Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I bet that little slideshow got your taste buds going...and those memories of a bygone age of innocence, fun, laughter, ...those days when calories DIDN'T count......those days when the sun seemed to shine EVERY day during the Summer Holidays.....those days when you could be certain that the toboggan would come out and BE USED during the winter.....those days when snow was GUARANTEED on Christmas Day..................that's it.....I hear it .......that wistful sigh......ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Do you remember how you had to sort out the Love Hearts so that the dishy 6 year old lad in the next desk would get the "I LOVE YOU" one...and that cute little blush on his cheeks as he read it? And the sniggers of your friends if the chubby kid with the runny nose got it instead!

And the Jelly Babies...everyone loved the black ones......did you bite off the head first or the feet?

OH! and the Wine Gums......didn't we feel grown up having WINE!

I think I must be getting old?......I remember when Wagon Wheels were HUGE they are tiny round things that taste like cardboard. No wonder that have to sell them in 8 packs now!

But the piece de resistance (or should I say the piece of LEAST resistance).....COCONUT for recipe

It's so strange that this month's Blogalong topic should be Childhood Sweets; last month I paid one of my regular visits to Elsie's blog....and what did I see but a recipe for Coconut Ice....just click on the picture above if you fancy trying it yourself.
I've not even mentioned sweet cigarettes, sweet bananas, gobstoppers.........................................etc......... etc......... etc...

Bloggers' Paradise


CG said...

Oh, that brought back memories! Have you seen Love Hearts lately? They have been updated and now say "EMAIL ME" and similar things!!

I made coconut ice once and it was a disaster. However I can make good cinder toffee. Oh, the good old days...!!!

A wildlife gardener said...

I'm slobbering like a big hungry dog now! Think it was the parma violets and the sweet tobacco that did it...I've still got a sweet tooth, and I'm a bit of a chocoholic...but I'm great at sharing, so I pass on my bad habits...

talj said...

Try choking on a Parma Violet...believe me you'll never want to touch one again!! Even I remember some of these sweets from when I was little :o)

{{HUGS}} x

Jo said...

I remember Sweet Tobacco being called Spanish Gold. Do you remember Spangles?

Have a look at this site

There's all the old favourites on there.


gina said...

It was Black Jacks and Sherbet Fountains for me
love and hugs gina xx

Libbys Blog said...

Pineapple chunks, pear drops, midget gems and sherbert fountains. Mmmmmm what about those yellow chews with sherbert up the middle. Mmmmmm Happy days!!

Gledwood said...

Aniseed Imperials are nice. Well superior to the mint ones.

And Refreshers are fantastic. So superior to the very similar Love Hearts. But no amount of fancy wording will disguise inferior candy ...

I posted up a song I really like on my blog. It is called Shape. Tell me honestly is it your cup of tea? Because it made me think of you when I heard it again ...

Gledwood said...

U can go straight there

Cindy G said...

Oh I loved the slideshow, what wonderful and interesting sweets. Most of them I've never seen before, but we did have some of the Wine Gums when we visited Canada. I loved them. And if the Parma Violets really do taste like violet I would love them, too.

ecomparison said...

Do you guys remember, pearl drops and pineapple rock? my sister and I were talking about childhood sweets the other day, so how curious that i stumble upon your blog!




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