Wednesday, 7 March 2007


There were Mick & I quietly sitting in the garden yesterday when what did I spy;



It was bad enough finding greenfly on the roses the other day but LILY BEETLE.....NOOOOOO! For goodness sake it's only the beginning of March!!!! If you have Fritillaria or Lilys in your garden please be on the lookout and take the necessary action*.

Another "pest" that has started to rear its head in our garden is the Sycamore seedling. because of our close proximity to a large Sycamore Tree each year we are inundated with seedlings attempting to turn our garden into a forest. Sycamores are lovely trees but N.I.M.B.Y. Be on the lookout for similar offenders in your own garden.

I did a few little clearing up and cutting down jobs while we were out there and....


......remember to move your finger before clamping secateur blades together.........or it can result in severe blog typing difficulties.

After all those warnings........a few friends

and a fabulous sunset

*It should be noted that the offending lily beetle was disposed of as quickly and humanly as possibe with the aid of a size 7 shoe.


A wildlife gardener said...

Love the froggies and the sunset photos.

UKBob said...

I think there will be loads of bugs about with not having a Winter this year.

Mauigirl52 said...

Are these beetles similar to our dreaded Japanese Beetles? They don't look quite the same but they sound just as awful. I used to spray my roses for them in the summer but found that in July when they were everywhere, the spraying didn't do any good, so I don't bother now; I just knock them off and stomp on them when I can. My mother used to pick them off and drown them in a jar! I can't stand to touch them, they buzz if you pick them up.

talj said...

Oh your poor finger!! I hope that isnt the only one you type with?! ;o)

Great sunset and the frogs are so cute! :o) Hope the pests stay away from now on!!!:o)

{{{HUGS}}} xx

CG said...

No!! Not lily beetles ALREADY?? I LOATHE these disgusting beasties. If it wasn't dark I'd be outside checking. Thanks for the warning, Ruth!!!

the night owl said...

What are Lily beetles?? Why are they bad?Do they live in the South?You can tell that I am not a gardener!!

RUTH said...

Thanks for all your comments; I must look up Japanese many bugs are crossing the oceans now and fore armed is fore warned. Night Owl if you click on the words Lily Beetle that are in black on my post your will find more information.

Sharon Lynne said...

In Southern California, we're having a warm spell--in the high 80's. After work today, I put on my shorts and went out in the garden to weed. I'm trying to make a spot to grow a pumpkin! (More on that later).

I noticed the new growth on my orange tree is curling up. I might have a moth..or something. I hope not!

Allotment Lady said...

It is just too tempting to resist photographing shoots of flowers pocking through the soil. I have so far but might not last out much longer.

Bugs - yuk - lots around, but the chickens help clean them up for me.

Your poorly finger, my stomach churned when I read it - a vivid imagination I have - hope it is not throbbing so much today.

Oh those sunsets - I think you secretely live in an exotic island and are kidding us.

Wonderful posts as always Ruth -just brilliant

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ Interesting post with goodies and baddies. I hope your finger wasn't hurt too badly and that it is better very soon. Thank you for your kind words and it is good to be home again. I loved the Poem for Blogging Friends, as it seems too be how we feel about each other.
Take care, Love, Merle.

RUTH said...

If you'd like to visit Merle and read the Blogging Friends poem it is here
better still click on Merle's name and visit her whole blog. She is a lovely lady and her blog is full of great jokes and wonderful insights on life.

Margaret said...


This is just my second year of growing my own, previously, always bought from Garden Centers.

I've been keeping a diary but have decided this year to have a blog.

Came on line to check out Garden blogs to see what they're like and came across yours. Really enjoyed it and will be returning.

Happy Gardening, Margaret.

Margaret said...

Hi Ruth.

Many thanks for the tip on pinching out side shoots and rooting them-I did not know you could do that.

I shall give it a go and let you know how I get on.

Happy Gardening.


MrBrownThumb said...

Love the pics of your frogs. Thanks for sharing them.

Libbys Blog said...

I will keep my eye open for this one! Beautiful sunset. I keep missing them at the moment!!




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