Wednesday, 14 March 2007


It's been a little while since I had the time to invite you in for a sit down and a beverage and as the weather is so pleasant we may as well make the most of it and sit in the garden;

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That's it...make yourself comfy.... and I'll tell you what's been going on in the seedling department.

The "Poor Man's Orchids" (Schizanthus) are really doing well
and so are the Alpine Strawberries.And talking of strawberries; the Strawberry Spinach seeds are already germinating....I only sowed them on 8th March.
The Great Pip Challenge pots are doing quite well

the Lychee has now sent up a shoot
all the orange pips have germinated
and the Avocado looks like it's going to be an attractive plant.
I'm not sure about the ginger though....Libby's is really shooting well but mine just seems to be sitting there and not moving at all.
I've got to repot the Bishop of Llandaff and Fascination Dahlias so while I'm doing that help yourself to an ice-cream

The Bishop hasn't been repotted for two years now; I've just been top dressing it so I reckon it deserves some fresh compost.

As my hands are dirty anyway I'm lifting these Carnations that have got quite woody. I could take cuttings but I think I'll just "drop" them; I'll dig a deeper hole and plant them deeper so that all those woody stems are beneath the soil; the stems will start to send out shoots and the whole plant will look far bushier...I've done this before with heathers too and it always seems to work.

If you look very closely this frog is eating a worm; would rather he had eaten a slug!
Some poor frog must have "missed" and has laid its spawn on top of this rock; I'll quickly turn it on its side so that the spawn is underwater.

I love the way that this daffodil holds it's petals so far back.

The hanging basket begonias are shooting well; I'll start topping the compost up soon.
Even the bedding Begonias are starting to shoot.
The freebie grasses I found in the paving cracks are looking happy
and quite a few of that VERY OLD packet of Sweet Peas have grown...they were well past their sow by date.
I'm glad I cut the Epymidium leaves off as the flowers have started to open. They are like miniature Daffodils.The Senetti are growing on well; I'll start sorting out some proper large pots for them next week. I don't want them becoming root bound in these modules.
Well I bet you're all itching to get back to your own gardens; see you again soon!


talj said...

Well, what a lovely little tour and very nice cup of tea ;o) Looks like you have been very busy and I love the daffodil photo! Excellent :o)

3 days to go!! I'm having a haircut tomorrow and the new glasses should arrive tomorrow or thursday....I might even manage to look 'smart' but dont hold your breath Ruth...I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal really :o)

{{{BIG HUGS}}} xx

Scarecrow said...

Thank you Ruth for that lovely wander around your garden.
So exciting watching everything wake up from winter.
I can see you've been busy in your garden lately! Does you good doesn't it. :)

UKBob said...

Hi Ruth. What you say about sinking the Carnation I've heard you can do the same with Lavender when it gets leggy, I haven't tried it myself. Looks like your seedlings are doing well.

A wildlife gardener said...

Very inspiring! Great to see all your seedings have germinated too. The daffodil is so vibrant. Everything is bursting with life.

RUTH said...

Thanks all for dropping by. ukbob; interesting to hear it works with Lavender too. talj; that's good...means I can put my tiara away!

Libbys Blog said...

I might have a go at the carnation tip!!! I must get on and sow a dew more seeds!!

Elsie said...

What a lovely photo of the daffodil.

I have posted a new easter recipe too, and have you had a look at Mia's blog yet? Links from both my blogs.

Stay well


PS:- I love all these gardening comments- very interesting

CG said...

Ruth, please can you tell me how to plant an avocado stone so it will grow?
Ju x




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