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As a respite from all from Wisley photos, for Green Thumb Sunday some photos of our Sloe picking adventure on Friday........we've had a few frosts now as you can see from this poor Coleus (it's always best to pick Sloes AFTER they've been frosted)...

though the garden is holding up quite well...still a fair amount of colourand the Chrysanthemum is in full blooom now...Although the weather was prettty gloomy.....we couldn't laze around all we went out Sloe hunting....we found rose hips and Campion.....plenty of Fungi...... fallen trees to walk along.........Ahhh here are the Sloes...We picked 320 Sloes...we know that's exact as Melissa counted them all!!!!!...... Then it was all hands to deck when we got home to make the Sloe Gin....I'll give it a good shake everyday and just before Christmas Melissa will take some home to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve..........

It's been such a funpacked half-term week that I'm glad the clocks went back for Daylight Saving last gives me an extra hour to finish my assignments!!!!!


Old Wom Tigley said...

A truely beautiful post, the pictures and the writing are great to view, watching you pick then make the Sloe gin very nice to see, but watching you making memories with the girls was a joy. They will always remember that.
Jane and I went to our friends home this week as it was their son's 18th birthday party, their two eldest girls were also there, both in there 20's now. They always mention the time they made homemade crisps at our house when they were both under ten. I'm always honoured when they mention it and proud to have done it. To give anyone some your time is a joyous thing to do, at it pays many dividends at time you never expect. I really enjoyed the post today Ruth..

dot said...

Really interesting and I love your title. Only Ruth could come up with that! All your pictures are beautiful but I especially like the fungi.

Gledwood said...

Oooo lovely mushrooms! The remind me of the birchforests of Poland... (I dunno why as I've never actually BEEN through the mysterious birchen forests of the "Polska"...!

I still say it's easier to make Slow Gin than Sloe Gin... using my "still strapped on tortoise-back technique"...

barbara said...

I had no idea sloe gin was from sloes! Looks like a perfect outing. Do Gin + Sloes = Sloe Gin?

RUTH said...

Thanks Tom ; memories like these are important though I'm hoping Mel's teacher won't think too badly of a Granma teaching grandchildren to make Sloe Gin.

Dot; thanks so much...I think I did a similar title for last years Sloe Gin tasting...No Snow, Quick Sip, Sloe...!

Gleds; true but where do I find a Tortoise!

Barbara; yes it does make Sloe Gin. I think you can do a similar thing with vodka too.


Moi said...

youe Chrysanthemum look so pretty ...and Christmas is almost knocking on doors...:)
good luck with assignments....may i ask, what are you studying, Ruth??? :)

Jean said...

Great post! Love all the pics. I didn't know what Sloe was but do remember drinking Sloe Gin when I was young(actually too young to be drinking!) Thanks for the info. Didn't know about Santa drinking!

RUTH said...

moi; it's an Access to Higher education Course (Humanities and Social Science)

Jean; Santa does have the odd sip of alcohol to keep out the cold though natural is very careful not to drink too much and drive! :o)

Audrey said...

Hi Ruth, Catching up...again :)

What a cheering post and I so agree with the comment made about making memories and giving time. I do wish my grandmother had taught me how to make sloe gin...Im very partial to it and the cherry vodka..keep a bottle under the bed along with the

Loved the photos of Wisley.
All the best with the assignment xxx Auds

Oooops forgot to say thanks for the recipe I appreciate it, havent tried it yet but sure do intend to..

mrsnesbitt said...

It is a lovely day for a walk...I have just returned after feeding the horses.


maiylah said...

what lovely shots! looks like you all had a fun time! :)
happy GTS

My GTS post

blueblue said...

So that's what a sloe is...goodness I've been missing out on the world of sloe gin. Lovely photo narrative. Looks like a good day was had by all.

Mark said...

Great post Ruth, love the series of pictures. I think i will give the sloe gin a go this year, it will go with the hazelnuts i collected.

Laurie & Chris said...

Love all of your pictures it looks like you had a great time.Happy GTS!

TopVeg said...

Doesn't time fly. I had forgotten about sloes - will have to go and search in our favourite sloe ground!

john.g. said...

But, can you resist the temptation of trying it too early?

Annie said...

Ooh, Santa has a lot to look forward to, thanks to your work today.

Ann M. said...

What a lovely pictorial. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story :)

Happy GTS!

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely time you've had Ruth.

You know I've never seen a Sloe before! :)

Sheila said...

Great post Ruth, what a lovely way to spend Sunday.
Our clocks don't go back until Nov 4th.
It's nice to see you still have colour in your garden, our's isn't too bad, and we have yet to have a frost.

Icarus said...

I just had an e-mail from your Ethics, Responsibility and Corporate Hospitality Professor, asking me to tell you that you are to hand in a 5,000-word assignment on the True Meaning of Sloes in A Fast World at a Time of Burgeoning, Banalising Globalisation by next Friday. OK?

The garden looks just wondrously outstanding! That is so good. Fine post, do you do sloe tonic too?

Now, back to my own 2 5,000-word platefuls of appalling mediocrity...


Ann M. said...

Please stop back by my blog when you have a chance. I have a treat for you :)

Sandy Carlson said...

Thank you for this photo sequence and narrative of your very productive and lovely day. How wonderful to take the time to share the magic with kids. You're an inspiration.

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Wow, does you garden really still look this beautiful?
It looks like you had a nice outing.

RUTH said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed this post.
Icarus; what an interesting idea. I hadn't realised you knew my Ethics, Responsibility and Corporate Hospitality Professor......but by next Friday!!! Can I have an extension PLEASE????

CG said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, I've never tasted sloe it good?

Jenny said...

What is a sloe, exactly? I'll have to go look it up!

Mauigirl said...

I had no idea what a "sloe" even was, let alone what they looked like! So you make your own sloe gin! Very interesting! I bet it's really good when it's homemade.




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