Saturday, 20 January 2007


It's still pitch black outside and the rain is "peeing" down; really noisy against the window so I guess it's pretty windy again outside. I hear a lot of people may have to wait until NEXT week before they get their electricity back. One poor lady got stuck in her stair lift! So many sad stories of deaths and injuries....................... Yesterday was a lot calmer weather wise and managed to snap a few photos of the clearer skies.

Lynn's travelling up from Surrey to visit; so in true Mumsy style I'm worried about her driving in this rain. It doesn't matter how old they get we still worry don't we? I do hope she's remembered to bring the dressed crab we are having tonight....wouldn't want her to have to drive all the way back home...................LOL
We were lucky during last year's hot, dry summer and didn't have a hosepipe ban. I heard on the radio that one area of Essex has just had their ban lifted.......looking at the weather outside.....I don't think anyone will be watering their garden for a while!


Allotment Lady said...

I saw that one man was going out in the rain to use his hosepipe - just because he could - and for a few minutes of fame no doubt.

Rain here too - depite 'them' saying none, so I planned to go up the allotment.

Plan B - in the studio instead.

Have a lovely dressed crab - all the way from Surrey

We have Cromer crabs all the way from - the coast an hour away lol

Auntie Noo said...

Lovely pictures there - I love a good sky scene! - Hope the drive was OK - seems like the weather was a lot better yesteday, and nice again today! Have a good weekend

Mousie said...

we have rain rain rain while Pacamomma has not water because of the cold weather!!!stange climate...I'm back dear, hubby had an accident, was run over by a car but feeling better now...though he has to walk carefully because of Parkinson...old age, but we are lucky to get old aren't we...and he's at the moment shouting because of a football match so he must be Ok...
love from Mousie

Elsie said...

I am glad you can use the baking mixes. I will post some more uses for the Ultimate Baking Mix.

I have left a comment on my cheesy family on my blog.

Stay well


Annie said...

Like you I ALWAYS worry when my daughter drives to visit. Silly me, I should worry more about me driving!

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth
At last we had a little rain last night but blue sky again today .Love your Photo's Hope lynne arrived safe with those crabs. Take Care (((hugs ))) Jen

LittleJen said...

I hear what you saying mate, always worry when you know friends and family are out there driving, ring me when you get there my parents always used to say to me, and now i say that to my mum. bit wierd when its in reverse. My children are only very young I dred the day when they get there licence.

Sheila said...

Your sky photos are lovely. I hope the worst of that storm is gone and things will return to normal for everyone.
Our kids are always our kids, we will always worry..!

Gledwood said...

Hi Ruth
I'm right in the middle of sorting my links...

Okay I've got a new url: - that directs you to all my others...

See ya later. I'm hungry...

RUTH said...

Thanks all.
Lottie the crabs came from "Cromer" via Surrey!!!(see A Million Stories)




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