Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Just the one Well it seems ages since I asked you to pop by and have a drink with me. So as a bit of a belated birthday celebration why don't you stop and raise a glass and take a look around the garden.

Wasn't it a chilly night here in Suffolk last night. I'm glad I'd tucked all the tender plants away in the shed and greenhouse.It was a real herringbone sky this and take a closer look at that cloud just above the treeIsn't this Iris a beauty...just perfect......

and the first of the Senetti flowers is out. I love the colour of this one.

Oops...just realised I've had the Morning Glory seeds soaking for two days; you can see their little roots starting to emerge...pour yourself a drink while I get them potted up.......

These black tulips are living up to their name...Queen of the Night

and the little Leopard's Bane we bought at Roys is flowering..........

I'm so glad the slight frosts haven't affected the Camellia flowers too much..........

and the two tone colour of the variegated perennial Wallflower is really unusual.

Don't you just adore the new red shoots of the Pieris

I'm so thrilled that my experiment of overwintering some Canna in the ground has worked; there are quite a few of these shoots coming through.

Ukbob has just recently bought a Lady Boothby climbing Fuchsia. We've had ours a few years now and it's just starting to shoot.
This is a relative of the Gunnera; but this is an "ickle" one; the leaves only grow to 4 inches at the most in our pond.

I'm so glad this fern is coming through; it's Ursula's Red ................

The begonia baskets are doing well.................
the first sign of a flower bud already!!!

I must plant these Anemone De Caan corms.....I just poke my finger in the soil down a couple of cms and pop them in.
Gosh we've even got some buds on the Acer dissectum...never had those before!

These are the Strawberry Spinach seedlings I've got to plant out. Scarecrow has given me a link to some great information (which includes a warning!) HERE to read it. Oh and you must visit her hubby's The Frugal World of Doc blog when you have a moment.....I'd highly recommend it...there are recipes, toys to make and lots more
Ruby is looking so much better than last Autumn...her move to the front garden has suited her.

I know it was in a photo recently but I just love this Cerinthe.........just look at the colour of it's "flowers"........
Hack's Red is still flowering's in a room in the soil and is getting a bit leggy...I'll give it a prune when the flowers are over.....

Oh I didn't realise how late it's getting...the sun's going down

think we'll call that it for today. See you next time and HAPPY GARDENING!


talj said...

What a lovely wander around the garden! Your photos are beautiful and really show the great colours of the flowers! Can't wait to get there for a proper tour!! {{{HUGS}}} xxx

Scarecrow said...

Thank you Ruth for a lovely day in your garden (and for the plugs to our blogs!)
The plants in your garden are starting to take off in your spring weather!
I hope you have a great growing season this year!

UKBob said...

Ha ha - thanks for reminding me Ruth, I'd forgot all about the Fuchsia's I ordered, I can't even remember what I did order now so I will probably get a few surprises soon. You certainly have a good seletion of plants there Ruth.

A wildlife gardener said...

I love your cerinthe too, Ruth, and the Queen of the Night is amazing.

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ Your photos and your flowers are wonderful. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your garden.
Tanks so much for your kind comments
Take care, Love, Merle.

Libbys Blog said...

The camillia is beautiful I'm glad I've bought one, I love the black tulips I am definately getting some of them!!!

CG said...

I'm just amazed by the sheer volume of plants in your garden. Please remind me to buy and plant some of those beautiful Queen of the night tulips at the right it September you plant tulips? xx

Anita said...

Oh, Queen of the nights tuplips! The are almost the only ones that do not yet bloom in our garden now. I just planted the bulbs at the end of last year so they might come a little bit later this year.

Happy gardening to you as well!

Warmest wishes from Germany!

Elsie said...

I think I should make print-outs of all your lovely flowers, cut out and stick them all over my garden (think you know by now I am not into gardening)

Once again, beautiful photos and the black tulip is fantastic.


Allotment Lady said...

My goodness how you pack so much into your garden I will never know - it is stunning.

Doc said...

G'day Ruth
Many thanks for your plug to my site.

Your garden looks like it gets a bit more water than we get!!!

Regards, Doc ;-)




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