Thursday, 18 January 2007

F IS FOR ........................

I don't have a photo yet of our largest Fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) but these are; unknown, Ursula's Red

Lady in Red and Hart's tongue (our only evergreen fern)

We are lucky to finally get a Foxtail Lily to thrive in our shady garden it doesn't get much of a "baking" in summer

We always have loads of Fuchsias in our garden; this is just a sample of a few different forms. All bar the hardy ones are overwintered in the shed; any cuttings we take in Spring.

Lady Boothby (climbing) .........Mini Rose (upward facing flowers)

Trailing........................................Alison Patricia (upward facing flowers)

Bush Type......................................Tom West and Sharpitor (hardy)

I love the mottled throats in the Foxgloves they are very prolific self seeders; I am always digging up small plants and moving them; they are quite happy in the shade which is a bonus.

Feverfew; we have no lawn and so this is our "daisy"; another good self seeder; lovely lime green foliage; if they start looking bedraggled I just chop them back.

Our Fatsia started off as a house plant and had terrible red spider mite. Mick said throw it away but I popped it in the garden and it has thrived ever since.


Mauigirl52 said...

I love reading your gardening blog during the winter and seeing your lovely pictures - it reminds me how beautiful things are during the nice weather and that it will be that way again!

Helen said...

You have such a beautiful garden.

gledwood said...

Feverfew=good for migraine. I love daisies anyhow...
I have to say hi now to you both bc the popupblocker's getting increasingly assertive this evening (though it does nothing to bar Paul McCartney& "adorable" wife from popping up all over mine). & it does all it can to mess with your commentboxes...
Okay Ruth take care
Gleds xx

Annie said...

I'm guessing you are dreaming of gardening in an effort to get through the terrible weather. So sorry you are caught up in bad winds.

RUTH said...

That's so true Annie

Allotment Lady said...

Fantastic ferns and flower photos.

Fatsia Japonica is one of my favourite plants for flowere arranging.

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth Im pleased I cheered you up this morning with a good laugh.
Iam in love with your Fusias I dont have a lot of luck with them here it must be too hot for them.not like in Melbourne were i had a few nice ones .im going to try growing foxgloves again.
Take care ((((Hugs ))))to you both. Jen

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ Lovely photos for this time of year. Sorry you are having
winds and storms. Like you said, it would be good if we could swap a few degrees. More for you and less for me. Glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Sharon Lynne said...

Hello from California, USA! Excuse me for barging in. But I wanted to tell you how beautiful your flowers are. I was exploring blog village and I was drawn in my your blog title because I love the outdoors and gardents. I just photographed my orange tree. If you have time...take a look. (Do you have orange trees in your area?)




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