Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Despite the predictions yesterday was not as wet as expected; (though some parts of the country have been badly flooded; condolences to families who have lost loved ones).

Here there was even a glimmer of sun between the showers (and downpours)...it gave me a chance to get outside and do some deadheading....even in our small garden there was lots to do. The Strawberry Spinach has started fruiting now.....the fruits are quite pippy but very colourful...and I've had some great salad leaves off the plants.

Now I must show you this.................... for the last couple of years over at the school Manda works at a family of lizards have been basking during the Summer on one of the windowsills.....Manda has so much wanted to get a photo but camera and lizards were never in the same place at the same time. Yesterday she had taken my camera to work with her so she could copy some of the photos I took on the school outing last week.....at one point when the sun was shining she went and checked the windowsill .....and the lizards were there!!!!!!It was so lovely at dusk time....as it was dry I was able to have a twilight sit in the garden.......I really like the solar lamps..........they throw out a soft glow...I don't want the garden lit as though it's in floodlights.....

as I love the magical feel of the garden as darkness comes.....................

I've also received another Rockin' Girl Blogger Award ....thanks Anna (if you've never seen her fabulous photos you've missed a treat).......I have on on my Million Stories Blog and am so happy to have one here too. Anna was so kind when she said: Ruth has a wonderful blog full of wise words and a great photo every day to accompany them. She is also a VERY gifted gardener, and her garden blog is a joy to see!..............
now time for me to do some nominating......if you already have one I hope you'll accept another or if you prefer just pass it on to another deserving blog ......

Analia....I know you've been offline for a while but I know you'll be back soon....through all the trials that life has thrown at you you've always found time for your blogfriends. Your writing is poetry and I'll always be grateful for the special words you wrote for Mick.

Suzi-K.....your photos and tours are so full of fascinating information....and help me to learn about a part of the world (South Africa) I know so little about. Your art work is beautiful and has a quality of its own....wishing you luck in you new venture.

Elsie...(another South African friend) for all your inspiring ezi-blogs......so many gift ideas and wonderful recipes...and your ezi-kids-stuff-galore should be bedside reading for every Parent and School teacher.

Crafty Gardener...a beautiful garden, wonderful information and such inventive ideas that would grace any garden. The tower of tea-pots is beautiful and the tipsy pots!...inspirational.

LilyMarlene....who works so hard on her wonderfully productive allotment and still found time to post all her fabulous photos from Chelsea....plus (just in case I ever get to the Isle Of Wight) she is filling a Rumtopf!!!!!


lilymarlene said...

Thanks Ruth....but I don't understand what to do now!!!! Educate me please!!!

RUTH said...

Will pop to your blog and let you know how.

Shaz said...

Congratulations, you & all your blogs deserve multiple awards x x x

Shaz said...

PS There's a tag on our meme page for you if you'd like to play along x x

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ The weather sure has been dreadful in places; I see floods in England. My sympathy to the people
who have lost family and friends and things in their homes. And there are
fires in California. Glad you liked the Grandma story - you were a Grandma very young at 38, I was 43
and now have 12 and 2 great granddaughters. Take care, Ruth.
Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth, Congrats on your award, how lucky getting the photo of the lizard, just been looking back on what i have missed while i been missing I feeling a bit under the weather with a heavy cold, you have some lovely fuchsias and i like the solar lights nice soft lighting.. take care

Akelamalu said...

The lizard shot is amazing! It's fine here today Ruth - makes a change. I repotted two hanging baskets this morning, the pansies were a sorry sight!
Congrats on the second award, it's well deserved.

CG said...

Congratulations on another award Ruth :) Your garden looks magical; wish i could join you a dusk for a chat. I love that lizard!!

RUTH said...

Shaz; I'm working on it.
Merle and Jeanette; thanks for dropping by;...no great grandchildren yet...hope you feel better soon J.
Akela; some of my baskets are so wind blown I may have to do some repair work myself.
CG; you are always welcome; though it's so chilly at the moment I think we'd be tucked up indoors with Hot Chocolate!

jmb said...

Hi Ruth,
Another set of lovely photos. I accepted the award from your other blog today but didn't pass it on. I hope you don't mind but I did link to this blog and wrote a little about it.
The floods are indeed terrible.

Elsie said...

Thank you again Ruth. It not only warmed my heart but also dispelled some of the cold in the house. Temperatures plummeted suddenly again and it is truly winter here (again).

Is it ok if I display the awards on my blogs without taking part in the tagging bit?? I explained the reasons a while ago, but somehow feel so guilty because you really do so much for my blogs in many of your posts.

I would love to have them on my gift blog.

Stay well


RUTH said...

Elsie I fully understand the tagging difficulties and was aware you would probably be unable to tag....but please accept the award as your blogs ROCK!!!

Nicole said...

Wow! I love that lizard! I didn't know that you had those in England. It always seems like a desert type of animal.





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