Monday, 29 January 2007


It was a lovely sunny and mild morning so we managed to get out and about AND have a short sit in the garden.

Do you remember me saying that I'd done the cocoa shell mulch; I so love the way it makes the garden look so tidy and really shows up any plants are "in the green". It will gradually start to grey and break down so I took a few quick snaps to show you it in its prime.

The sun's gradually creeping down the back fence and has started shining on the "new" bed now;

more sun than last weekthis used to be a patio area but as our path to the back gate is gravelled I had to lift all the patio slabs and lay them on the path so that I could get the wheelchair up and out of the garden. It was hard work but I'm not meant I had another area to PLANT in...I'd much rather have flower beds than patio anyway.I dug in plenty of muck (to put it politely) and was really surprised at how well everything did last year that I put in there. I didn't have the time or energy to dig out all the sand base that was under the slabs and just dug that in too!! Mother Nature must love me because I know it was builder's sand which I'm sure isn't good for your soil.

irisI know I posted a picture the other day of one of the Irises but as another is in bloom now had to take a photo of that too....well you can't have too much of a good thing can you?
rose It was nice to see that the Whiskey Mac has a nice bud on it. I think I'll cut it and put it in a vase so Mick can smell it's delicious scent. In the past we've never been ones for cutting flowers to bring indoors...we prefer seeing them in the garden....but last year (as Mick is in bed so much) I started making up lots of bouquets of our flowers so Mick could have part of our garden indoors with him. The living-cum-bed room smelt lovely especially when it was filled with the scent of Lilies!

dried chilliground chilliI remembered this morning that those last few chillies I'd picked last year were STILL hanging to dry so gave them a quick blitz in the blender; it may not look much but hey were only the few "end of season" crop and it doesn't take more than a pinch to put a kick into any meal!
nicely posedIt was nice getting out in the open air today especially as one of the "love birds" sat still long enough for me to photograph even if it was only with my mobile phone..


talj said...

Lovely images Ruth!! :o)

Libbys Blog said...

That coco shell mulch looks really good! I dare not try the muffins, I can never stop at one!!!!!

gledwood said...

I saw bumblebee number THREE today. That's three bumblebees this month. Mid"winter". January. Is the world going mad?

Love the pigeon picture. It's all colour-co-ordinated, the whole shot; know what I mean?

gledwood said...

The bird looks almost as if it's been airbrushed with some of the background green...? Or are my eyes playing up? No I think so. I'm sure you can see what I mean.

LJP said...

Wow!! It must be great to have your own garden - the chillis look great!

RichM said...

The thing I liked best about cocoa mulch was the nice smell it had (at first), much better than damp bark.

RUTH said...

talj; thanks glad you like the pics
libby; still plenty of the mix left so you don't NEED to stop at one
gw; the bees are certainly hanging round you...must be that you're so sweet. Think the bird photo effect was cos it was with my cameraphone with a dirty lens!
ljp; come and share our garden anytime

Jenn said...

The cocoa mulch is nice but note to dog's dangerouse for our four legged friends.
Where are all of you's 12 degress here and the only things green are my houseplants.

RUTH said...

That's true Jenn; I did mention that in my first post about the cocoa shell but it would have been an idea for me to have mentioned it again for those who missed it. I'm in Suffolk, England Thanks for the visit




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