Friday, 23 March 2007


Managed to get out and about yesterday so made the most of it and took a few photos. The first two were taken as I pushed Mick to the shops; a couple of sure signs of Spring. I'd love those blue Irises in our garden.
When we got back from the shops, although it has seemed slightly warmer the ice on the pond cover had still not completely melted.Though it hadn't worried the frogs who had laid a new batch of spawn.Looking around the garden I realised that we are now starting to accumulate a few different Narcissi which range both in colour and size. This photo is of our smallest and largest.
I know I've been trying to resist photos of plants that are just shooting through the soil; but had to take this photo of one of our Peonys....I love the colour of the red shoots.
The Pulmanaria is starting to flower; these blue flowers will fade into shades of pink.
The Epymidium flowers look almost jewel like
as do "Rubys"Our Camellia buds are swelling...not long is in the shadiest part of our garden, by the kitchen door and NEVER receives any direct sunlight.

Mick's Hack's Red is starting to flower, It struggles a little in a pot but seems to be doing well.

Our Pieris are in pots too...all that feeding last year with potash and acid feed has paid off.

Another "shooting" plant.....the pink Dicentra is already showing its buds
And this little bedding begonia that has been outside through two winters now has managed to survive the cold snap of the last week

Really couldn't resist another Pleione photo; the buds actually emerge from the soil.

and last but not least; isn't it incredible how plants will pop up where you least expect them. This Violet is growing in the gap between the wood of the trough.
As we have no visitors this weekend I'm hoping to get time to pot on some of the seedlings I have growing. When I sowed them I was short of compost so the seed trays are not full; I think the seedlings could do with some more growing space now.....I'm going to enjoy this job...even if I do have to do it indoors.


Gwen said...

Hi Ruth.
your flowers are loverly, and it was nice that the day was fine
allowing you to take Mick for a stroll.
Stay Well xx

talj said...

Wonderful trip around the garden Ruth!! Very exciting seeing all these things about to burst open!! I have decided to start my own little gardening blog!!! I intend to get out next tuesday or wednesday and go and buy all the 'bits' for the balcony...I am sooo excited! I thought it would be very cool to get a blog going from the very begining and then maybe I can pick up helpful hints and tips from everyone as I go along?!

I can't wait!! You see, you are an inspiration! Without visiting your gardening blog I wouldn't have been so excited about getting my own little high rise garden going! :o)

{{{HUGE HUGS}}} and love to you and Mick xxxx

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth Thanks for the wander through your garden all your plants are lovely. Nice to see the weather kind so you could take Mick out for a walk. Hugs to you both.

CG said...

lovely to see everything growing so well. our frogs have laid more spawn too xx

Libbys Blog said...

I always enjoy a trip round other peoples gardens so just continue posting pics!! Your poor old windowsills are certainly groaning. Has your caster oil plant come up yet?

moonraker said...

Hi Ruth

I just love your pics of plants Winter and Summer ones. Amazed at the ice you have still hanging around.

Thanks for dropping by - be down Starbucks on opening day!!

moonraker said...

Oh I forgot I've linked to you so I can see your garden regularly.

Pat said...

Wonderful flowers, Ruth. Great to see as it's so cold here. Snow is melting though so it won't be long!

UKBob said...

Hi Ruth, I enjoyed looking at your flowers. I never do fill my seed trays with compost when germinating the seeds, I usually about half fill them and then make sure I prick them out in good time.

Allotment Lady said...

I just love walking around your stunning garden - it is crammed packed with interest and I am so looking forward to the summer.

My absolute favourite picture - and was difficult - but the gorgeous red Peony shoots just took the prize for me and pipped the others at the post.

Ruby in Bury said...

I especially like the "Rubys" lol.

Speaking of irises, Mr Ruby bought me a mixed bunch flowers for valentines day, which consisted mainly of irises, but they hadn't opened yet. I didn't know what they were and secretly thought he'd got me a really manky bunch of flowers. Unopened irises look like spring onions. I was very pleasantly surprised when they did open!!!

the night owl said...

Hi Ruth,
You are the flower queen!! My daughter loves Irises; this is her sorority flower.I have wild Irises growing behind my house on the edge of the marsh.Hope you and Mick enjoy the weekend. Baba

Elsie said...

So many beautiful flowers already blooming. I do like the daffodils. They are always so sunny and bright.

Stay well





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