Friday, 11 May 2007


I've been tagged for a My Pet Peeves Meme by Danielle; the biggest problem with this one is that I can only pick FIVE! Sometimes my "top" peeves can change from week to week depending on the situation I'm in at the time; so the following are my pet peeves as of now!

My Pet Peeves Meme

  1. Those "word verification" letters/numbers I have to put in on some coment boxes. The blogger ones aren't too bad (though some are very long) at least they are clear; some though are in little grey boxes and the letters/numbers overlap each other so I can't tell which letter/number to put in first. I think the idea of them is to make sure that I'm not a computer.....I've never had these "thingys" on my blogs and as far as I know I've never had a computer comment.....are they REALLY necessary.

  2. I hate the fact that what I see in my Preview post never looks the same when I've Published. Double spacing suddenly appears; photos that were neatly lined up down the left hand side with text next to them are all over the place (hence why I usually centre my pics with text above or below it). Jaquie at Bloggers Paradise tried to help me with this; it's all to do with putting in Table Tags but I've never managed to get it right....HMTL and I just don't seem to get along!

  3. SPAM mail; why oh why do people think I need Viagra!; and the Insane Rich Guy....what is he all about...; and who is this "UTH" I keep getting mail addressed to?

  4. Public Transport; the Government is forever going on about people using public transport instead of cars; well I don't have a car so I'm doing my bit!.......try getting from A to B around here though ...especially on a Sunday! Point in qestion; all I want to do is get from Sudbury to Colchester by 9am on Sunday morning (a 20 minute car journey).....can I find a bus or train?....NO...even if I wanted to go later there still doesn't appear to be a bus. Nowadays many people have to work on a Sunday...Colchester is quite a major employment town around to people supposed get to work or visit relatives unless they have a car?

  5. Phoning companies and being left hanging on the phone listening to music with an interjecting voice telling me "all of their lines are busy but please hold and we will answer you as soon as we can".........this means a call is costing me money just to listen to music! (25 minutes is my record so far)....why can't we revert to the good old days when a number would be "engaged" if no one was available.

I could easily think of another 5...I haven't mentioned Call Centres; cars parking on pavements or blocking wheelchair access; fiddly milk cartons in cafes........the list goes on...perhaps I should tag myself again!!!!....

Now this is the bit I hate...tagging other people..... I should have put that as one of my peeves)...I don't mind doing the odd thing like this myself but I hate asking other people to do them. I mean you never know whether they have the time for a start! here is a list of 5 people...there is no obligation...if you fancy doing it "DO IT" if you don't then "DON'T"'s not compulsary.

Mauigirl (because she's tagged me for one too!)

Mrs Nesbitt

Blue The Spa Girl



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lilymarlene said...

I agree with all of those.
Tell me my blog a word verification or just blogowner's approval? t is difficult for me to check myself....!




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