Thursday, 15 March 2007


Normally I write my post in the early hours all ready for publishing the next day......but that wasn't happening last night. For some reason my email "conked out" and I spent ages trying to sort out what the problem was; then my keyboard is playing up I can't backspace and the "mouse click" is working when it feels like it and not when I want it to. I just about managed to type up my apology to MrsN!
All sorts of niggly things have been happening and today has just disappeared into a cloud of mishaps. I'd fully intended that we'd have a sit in the garden but do you think the phone would stop ringing!!!!! Then before I drew breath it was 11am was and I'd got nowhere! I thought that at least I could start on some cake cooking before lunch.....if the ginger cake gets voted for on Million Stories it needs a day to quickly I got the ingredients together and got stuck in. I'd some shopping arriving from Tescos between 12 and 2......what turns up at 11.30.....just as I'm weighing the ingredients out. So that had to be put on hold while I put the shopping away (some of it was frozen and couldn't be left) so it was a little while before I got back to making the was a bit of a rush job by then as I needed to get it into the oven before I started to make lunch. Mission accomplished...lunch of the timer ....cake out of the oven.......Hmmmm.....didn't smell as "gingery" as usual...........OH NO......with answering the door and putting away the shopping I'd forgot to put the ginger spice in!!!!!...admittedly there are some small pieces of actual ginger in it but I'm not sure how it's going to taste. Typical as I wanted to serve it to guests!!!!!! Still reeling from that...I started to FINALLY tidy up......well if it was droppable I dropped it....if it was spillable I spilt it.................I'm sure you've all had days like that! Starting to get quite "miffed" (to put it mildly) I thought....calm down.....go and stand in the garden...take a deep breath and relax. So off I trot into the garden.....Hmmmm....something not right....the pond pump had stopped...............I then spent the next 15 minutes cleaning it out....and when I turned it back on .................NOTHING!!!!!!...............AGHHHHH! took another 45 minutes of trotting back to the kitchen...turning the power off......trotting back the pump a whack.....NOTHING.....trotting back in....turning the power off...trotting back the pump a whack...NOTHING...trotting back................well you get the picture by now!!!!!! So here I am...5pm......achieved practically nothing at cleaning washing sit in the garden (boo hoo).........and the post that should have been here about what we did yesterday....well here it is in a nutshell;
Went for walk; took this photo of the shops as they are soon to be knocked down to make room for new housing and shops
Repotted Lavender and found this massive slug hiding in the crocks
Took photo of front steps so Talj can have a better view of them before her visit on Saturday; I think in all probability she will have to come in the back way
Cut back Osteospurnum as it had got really leggy; I must be aware of frosts/snow.....yes it's forecast for Monday!
So shall keep it tucked up during the night under one of Mick's homemade cloches
Now I've got to take a deep breath, click on publish and hope that the "clicker " works..............then go and see if I can manage to burn dinner!!!!!!


Auntie Noo said...

Welcome to my world!!!! :lol: - Hope you will soon see the funny side of it (well it must be faintly amusing that just SO many things can go wrong!) and that tomorrow brings a whole new day and better luck!! Sending {{{hugs}}}

A wildlife gardener said...

I feel as if I know you ,Ruth, even though we've never met in person, because I often have those kinds of days!

CG said...

Oh dear, poor Ruth...I've had days like that!!At least you managed to post successfully and you are one day nearer to meeting Talj and Andrew xxx

RUTH said...

I feel so much better now just knowing that it's not just me! Not that I wish days like this on anyone else!

talj said...

Oh Ruth :o( {{{BIG HUGS}}}

First of all....dont worry yourself about the pond pump!! Andrew doesnt have a pond but does know allsorts about fish, tanks and pumps. I am sure that he can take a look at the pump for you and see if there is anything he can do!!

Next, you better not be tidying up for us!!!!!!! Thirdly....whatever cake you make....with or without ginger....I am sure it will be delicious!!! :o)

Now, once you've done the dinner and got some time to yourself....CHILL OUT!!!!!! :o)


UKBob said...

I'm not sure I have any energy left to do any work today after reading about your day! I wonder what's up with the pump - it sounds like you did all the right things to try and cure it so maybe it's died. Well I'd better get off to work, I could do with taking some of that home cooking with me to keep me going. Bob.

UKBob said...

Oh I forgot to say that sometimes if you are having probalems with your computer just by turning it off and rebooting it, and by that I mean restarting it - not rebooting it through the window, will cure such problems as the ones you were having with it. Bob.

RUTH said...

Thanks ukbob; luckily all that whacking got the pump going again. If there's any cake left I'll bring some along to your potting shed.

Pat said...

Oh, dear Ruth! How often I've had days like that and somehow we get through them.

What a lovely visit you're going to have with Natalya and Andi.

I'll be the fly on the wall!

Libbys Blog said...

Those kind of days only ever happen on days you really need to get on!!!!!




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