Monday, 29 October 2007


I've on numerous occassions mentioned the crossover of seasons in the garden. I still have quite a few Summer flowers in my garden and only the other day posted a photo of an Azalea in bloom at Wisley. Well, even more astounding than that, as we walked through Wisley's rockery and pond area..........

what did we spy but this......YES a SNOWDROP in bloom in October!!!!

Trinity of Rooms Of My Heart has passed this lovely Friendship Badge on to all of her Blogfriends......
In turn I'd like to pass it on to all my regular blog pals......Yes that's YOU!

I've also had this Halloween Treat passed to me from Anne M of Under The Sea.

Happy Halloween

The award originated at Hootin' Annie's, and the idea of these awards is to pass them on to new, random visitors to your blog. As I don't do specific tagging on this blog...but if your a newbie blogpal then this one's for you. Of course if regulars would like to pass it on to their random visitors please do.

I'm back to college quickly the half term went. I managed to get the rest of my assignments finished yesterday thank goodness! We will now be moving from the Key Concepts stage to Childhood.....looking at the subject from a sociological and historical viewpoint plus how childhood has been portrayed through the eyes of various authors in literature.

If you don't hear from me for a few days I may well be under a pile of books!!


I hope at some point to post the rest of my Wisley photos...not many left now!


Trinity said...

Wow... you have a really beautiful garden and I loooove snowdrop!

Thank you for posting this friendship badge and pass it on your blog pals, highly appreciated! I am sure they love being your friends as well.

Good luck for your study!

Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

mrsnesbitt said...

Have a good week Ruth!


Gledwood said...

Snowdrops in October??

Can you remember ever having seen anything like that before we got "globally warmed"?

I ask you as I know you would remember!!

Akelamalu said...

You've just finished Half-term and I'm just starting!

The flowers don't know what season it is do they?

Lovely awards Ruth and you sooo deserve them. xx

dot said...

That sure is a beautiful place you were visiting! Hope you have a good week in college.

CG said...

that snowdrop in October...ddisturbing somehow! Good look with the studies; it sounds interesting stuff!

JO-N said...

First time here. The garden is lovely. All the best in your studies.

john.g. said...

Good luck with the studies! Cracking photos, as usual!

Gledwood said...

Hootin' Annie looks so entertaining. Like a nicer version of Neighbours' Mrs Mangle: do you remember?!?

Allotment Lady said...

great photo collages - never cease to take my breath away

Mary said...

The snowdrop is beautiful! A great photo, but why would a snowdrop bloom in October? Global warming?

There was a HUGE fire in Iowa. We saw it on the 6 o'clock news. Chemicals were exploding and great clouds of black smoke were belching to the heavens. Another factor that pushes global warming along.

The world has changed a lot in the weather department since I was a kid in the 50s. It's rather scary. I often wonder what the world will be like when my grandsons are my age.

Enjoyed my visit.

Gledwood said...

Have a nice time at school, Ruth!!


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi my dearest Ruth,
My congrats with your haloween treath,
*and so beautiful those snowdrops, how come that they are coming out already, confused?
* back to college? wow girl you are someday too intelligent to log maybe? (just kidding!) I love socioligy, My hus studied Soc. at University, its good for almost everything in life...

Look at the flowers on my todays blog, hose I saw in Italy, I also got a "love"award..

Have agreat day:)

Audrey said...

Lovely photos Ruth, have really enjoyed the pictures of Wisley.

How long does your course run for,lots of hard work Im sure but it does come across that your really enjoying it and getting a lot from it

Lovely awards well deserved xxxx Auds

P.S Bit concerned about the appearance of that snowdrop, makes you think doesnt it.

Pauline said...

Lovely pics Ruth, good luck with your studies!

RUTH said...

Thanks to everyone who's dropped are all so kind. I've been so busy Googling some research and dealing with some personal issues that my blogvisiting has fallen by the wayside :o(
The snowdrop was certainly a surprise to me as well! and it seems strange that despite a few frosts I still have some busy lizzies and begonias in bloom.

Gles; yes I remember Mrs Mangle :o)

Mary; I heard about the fire. Horrifying for all involved.

Auds; the exams start the week of 16th June 2008....then it's final evaluations. Depending on my circumstances I could then go on and do a BA (Hons) English & History if I pass.

AVCR8TEUR said...

That is a huge & lovely garden! It looks more like park. Good luck in your studies.

Mauigirl said...

The weather is crazy these days, isn't it? We finally got some coldish weather this week but still haven't had a hard frost. And it's almost November! And here you're getting snowdrops! Strange!

Moi said...

get done with those books quick, we wanna see more pics ...:DDD

i am almost done with mine ..we defended our theses (my husband and me) and both of ours have been accepted :) :)
thanks for all your wishes Ruth :)

Chris said...

Snowdrops in October must be unusual! We have had the odd primrose in the lawn, all very strange but after such a bad summer I think our gardens are definitely confused.

jpPréaux said...

Snowdrops at that moment of the year is quite normal and not sur^prising at all!
It's only a variety flowering in fall named reginae-olgae.




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