Tuesday, 3 April 2007


No the Easter Holidays aren't over yet........I just thought you may like to see a little of the schools grounds and the children's vegetable plot and wildlife area at the school that Manda works at.
Neat lines of Ladybirds lead you up to the school and not a Harlequin (Harmonia axyridis) in sight!The playground has its own "child friendly" stream with a bridge going across it.......but the fish never need feeding!

This area is being turned into a memorial garden in memory of a much loved teacher who sadly passed away last year.

This weather vane was given to the school by an ex headmistress when she retired. She was a very special headmistress and had seen a few generations of children come through the school gates. If a class was noisy she only had to give them "the look" and all fell quiet...not from fear but from respect......... It worked on parents too!!!!

This is the "Friendship Bench" (made by one of the children's father)...if a child is feeling sad or lonely during break time they sit on the bench and someone will always come and cheer them up or play with them. Such a lovely idea.

This is the "cut flower" bed....early in the season yet....

but the children have already got sweet peas planted...they will soon find their way up the wigwams. The Brussel sprouts are now going to seed and will soon be composted to make room for summer vegetables. The onion are doing really well.They also have a soft fruit area which they net to stop birds pinching the raspberries.The peas are doing well; there should be a nice early crop.........I'm not sure anything will be ready in time for the St George's Day dinner the school has planned...... The school has lots of "themed" meals....for the Chinese New Year they had Chinese food.......and depending what era in history they are learning about a "themed" meal will often be cooked i.e. Caesar Pie for The Romans...or when it is Halloween they will have things like Eye of Toad Soup (not real Toad's Eyes!)This is the wildlife and pond area. It needs a bit of a clear up at the moment. It would be nice to clear a few areas with some seating so the children can actually have outdoor lessons. I was telling Manda my ideas...she told the headmistress, who said the job is mine if I want it!!!The pond water is getting quite low despite a drainage pipe running from the playground. We have had a very dry winter in this area of the country.Some of the frog spawn is being left "high and dry"We saw this grub nestled in a piece of rotting tree...does anyone know what it is?

Must go now...if we hang around too long we may get DETENTION!!!!!


CG said...

Really enjoyed the visit to the school; it sounds a lovely place :)

lilymarlene said...

Hi Ruth! Just to show that I do visit this one. I am subscribed and catch up with it every now and then!

talj said...

What a lovely school, Manda must love it there! Great photos too, thanks for sharing {{{HUGS}}} xxx

CG said...

I wonder if I go and sit on the Friendship Bench if anyone will come and play with me???

Auntie Noo said...

Yay, someone has restored my faith in our education system!!! - That sounds like such a well adjusted school, and it looks lovely! - Wish there were more around like it!!!! - Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I love my job. I'm glad you were able to come and visit our school with us, we had a lovely time. Thank you for your comment Auntie Noo I may be biased but it is a great school, my daughter went there so I can also speak as a parent, not just a staff member xxxMandaxxx





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