Monday, 12 March 2007


It was a fabulous weekend.....Sorry Women on the Verge I'm sure your snow will clear soon!....the weather was warm and sunny...almost Summer-like. I've been very good and NOT taken any photos of emerging shoots; but as I didn't have a camera this time last year I had to take a couple of the garden as a whole for me to look back on in the Summer and see the difference.

The ex-patio area...

I lifted the slabs to use on our shingle pathway so that I could get Mick's wheelchair up the garden.

Looking up the garden from the kitchen door.

Had to take a photo of this as it's the first time we've had a pink anemone blanda....ours are usually white or blue.

So glad that the Pieris is in flower I thought it may struggle as it's in a pot.
YUK................guess who's looking for Hosta shoots!
I know that as the weather continues to improve and we can get out into the garden more that I will be blogging less; well I'll be writing less.....though hopefully I'll find plenty of flowers to photograph.


Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading of your earlier visit to Geoff Hamilton's gardens. I
am so glad that you and your husband had that wonderful holiday. His rose is beautiful. I am glad that he weather is improving for you. Thanks for the visit, glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care Ruth, Love, Merle.

talj said...

Whoops terrible spelling in the post above Ruth, sorry :o(

Lovely photos Ruth and so glad you spent the weekend in the garden!! :o) I am not a fan of slugs or snails....yuk...still there's something that makes you sad when you hear the horrible crunch as you stand on one :o(

Hope the weather stays nice....looking forward to a tour of the garden!!! {{{BIG HUGS}}} xx

RUTH said...

Merle; thanks for coming over all the ay from Australia....glad you liked this post...will be back soon to read more of your jokes:-)
All removed now Talj....
I've crunched many a snail.....I have to be careful when Nicole is around though....if I find a vine weevil (grubs eat roots of plants) indoors and she's here I have to take it outdoors and dispose of it.... so it can go on a little "holiday"....

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth liked all your photo's and Yuk to the slug hope you stood on him so then he cant eat all the new shoots on your plants..(((hugs)))to you both.

Women on the Verge said...

Oh, ruth, the pictures are lovely... and I wouldn't be so nice if the snow here wasn't rapidly melting, I admit it. We are approaching mid 30s today with a veritable heatwave of 50 expected later this week.

I saw your message that House starts again in the UK! Will it be Season 3 that you're starting? I am truly a House junkie. It is my favorite show... and I love Hugh Laurie.

I look forward to more pics of your garden. I am terrible with plants and can kill plastic ones!


A wildlife gardener said...

Glorious skies, sweet anemone blanda, surviving pieris-thank you!

Elsie said...

Thanks for all your visits.
I found this today and immediately thought about you-

"I love spring anywhere, but if I had to choose, I would always greet it in a garden"... Ruth Stout

Coincidence about the name??

Stay well.





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