Monday, 18 June 2007


With it being the first Father's Day since Mick's passing Leanne and co came over yesterday and have stayed the night....the weather yesterday was rather unpredictable with many heavy rainstorms....but having heard about the cows Manda & co and I saw on our walk last weekend the kids were really eager to see them too. So we decided to take a chance and just pop down to the river where the Aberdeen Angus had been.
The river was really high and the pathway extremely muddy..but it some ways that just added to the fun of the walk. We were so lucky to see a swan and her cygnets.....
and I was really pleased that the cows were in the field right by the path so the kids could get a good wasn't until I uploaded this photo that I realised just how tall Phil looks now compared to his Mum and sisters....and they're not short by any means...
Since last week two new baby calves have appeared on the scene..... they were so cuddly teddy bears.........
We then carried on down the pathway and found this small deck......this is a place to remember if we decide to have a picnic during the has a beautiful view of the river from here.....Kirsty (above) took this next photo...

It was good to see the grandchildren larking about in the fresh air................With dark rainclouds looming on the horizon Leanne and I thought we'd better dash into town and catch the bus home before we got drenched......

but the kids wanted to take the chance and WALK back that's a first!!!

the cows were even closer to the fence now...and Kirsty was thrilled to be able to touch one....

not to be outdone by her big sister...Mel had to touch one too!We'll have to remember that the footpath will be closed in July....I really hope it's because the path is going to be made more wheelchair friendly.....we always regretted the fact that we couldn't bring Mick down here last Summer and although it's too late for us now it would be nice to think that in the future other wheelchair users would be able to enjoy the riverside walk....

By The time we got home we were all hungry and should have seen the way the kids wolfed down their dinners.....and had double helpings of dessert!
I also managed to speak to Lynn yesterday....she has had a terrible ear infection and (as Mick would have put it) has been completely "mutt and jeff" (deaf) for the last week so a phone conversation has been impossible. She and Steve for Father's Day wanted to buy a plant for their garden and managed to find a Guara called Cherry apt as Brandy was Mick's particular tipple!

Steve had been away during the week at a "works do" and sent us this photo via his phone. I wonder if any of you who watched the Celebrity Dancing Programme on TV will recognise the man standing next to Steve............It's Anton Du Bec...........Steve (centre) spotted he was staying at the hotel and just had to have a photo taken with him for Lynn and I.


Auntie Noo said...

Lovely photos from your walk. I LOVE Anton - he was always my favourite!!! - Is that Erin the other side, the photo isn't quite good enough to be sure? How lucky!

Akelamalu said...

What lovely photos Ruth. The calf looks so cuddly, and it's good to see your family enjoying the air.

Shaz said...

You've found an amazing place to take pictures, looks like famiy fun x x

RUTH said...

thanks all; auntie noo I'm sure it is Erin; bit of a freudian slip my forgetting to mention her! LOL

Elsie said...

How good to be able to see all your photos tonight. I still envy you the green. The calf is so cute and cuddly.Lovely photos as usual.

Stay well


Lynn said...

Great Photos!
I just love that calf! Adorable.
I am sure it is hard after a loved one passes on special days like this.
I am thinking of my brother-in-law's family, now he has passed on in May.

jmb said...

Lovely set of photos Ruth. I love those cows. I'm glad you had a nice day despite the sadness you must have felt. These days are really difficult when you think everyone else is celebrating and you are not.

CG said...

Really enjoyed the walk with you Ruth xxx




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