Monday, 18 June 2007


Every Saturday night I try and sort out the countless photos I've taken during the week and often come across a few that I'd meant to post but either slipped through the net or were just to blurred to see clearly. With Leanne and the kids staying plus the fact it had been an emotional weekend I didn't get around to doing it till I got up this morning. As I'd nothing specific to post today I thought I'd let last weeks forgotten few have their 5 minutes of glory.

A few damsels

Lily pads on the river
Windswept Poppy....Bobby Charlton comb over style?

back to back Frog & Hedgehog!

Not the greatest photos...but this Hornet was massive and I didn't intend getting too close!

Cute baby bird in the park
and a cute albino chipmunk

Beautiful Canna leaf

Pelargonium in it's 4th year...a cutting brought home by Mick
Reflection of the garden in a water droplet
Quaking Grass
Don't bees have hairy legs!

This one wasn't a "forgotten"'s last night's sunset

Just had a lovely surprise; Shaz at Us Danes & Our Family has given me one of their awards! What a great start to an otherwise gloomy, rainy Monday morning. Thanks!!!! I shall wear it with pride.


jmb said...

You are an excellent photographer Ruth. Another fine set of interesting photos.

jams o donnell said...

I cam here via Shaz and I am so glad I did. Your photos are excellent!

Akelamalu said...

Love your photos Ruth, especially the water droplet one. Congratulations on the award too!

A wildlife gardener said...

What an amazing array of photos, Ruth! I loved all the damselflies in close-up. But the one with the garden reflected in the water droplet had me gasping for breath! Congratulations!

Mark said...

Hey Ruth your just starting to show off with those damselflies. Like the other s i like the water droplet one too. Well done on your award.

Cheers Mark

masgblog said...

luv the albino chipmunk

Vic Grace said...

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. Your photos are inspirational I will have to get out with my camera right away. I read your profile and I see that you had a wonderful marriage and a recent sadness. I am sorry. It is interesting that your husband was a painter and decorator by profession as is mine. I have been married to my husband 9years this July and we are great friends also. We are both from UK, he is from Cheshire and I am from Middlesex we have been in Canada since the '60's.

chigiy said...

There are so many lovely photos I don't know what to say. The picture of the toad that is as big as a hedghog is hilarious. I love the drop of water with your garden reflection. You are an awesome photographer.

Shaz said...

Ruth I'm so glad you're wearing it with pride, you deserve it. I loved the frog piccy & the water droplet, again you have tallent x x x x & If I can make every Monday brighter you can have a "Dig It" every week x x x

Kate said...

The view of the garden from the waterdrop is beautiful. I love it as well as your comb-over pic.

Your gardens look beautiful!

Gledwood said...

Those photos are lovely Ruth!
I agree with JMB you ARE an excellent photographer bc I can feel the atmosphere of the day through the pictures.
All to often "professionals" merely capture things slickly and in great technicolour detail but that's it
you have something better, something more
so there!

Gledwood said...

Ruth what can I do with a "sprig" of mint the size of a small tree?
I've already put well enough in a lamb hotpot. My famous pingpongballs are going in in a sec ... but I've loads of mint left over... have you any ideas what I can do with it?
(Totally fresh mint, but it IS starting to wilt a bit ...)
I was going to hang it upside down and dry it myself if I can't think of anything better to do ... Oh i know! get Greek yoghurt, chop queue-cumber, add garlic - taDAA tzatziki/cachik!! know what I mean? minty cucumber yogurt garlic dip (but not too garlicky)

yeah man

Gledwood said...

by the way that water droplet one is FANTASTIC!!

RUTH said...

Gleds; have put a recipe for Mint Juleps in your comment box. Everyone else...the party is at Gleds place!

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth, Love all your photo's your sure know how to take a lovely clear photo. I agree with all the others the water droplet is gorgeous.

Manuel Tendero Gil said...


CG said...

Fantastic series of photos; you are so clever!




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