Wednesday, 6 December 2006


Being such a ..cough cough..mild bright .. cough cough Cough...... That's better bet you can hear me now. I've lost my voice a bit and have to have a good cough to get it back. I'll start again for those of you who couldn't hear me.

Being such a mild, bright morning I decided that instead of putting the Christmas garlands up we should go out and get a bit of fresh air. This was the sight that met our eyes. Yes the mattresses are STILL there - well one is at least - I wonder where the other one is?????

On returning home I noticed that the pond pump had stopped - clogged up no doubt - so I gave the filter a good clean out and it's working well again. We always leave our pump going all winter; it helps keep the pond from icing over completely.

Yes, the fish are still there somewhere 'neath the murky water.

While I was out there I thought I may as well put up the Outside Christmas Lights. This entails getting on my hands and knees and threading the wire through one of the air bricks. This is a very fiddly job; the wire connection will only go through the air brick hole at one particular angle - and naturally it takes several attempts before I remember what the correct angle is!! That done I then have to scrabble about in the bottom of the boiler cupboard - very dark and cobwebby!!!!- and find the connector. Now I don't mind spiders but I always have this fear of getting hold of a really big one instead of the connector. Anyway it's all done now. Instead of draping the lights over the pergola as I usually do; I've draped them over Micks rhododendron bush as this is more in Mick's eyeline when he is in bed.

Another little job I needed to get done was extending the wire on the Christmas Candle Light on the front room windowsill; with so many extra electrical items in the front room there was no spare spare power point for me to plug it into. My only option was to make the cable longer so that it would reach an available socket. This meant that I then had to scrabble about in the cupboard under the stairs trying to find some cable. Our Under-the-stairs cupboard is a sort of Don't-know-where-to-put-this-so-will-chuck-it-in-here-for-now cupboard. I KNEW there was some cable in there somewhere and typically it was right at the back so EVERYTHING had to come out of the cupboard before I could reach it. Of course,then everything had to go BACK into the cupboard - it was getting near lunch time so I literally just THREW it all back in. I'll sort it all out ONE rainy day! Still at least now I've managed to get the candle light working so it was worth the effort. "Another job jobbed" as Mick would always say.

Tomorrow I WILL put up the Christmas garlands and ALSO sort out the spare bedrooms before the weekend. As Leanne and co couldn't come last weekend they are coming this weekend. Of course I HAD got all the bedrooms ready but since then I've got the Christmas decorations out and started wrapping Christmas presents so both rooms are looking a bit of a mess now.

Phillip's and Kirsty's beds are underneath all these decoration boxes and bags! HONEST!

There are also beds for Leanne and Melissa under these wrapped and to-be-wrapped presents!

Beautiful sunset tonight. Just couldn't resist a few more sunset pics.


Ruby in Bury said...

How do you manage to do everything you do? You are wonder woman!!

Those sunset pics are beooootiful! I totally missed the sunset today (what was I doing? Sitting editing photos I think!!!) so I'm really glad you've posted those.

Jeanette said...

were do you get your energy from you never seem to stop.
great photo's of the sunset

crpitt said...

gorgeous sunsets! bad bad mattress!
Good jos on the candle light!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog....




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