Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I missed last week's "J"...I had intended to do Joker............following that theme this week it's K for KING.......

as you will notice our cards are well worn and somewhat dirty....Mick and I would play endless games of Cribbage (or Whist if we found another couple to play with us).....we were pretty successful in our time........................

The usual rank of a king is numbered 13. In some games, the king ranks as the highest card in others,it ranks below the ace (in Pinochle it ranks below the 10).
Because manufacture of playing cards was illegal in the UK during the time when Oliver Cromwell "reigned", when the English Restoration came and the court began playing card games again, the suits in an English deck were (often poor) copies of the French deck.
In the French deck, the kings have traditionally been assigned personalities, though this tradition arose after their design. There are theories about who the modern day court cards represent.The United States Playing Card Company suggests:
King of Spades: David (biblical king)
King of Hearts: Charlemagne (Holy Roman Emperor)
King of Diamonds: Julius Caesar
King of Clubs: Alexander the Great

The King of Hearts did originally have a moustache but it was lost by poor copying of the original design. The King of Hearts is shown with a sword behind his head, making him appear to be stabbing himself, and the axe held by the King of Diamonds is behind his head with the blade facing toward him. This leads to the nickname "suicide kings". The King of Diamond is drawn drawn in profile (as are the Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts) while the rest of the court cards are shown in full face, these cards are commonly called "one-eyed".

A quick K for KISSES too for Auntie Noo; instead of the usually UGHHHH mail I get I've received some seeds from her fabulous poppy! Thanks Auntie Noo.

abc wednesday

It's History today and I'll see how my analysis of the two pieces of prose abut "Life in Germany in the 1930s" stands up.....after college the two other Students from Sudbury and I are going to have a *brainstorming session at one of our houses so I won't be able to catch up with all the other ABC post until tonight.

*I've been informed by one of my grandaughters that the term "brainstorm" is not politically correct as it may cause offence to epileptics. It's a word that I've used most of my life, however, if I have offended anyone please accept my offence was intended.


Libbys Blog said...

Such a clever lady, I never knew that about the 'Kings', thats why your doing this course and I'm not!!!!!! lol!! Thinking of you

CG said...

oh, that's interesting; I must try and remember for the next time I play catrds!

Suzi-k said...

fascinating background info about the cards, who knew!? suicidal kings!...and don't worry about being PC, just carry on brainstorming as much as you like. I sometimes think we are expected to be so careful and Pc these days that we are all in danger of becoming neutral and insipid!

mrsnesbitt said...


Love the fact that your grandaughter is so politically correct! We often "brainstorm" in schools but terms change, usually on a daily basis! LOL!

dot said...

Ruth, you always come up with something extra special! I enjoyed reading this post about the Kings.

Moi said...

i suck at cards:(
and i miss your a photo a day :( :(

Gledwood said...

Brainstorm= I've heard that one and I'm sorry the pc brigade are causing offence to ME!

I've read and been told that the playing card decks we all use actually originate from the Italian tarocco packs ... which have the same origins as Tarot cards...

Interestingly many of the same tools used for fortune telling have also crossed over as gamblers' playthings... cards being a great case in point!

Neva said...

I was amazed about the historyof cards and their pictures. I had forgotten that bit of information. And -Brainstorming- who knew it would be politically incorrect....we have to say NATIVE American Indian now instead of American Indian.....I would like to know who comes up with this little tidbits to annoy me.

DWQ Online said...

What an awesome post. I had no idea about the Kings had a history like that behind them and I have never noticed the swords before.

kml said...

Great K post! Interesting history - and I love Whist too!

Max-e said...

And I thought they were all just cards. Very interesting post Ruth.
By the way at our age we are allowed to be politically incorrect - at least that is what I believe.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Suicide kings I haven't heard that one in a long time. Nice post for ABC.

Happy Wednesday and Thursday (by this time) to you.

Jean M Fogle said...

Wow, I learned a lot about kings just from one post!
Also I am so glad I am not old enough to have a grandchild, but wait, I am , kids are now married could be any time.
Good K

Hin Man said...

Two letters in one post. That is a smart post to make up the last post. I am still missing my 'A' post. Thank you for visiting and I enjoy your post very much.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

It's offensive now to say that? I wonder why. That makes no sense to me. It isn't offensive! Oh well. If they don't like it, then, well, mustn't say it then.
How ya doing Ruth? I have been so behind on blogging I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I hope you are okay.

Vic Grace said...

My husband loves to play cards, especially cribbage but I am absolutely hopeless.

You have been tagged over at my place fore the 'You've been tagged with your pants down meme'

Lynette said...

Nice photos. Nice info. Great idea for K. When you get a minute, please go by Portland (OR) Daily Photo for my K is for Kitchen photo.

Akelamalu said...

You are a mine of information Ruth, thanks for sharing that. I'm afraid 'brainstorming' not being PC anymore is yet another example of PC gone mad!

Mike said...

There's always something to learn from somebody every ABC Wednesday. Interesting post!

Nicole said...

I did King as well. :)




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