Saturday, 11 November 2006


Like me some of the family members (and possibly some of our visitors) are fairly new to this blogging idea and surfing the net. So for you here is a guide to finding your way round my blog and an explanation of some of the things you find here.

  1. the first post you see is actually the most recent post
  2. you can scroll down to see recent earlier posts
  3. to go back further in time; at the bottom of the page you can click on the words "older posts"
  4. you can also see posts listed either by date or title (depending which blog you're in) by clicking on the "blog archives" in the side bar
  5. if you see "labels" in the side bar you can click on it and just the posts relating to one subject will be shown
  6. the sidebar world map can be clicked on and you can zoom around the world seeing where all my visitors have come from; you can even click on the "i" once its loaded and get more information about the cities or towns
  7. the long list of countries ( the big blue box) in the side bar show where visitors are from too and if you hover your cursor over a flag for a closeup view of the country
  8. the small blue box shows how many people are having a look at my blog at the same time as you ;you are one of them!
  9. the small "counter" icon can be clicked on and will take you to a page with lots of info about the total number of visitors, visitors per day and the suchlike
  10. "Albums" in the side bar can be clicked on; you will be redirected to a site that stores my albums and you will get to see the photos in that particular album
  11. you will also see a list of other peoples blogs under "worth a look" or "VIP blogs", these are blogs created by some of my visitors and friends; if you click on any one of those you will be able to have a look at them
  12. you may notice sometimes that words in my post are in a different colour and, if you put your cursor over it, it underlines and a little hand appears. If you click on these you will be redirected to something pertinent to those words i.e. click on Sloe Gin and you find a site with the recipe on - go on try it; you know you want to! Remember though sometimes words are in a different colour because I fancied a change of colour; in which case give your cursor a rest - there's nothing there!
  13. the "Guest Book" in the side bar is a public one. Click on here and you can sign the guestbook or view what other guests have said.
  14. underneath each post you will see the word "comments" click on here to see other peoples comments on that particular post and/or you can leave your own comment. Click on the name of other commenters and you can travel to their sites which could be anywhere in the world
  15. click on photos to see them larger
  16. above all don't be frightened; have a click on anything if you want - you wont break anything. Only I and the Great Blogger Demon can do that!

Ok all you experienced surfers WAKEY WAKEY I've finished this post now.

1 comment:

Elsie said...

Nice, Ruth.!!! Don't you want to tell us how to do all these things as well. Your blog is soooo nice.

I really did not think when I started my blog, that it will take so much time to find out all the "how to's" and "where to's" of codes and HTML's and so on and so forth.

Way to go, girl




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