Wednesday, 18 April 2007


As an avid gardener I do like looking at other gardening blogs from around the world, I don't always comment...I'd never have the time! I find it incredible to think that plants that I tenderly cosset to get through the winter here in the UK, gardeners in other countries will pull up as weeds. Recently I've read that both Cosmos and Gazanias grow like weeds in some countries. I was so fascinated by the Strawberry Spinach plants that Scarecrow wrote about that I even "googled" and found an outlet for some seed. These seeds are happily growing away now....I wonder how successful I'll be getting a crop here in the UK.
In light of all this I've decided to start a new label, "THAT'S NEW TO ME"........of course you may not find these posts very interesting if the plant is common to you...but I hope that my fellow UK gardeners will enjoy them...maybe you will even have grown them yourself or have heard of them before.....maybe they are just new to gardener knows it all. Any words in BLACK are clickable and will link back to the gardening blog I've mentioned.
Egyptian Walking Onions......I saw these on a post written by the Crafty Gardener from Canada..I imagine it can pretty cold there so they should grow here.
At the top of each stem a small bulb starts to grow. From this develops the onion for next year. When the plant gets top heavy the stem bends over and the little onions plant themselves into the ground. After several years if left to do this on their own the onions would "walk" around your garden.


UKBob said...

Hi Ruth, First of all happy birthday for yesterday, I did visit and intended to send my best wishes on the day but then I read something that took me back a little and wanted to be sure I read it right before leaving a comment. I seem to have missed something along the way so I'm sorry about that and also to read that Mick has moved on to a new garden. Nothing I say at times like this seems to say enough so I tend to say nothing but you can be sure my thoughts are with you. Take care Ruth and be sure to pop in and have a chat if you've a mind to. Bob.

A wildlife gardener said...

Though I remember reading about the first one in an earlier blog, both these plants are new to me, Ruth. The strawberry spinach sounds really tasty and the walking onion plant sounds surreal!

CG said...

Am sure i will enjoy the "it's new to me" feature ; I think those walking onions sound fascinating!!!

talj said...

Everything is new to me!!! Can't wait to see all the lovely things in your garden Ruth! :o) {{{HUGS}}} xx

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth
Ive never heard of walking Onions im of to visit your new site. .

RUTH said...

Thanks ukbob; I've not made great mention of Mick's passing on this blog.
Jeanette; it's not a new blog just a new label (that goes at the bottom of the post), it makes it easier to read posts on just one subject. Though I do like the idea of actually doing it as a whole new blog.....maybe when I have more time.

lilymarlene said...

I was fascinated when I saw that blog reference to it too.....and I'd love to hear how you get on growing them.
In the rain forest in Costa Rica we saw a walking palm! It is a thin trunked tree with lots of spindly roots that support it about 6 feet above ground. If it loses light because another tree grows up, it up sticks and walks to a new spot!!!!! It takes a while (years rather than minutse!) because it involves growing new roots on the side it wants to move to, and letting the ones die on the side it wants to move away from. Very clever palm!

Libbys Blog said...

How cool walking onions, I haven't got room for them to walk anywhere at the moment!!




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