Thursday, 25 October 2007


a thought for Thursday
"You don't stop laughing because you grow old.

You grow old because you stop laughing."

~Michael Pritchard~

and we certainly laughed at the name of this Dahlia on the trial grounds at Wisley...

(bet you wondered how I'd find an excuse to put more Wisley photos on my Thursday Thought post!)

This time of year it was mainly the Dahlias in flower...

these were a few of our favourites......we had a few more laughs watching the antics of the bees as they buzzed from flower to flower..There was a fine display of Pampas Grass being trialed.....
and lots of Chrysanthemums.....
Sadly my camera wouldn't zoom enough to get a very clear photo of this butterfly....
such a shame as it was a beautiful Peacock......

Believe it or not I've still a few photos of Wisley left for another day but I must get into the kitchen soon as Leanne & co will be arriving this morning...I'm sure they'll be hungry!!
p.s. I've had a few comments lately saying my blog is difficult to get into sometimes just a white page or only photos but no text shows. Anyone got any ideas why this should be???


mrsnesbitt said...

Ruth, those flowers are wonderful! Love the orange. Please could I use some of them in some cards I have in my head?

If you go to my blog, see my list of favourite blogs...there is a technical wizz there called Terry! He helped no showed me how to do a tagcloud. He is amazing and is so kind and helpful. Tell him I sent you over to him, he will sort you out! He is a great chap, a friend of Davids.

lilymarlene said...

As I'm obviously a computer novice I can't help with your problem. I just want to say though that I'm very jealous of the way you seem to load so many photos in each post and not get red xs!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Hello, Ruth. I have really enjoyed looking back through your Wisley posts! It is on my wish list :-) Thanks for sharing your visit with us :-)

Old Wom Tigley said...

Oh! how I agree with that saying..
beautiful post Ruth, love the close flower shots and the busy bees. I have not yet managed to shoot a Peacock Butterfly... I've tried but like you could just not get close enough.

Gledwood said...

I was confusing Wisley in Surrey with The Eden Project in Devon... same glass houses, you see.
How can that man say he has "the only rainforest under glass in the entire world"? I have been to something just like a rainforest in Kew!

Annie said...

It's definitely chrysthemum time in the U.S. Everywhere I go, I see pots and pots of them in yards, on porches, in stores for sale too. They are cheery, and perfectly colored, for the Fall.

CG said...

Those dahlias are certainly very beautiful and I love your Thursday Thought :)

dot said...

What a funny name for that one dahlia and they are all so beautiful!

verobirdie said...

If you need an excuse for mor pictures of Wisley, there is one: please I want some more :-)

Akelamalu said...

You can never have too many photos Ruth - I love'em.

I never have any trouble loading your blog, but even if I did I wouldn't know why!:(

Oswegan said...

Love the dahlias, very nice.


Mary said...

Beautiful flowers. I love dahlias and used to have several dinner plate dahlias in my garden. However, they died out one very hot summer.

Thanks for sharing.


Jean said...

Great Thursday thought! All you flower photos are beautiful!

Dirty Knees said...

It'll be impossible to grow old if I keep visiting your blog, Ruth! You always make me smile and often make me laugh. ;-)

Andrée said...

Hi again, Ruth! I love that dahlia (and I never knew what a dahlia was!). The collages of flower photos you make are outstanding.

I can't read your blog except on my feed reader. On the blog, the text is white on white. If you go to the Blogger Dashboard, then to this blog, then to the Layout (or it may say Template) tab, then to Colors and Fonts I am sure you can make the font darker to read. I can never see any of the comments, either. But the photos always show up! LOL

The blog loads fine for me, it's just the text color.

I just joined Sky Watch Friday!!

Katya said...

What gorgeous pictures of flowers!!! I loved the "Pooh" Dahlia. It is so pretty and the colors are befitting of the season!
Lovely, lovely photos, Ruth!




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