Thursday, 1 March 2007


It's my Father's 80th birthday today but I know he would not approve of me posting a photo of him on one of these "computer contraptions" as the Internet is full of "perverts" and "those sort of people" so as it's also St David's Day I'll post a photo of some of our Daffodils.

When we arrived home from our walk yesterday the Senetti plugs I'd ordered had arrived. Mick & I first started growing these a few years ago but unfortunately I didn't get them through the winter of 2005 so decided it was time to have some more. They are tough little plants and can withstand temperatures down to -1C (not that Mick and I have tested that out). I've potted these up into 3" modules and will grow them on quite "hard" until I'm ready to put them out into pots or into the garden.
I really miss the fact that I'm not growing as many seeds from scratch as I usually do.....but it will give me a chance to try out some of the annual plugs that the gardening catalogues keep "begging" me to buy.

Our pond pump was a mere trickle yesterday morning; I guess where the frogs are so active at the moment they are disturbing the sludge at the bottom of the pond and so the filter had blocked.
I'm sure both the fish and frogs will be happier now I've cleaned it out.

This little area of our garden Mick & I had planned to give a better show in the Spring as it's close to the pond where we would sit and watch the frogs on a warmish Spring afternoon. It's starting to fulfill our ambition. I think I'll add some Hyacinths in the Autumn for next year's show.
I'm pleased to say that the second stem of the forgotten Amarylis is now in flower. I'll be sure to repot and feed it this deserves it!
Would like to post a pic of Senetti in bloom but it will have to wait as Blogger suddenly gone on strike. maybe later?


UKBob said...

I hope your dad enjoys his birthday. We have two ponds in the garden unfortunately both are drained because of the children. Its a shame about the ponds but it truely saddens me to see the children missing out. You know when I first got Tippy 14 years ago people used to say I was cruel because When she was a puppy I would discipline her and was quite strict but for 13 of those 14 years she has been able to go everywhere with us, even on holiday and to the seaside and it’s all because she was taught right from wrong. Which would you rather have, a few slaps on the bum or spend 15 years missing out on all the fun because you never got taught right from wrong?

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ That was so nice of you to pop in to wish me luck for Friday.
We will only decide how to proceed
so I hope it is all over soon. I hope your Dad had a nice birthday
and not all of us are perverts. There is a lady in Australia who is 107 and has just started a blob (she calls it ablob) and a friend types for her. I will leave a link on my post which I must get to. Take care, Ruth, Love, Merle. I love fuchsias, but don't ave many.

RUTH said...

ukbob; I have always been of the mind that a dog must know who his master is; there is a vast difference between cruelty and discipline. Re the ponds, hopefully you'll be able to reinstate them one day. It's so good for the children to see the wonders of nature.
Merle; so glad you dropped by. My Dad has a very blinkered view of what is good and bad in the age of technology...will go and visit the 107 year old lady as soon as I see the link. Good on her!!!

talj said...

Happy Birthday Dad! :o) The amarylis is looking beautiful!! Have a lovely day {{{BIG HUGS}}} to you both :o)

CG said...

Good to see the frogs enjoying the pond and your spring garden is pretty. Hope your dad had a great birthday :) xx

Allotment Lady said...

It was really lovely going for a walk with you around where you live

You take wonderful photos.

Happy St Davids Day - my daffs didn't come out to celebrate - too cold and windy here.

Hope your father has a wonderful birthday.

Ye gads you put me to shame. I have to take out the pump in my fishpond dismantle it, clean it and put it all back together - it never works the first time and is so fiddly - and I have to do the same with the big filter.

I hate doing that job.

If I make you a slap up lunch, fancy getting cold and wet and dirty instead of me?

RUTH said...

Lottie; would be more than willing. I've seen some of the lovely food you cook on your blog!

Libbys Blog said...

Do you know I think I'm losing my mind, I'm sure I visited here yesterday but I didn't go on the walk with you? Have I lost a day or just my mind???
Anyway I ran round the walk, looked at the fushcias, checked out the spring garden and the pond and everything seems fine, so I think I'm up to date!!!

RUTH said...

Well done you're worn out now!

A wildlife gardener said...

You are so versatile with all your plants, Ruth...some , the latest plugs for instance, I've never heard of. Are they indoor or outdoor plants? Happy eightieth birthday to your wonderful to have your dad at that age. Many happy returns of the day.

RUTH said...

The Senitta are fine outdoors in the Summer and Autumn as they are meant to withstand the cold pretty well.

Elsie said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, Ruth.

I do drain the bean sprouts twice daily, maybe the problem is with the very dark cupboard I keep them in.

They are sprouting leaves now as well and looking more and more like aliens LOL

Jen!! said...

what the BLOG!? members?

remember us, the ones who gave you really cool buttons to put on your blogs to show that you belonged to some kind of community and then promptly disappeared into oblivion?

yeah, sorry about that.

but, we're back.
Check it out here.


- Tiffany, Mikala, & Jen from What the BLOG!?

Women on the Verge said...

I love having fuschias for the hummingbirds... I can't wait for spring. We're still getting more snow!

Hope your dad has a lovely day!!





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