Monday, 23 April 2007


The weather today has been superb; more like Summer than Spring and I had the most wonderful peaceful, pottering day. It was beautifully warm and I know I've caught the sun...quite a nice tan building up! The top end of the garden is starting to look like a garden centre...and of course some plants have yet to germinate!!!So much is waiting to be planted out once I feel the risk of frost is past...I really have more plants than space so I'm hoping that Talj and Lynn will take some of the extras off my hands. I must admit that a few I have already put into the soil...I just needed to find more space and the soil was where the space was. The baskets and troughs I'll keep an eye on and whisk them in depending on the problems tonight though! The one thing we do need is rain...many pots are really dry and I've had to water them a few times. Sometimes it can be hard to water a really dry pot as the water just pours'll find a tip about that on my Ruth's Shoots blog.

I'm really happy with the Aquilegia so far...the seed themselves about and you never know quite what will pop up.
The caterpillar from yesterday has now made his way onto the Iris
and I spotted quite a few of the dreaded Lily Beetle; this one posed quite nicely before he was DIS-posed

On the subject of pests; I've also found a couple of Vine Weevils in the house so be alert!!!

At one point a lovely Damselfly came to sit next to me; typically I'd just take my camera indoors and it was gone again before I could take a photograph. This butterfly did wait around for a while. I've never seen one like this before in our garden.......does anyone know what it is?????

The flowers of the Pixie Clematis are so "ickle" and very pretty. I understand it's not reliably hardy so I must remember to take care of it during the winter.
When I was pinching out the Fuchsias I decided to pop a few of the pinchings into a pot.....if they strike I'll have a few to give away.

They say we may have some rain in the next couple of days; the garden will love that!....and it did cloud over a little at the very end of the afternoon but not enough to prevent me seeing this beautiful sunset.


talj said...

What a beautiful day!! I can't wait to get out and spend sometime with you in your garden! You have lots more seeds and 'stuff'than I do, I dont know how you keep up with them all!

Hope tomorrow is a relaxing day for you {{{HUGS}}} xxx

CG said...

I was really pleased to see your "Ruth's Shoots" blog with handy hints. I don't have many friend interested in gardening so it's great to know someone who knows so much :)

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ Deck of Cards has been around forever, but it is very clever. Thanks for your visit.
I am glad you are having lovely weather, as we are here. Your garden photos are really nice. Take care, Love, Merle.

Allotment Lady said...

Stunning yet again - I have to cover myself from head to toe literally to avoid the sun and have factor 50 on my face so look ghostly with it on


Mark said...

Hi, I think the picture of the butterfly is a Brimstone moth, i have some images of them on my web site
Grat garden pictures.
Cheers Mark

UKBob said...

If you remember a while back when I was repotting my Fuchsia's I found a couple with Vine Weevil in them, one hardly had any roots left at all so I was surprised to see it putting out new shoots the other day so I'm glad I didn't throw it away. Bob.

Libbys Blog said...

I saw one of those vine weevil the other day and wondered what it was!! The only problem is I can't remember where it was or whether it was in my garden or somewhere else!!! Oh dear another senior moment!!They seem to happen more and more!




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