Tuesday, 30 January 2007


Really pleased to see one of the double busys I'd lifted last Autumn is in flower.
lifted busy

So far there's no sign of the dreaded Red Spider Mite that can cause problems when the air is dry during the winter with the central heating on.

I thought I'd better use some more of Elsie's Muffin Mix that was sitting in the fridge; Manda & co have managed to demolish the last batch! I'm one of those people who loves a slice of cheese with a rich fruit cake and so I wondered how the mix would taste if I added some grated cheese to it; the mix does contain brown sugar but I think, due to the use of the wholemeal flour, it doesn't taste sickly sweet so was prepared to have a bash. The smelled lovely while they were cooking and just before I took them out of the oven I sprinkled a little extra grated cheese on top.cheesy muffins They taste really nice.....the very slight sweetness with the cheese is a good combination. I guess if you were making the mixture from scratch the sugar could be omitted but I don't think I'd worry about that....much more versatile with the sugar in. I'm finding it really useful have the mix pre-prepared and just using what you want at a time.

When we popped to the Co-Op yesterday they had packs of pork loin chops on offer (Buy 1 get 1 free) so I'd bought a couple of packs; one to use and one to freeze. I thought I'd make some Poor Man's Schnitzel with them. I had some staling bread so blitzed up some breadcrumbs...........what would I do without my blitzer-cum-puree gadget......if any one every does one of those TAG things "5 Household Items You Couldn't Do Without" then I'm up for it ...how's that for an idea Claire?...................I gave the chops a good malleting, dipped in seasoned beaten egg, coated with breadcrumbs, a quick fry to seal and colour the outside then popped them in the oven while the muffins were finishing cooking (just to make sure they were cooked right through). A nice pepper sauce over them, some peas, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and a few chips.........yummy...making myself feel hungry now!

You may think.."SIX!! how much do Mick and Ruth eat???"...well they are equally nice cold with salad and I have been known to warm them up slightly in the microwave and pop them into a Bap.........so there's actually enough for 2 or 3 days....depending how hungry we are!


Auntie Noo said...

Now look what you've done - you've made me all hungry!!!! The schnitzel sounds lovely, and I will be trying it soon!!

talj said...

Look at all that lovely food!!!! You are making me hungry too! I am sure you need to be sending food parcels up to me LOL ;o)

RUTH said...

Even after all these years after the kids left home I still cook too much...always some to share with you both....may stop my waistline growing!!!

Allotment Lady said...

How tasty - must get around to making the muffin mixuture - I have to write it down by hand and it wouldn't let me cut and paste anything off the site.

Love the Schnitzel idea must remember that for summer lunches

RUTH said...

Lottie; it is a really handy mix to have. I hope you manage to try it....have you seen the lovely post Elsie has done as a gift to me.... http://ezi-edible-gifts.blogspot.com/2007/01/gift-for-ruth.html...... what a sweet lady she is.

Elsie said...

I have never tried them with cheese, will do it soon.

I forgot to mention that the muffins also freeze very well.

Read my new post on the gift blog to find out why I forget so many things these days.

And maybe I will post this comment as anonymous, having trouble to sign in

gledwood said...

"Flowers have commented?"

If you're there, I've got a thing called Gabbly gonig on mine at the moment.

If you come by mine, you should see it on screen.

Annie said...

I love to see how you work in your kitchen. It's fun to get a peek into another woman's home-making.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Thanks for posting the poor mans schnitzel. Rich or poor sign me up!
And the cheesey addition to the mix, good one.

RUTH said...

Thanks all; GW guess it is a bit "unmanly" to call the guys flowers...at least I hadn't put pansies. Sorry I missed your Gabbly
Elsie; thanks for the tip about freezing them...when is your 251st birthday BTW
Annie; Must admit I like peeking into other peoples kitchens too
Blue; cyber schnitzels on their way

Jeanette said...

Oh Ruth The schnitzel and cheese Muffins making me feel very hungry. and im on my way to bed.
(((Hugs))to you both





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