Monday, 5 March 2007


I hope you all got a chance to see the lunar eclipse on Saturday evening. It was a beautiful clear evening here and we had a great view. My camera wasn't up to taking a photo but I've scanned this one from the press to show you.

Talja and A County Garden did manage a photograph which they have posted on their blogs so please take a look.

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Mick's birthday and the comments you all left were so kind. A bit more info and a thank you can be found over on There are a million stories.

Mick and I about 5 years ago had promised ourselves that we would get ourselves some Ginger Lilys (Hedychium); we found they were very expensive to buy and difficult to come by in our local garden centres so they were put on our "wish list". Of course then events overtook us and we never managed to buy any. A couple of months ago I decided that I really wanted to get some for Mick's birthday and thanks to the wonder of online shopping I managed to purchase some bulbs. Unbeknown to Mick I planted them up (4 in total) and luckily by his birthday 2 of them had started to he was able to see a bit of green and look forward to wonderful blooms and scents to come.

This next picture is what (I hope) they will look like in the Summer.

Steve, bless him, made himself useful while he was here and insisted on trying to sort out the garage for me. I made sure he had a full English breakfast first and he manfully got on with task. Nothing could actually be thrown away so it was a case of him trying to put everything so that it accessible but also with enough space for me to get to the back of the garage.
Work in progress
Well done Steve; now I'll be able to start looking forward to doing some gardening as I can get to the pots, troughs and compost easily.
This is the picture of what the Senetti I mentioned the other day will look like in flower. Blogger finally let me upload it!

Well I started this post with a photo of Saturday night's sky so I'll end it with a couple of photos of our early morning Monday sky.

And just in case you're wondering.......YES THE RUBBISH IS STILL OUT IN THE ALLEY!!!


CG said...

Those lilies look like stunners and I like the look of the senniti too. Lily beetle got my lilies last year...ugh, I HATE THEM!!!

Hugs xxx

talj said...

3 Cheers for Steve!! So glad you got the garage a beat more organised!! Looking forward to your garden springing to life very soon! :o) {{{big hugs}}} to you and Mick :o) xx

Libbys Blog said...

Wow! Busy week end! Always nice to get back to normal though!! Wish we had a garage for all our junk!! OOooo! not saying yours is full of junk! Just saying ours would be!!!

LittleJen said...

Dont go there, Im not aloud to even set foot into out

Women on the Verge said...

Beautiful senetti!!!!!


gledwood said...

I saw the eclipse when it was looking like that too (missed the full-on bit bc forgot about it, weather forecast reminded me). I did see lunar eclipse from beginning to end in India. The sky was amazingly clear!




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