Sunday, 21 January 2007


I woke up this morning to the sound of bird song. It was a beautiful sound and got me into that "get up with a smile on my face" mood. I went out into the garden but couldn't spot the bird; however, I did see the magnificent sunrise and the fluffy pink clouds. Yesterday I'd been out in the front garden for a while clearing up all the dead leaves that the heavy winds had blown into our garden. I almost filled our brown recycle bin to the top! I did find a nice surprise under the piles of leaves; our first Iris reticulata is in bloom. I'm sure this is earlier than usual; but then so were the daffodils.
I think bad weather could be on it's way though. The seagulls were really swarming.................usually when they come inland we feel it is a foreboding of things to come..........

This afternoon I've been online to order a newspaper.......not any old newspaper.....the one I've ordered is a leather bound original copy of the TIMES, 1st March's my Dad's 80th birthday this year you see and I had been racking my brains trying to think what to get him. Lynn came up with the's so difficult to think what to get people as they get older and I'm hoping he will think this is a bit "special" (if you're thinking he will know what his present is....don't worry....he doesn't have a computer)


Allotment Lady said...

I did the same years ago for my friend in Australia - and she just loved it. I also got her one a hundred years old - it made fascinating reading and to get original paper that old was the equivelent of giving her a priceless antique and you know Oz didn't have papers that old as the settlers hadn't arrived them.

She was going to leave it to her grandson - the start of a family heirloom.

gledwood said...

That seagulls picture - can't you FEEL the crispness of the air...?!?

Annie said...

Waking to birdsong is one of the nicest experiences, isn't it.

And I'm so glad you shared your idea for a present for your Dad's 80th. I think it's a grand idea, one which I might use when my Dad reaches his 83rd this year.

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth lovely to wake up to the birds singing. What a lovely Idea to get a paper present for 80 year old dad im sure he will treasure it
I bought and kept a paper the day my grandson was born 23 years ago you reminded me of it.I will have to get it out have a read of it. Take care (((Hugs )))

Sheila said...

What a novel gift. My Dad turned 80 last birthday, and while physically he is good, he has senile dementia. It is hard to buy him anything that he can enjoy.
I'm sure your Dad will enjoy reading this.

gledwood said...

Hi Ruth... I had a dream about your garden the other day... posted it on my new one (the gledwood2.blogspot one)... you had the most enormous rolling garden, fantabulously planted... don't know what this possibly means??

Well it means your blog has gone into my subconscious/unconscious: that much is for sure!

And it DEFINITELY was YOUR garden... Of that I'm absolutely sure...

RUTH said...

WOW GW; I think I'll take that as a compliment; will pop over later and take a look at your post then consult Manda's meaning of dreams book

gledwood said...

Re changing the type size: I thought I'd tell you this now while it's to mind, I answered you in mine also.

You just go to font & there's a little button down and to the right, it doesn't give you a number confirmation or anything: I upped it about 3 or 4 times to get it like this.

Also BTW I think I know the prob I have/had sometimes getting into your comments: when I set mine up I had the option "comments as pop-up" or not. The default is "no"- maybe yours got altered? Mine are set as nonpopup (the only difference is the size of the window that appears, that is all). I think yours have been falling foul of my popupblocker...

What I have to do is wait about a minute until it announces "popup blocked to temporarily allow, click here," click there, THEN I can speak!!

RUTH said...

Thanks GW. I thought you could only hit the larger button once. I didn't realise that if you keep hitting it that the text gets bigger and bigger each time.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

What a great idea! I am sure your dad will be thrilled with the Times from his birthday!
You have a lovely garden (sidebar!)...




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