great weekend. x

Paulie said...

What a beautiful way to greet the day!

Libbys Blog said...

Apparently the red skies in the morning are the sunrise reflecting on the moisture content in the air!! We have had rather alot of that recently so explains the lovely red sky!!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Great Sky Watch Ruth...
Sorry to hear about the Fly Tippers...
Glad to hear you are doing well at collage as well..

Have a great weekend

CG said...

The rubbish is ugly and I hope it gets sorted. Beautiful sky. You should consider a career in teaching!!!

Gledwood said...

3rd one down ~::~ thought you'd posted up a picture of my own front yard for a mo ..(!)

Dirty Knees said...

Terrible about the rubbish! Nasty people do the same thing here in Canada too. What ARE they thinking?

Ah, but the sky was lovely when you took the first couple of photos!

Sheila said...

Glad the studies are going well, and you sound like an excellent student..!
Well done.'
I hated maths at school, because it was difficult for me, no special clubs or help in those days, and I know it would have made all the difference.
Have a great weekend..

Kerri said...

Beautiful sky posts! Sounds like you are making the math FUN FUN FUN!

Elsie said...

Well done, Ruth. What a nice song to teach the children numbers.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth, Well done!nice sky watch . uggggggg the dreaded rubbish dumper strikes again! hope its all cleaned up soon for you. Jen

Andrée said...

* Your photos? Stupendous! Excellent color!
* Your writing assignments? Killers! How do you do that? It overwhelms me just to read the topics!
* Your Adders club? I wish I were that creative making math fun like you do!

eda said...





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