Monday, 10 September 2007

I NEEDED A "GOFER" !!!!!!!

When ever Mick decorated at home I always took on the job of "GOFER" (go for this and go for that) fact sometimes if I wasn't working and Mick was short of labour I'd often help him out on one of his jobs of work and have "footed" many a ladder. I guess it was that husband and wife psychic ability that made us work so well together as he always said I seemed to know just what he needed before he asked for it. Well now I realise just what an important job I had as I could have done with a "gofer" myself while I was decorating.

Sorry about the Christmassy scene but I tried to find a couple of photos of the walls pre-decorating and these were the best I could come up with.

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I stripped the back wall.....there were gouge marks in the paper where Mick's hospital bed had been and I'd found it quite depressing looking at them...I much prefer to remember Mick when he was fit and well...not be constantly reminded of what he had to go through while he was ill..............

the end "window" walls were painted in quite a dark terracotta ...thank goodness Mick's leftover emulsions were good quality as even the first coat covered quite well....
I found it quite comforting using Mick's old dust sheets...there was even the mark of one of his boot prints on one of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and it was quite an honour to be using Mick's brushes and roller........he was very "precious" of them ...............Of course I didn't have a "gofer" to make me a coffee..........................

and all the curtains and nets had to washed, dried and ironed, windows all the ornaments washed/polished.......................these are just a few of my "dust collectors"!!!

and I'm so glad no unexpected visitors turned up as the living room looked a TIP!!!I only sustained one injury.....a blister on my finger from the paint brush.....btw you can just see part of the curtain poles on the kitchen floor waiting to be cleaned.....
I had another delve in the garage and managed to find some satinwood Top coat for the door frames and skirting boards...they looked really dingy against the white walls! I went to bed very early Saturday and Sunday night....I was absolutely shattered!!!!....but now I'm finished...the brushes and roller washed out..............The "WORK" end of the room....I've now turned my computer desk away from the TV and window...when I'm studying I want to focus on what I'm doing not gaze longingly out of the window or get distracted watching TV.... I'm glad I left the chimney breast wall papered as it adds a bit of colour to the room plus it means a little of Mick's decorating is still here...the "front of house" end of the room....I'm quite pleased how it's turned out..the room certainly looks bigger and brighter.......the only problem is the rest of the house looks so shabby now!!!!

I had quite shock when I opened my many emails to answer!, unread comments, and on Netvibes I see quite a few posts that my blogpals have written so I've a lot of catching up to do. First though I must make myself a decent dinner...I'm starving!!!
I also have a job for tomorrow............ I must get out into the garden and try to do something about the neighbour's Russian Vine (mile a minute plant).....the problem is getting worse and plants are being strangled and I think I'm going to have to take some plants out and shingle part of the flower bed and just stand pots there. It wouldn't be so bad if the vine only came over the top of the fence but it forces it's way through right down to ground level. It's such a shame as in the Summer this part of the garden gets the most sun (a valuable area in a North Facing garden) but I can't keep stomping all over my plants to try and cut back the Russian Vine. At least pots will be movable so that once a week I can get to the fence. We've been at war with the Russian Vine since 2000 now; my neighbour "the alternative gardener" takes no interest in his garden at all ......once a year he chops a bit of it back so he can get out of his back gate but that just seems to invigorate it. Just a reminder of "the alternative garden" photos I've taken through the year

Right I MUST go and make something to you can hear the noise my rumbling stomach is making!!!!!!!!


CG said...

Oh Ruth, welcome back, i have missed you!! It seemed a lot longer than a couple of days. I have a gardening question for you but will wait to ask until you get caught up a bit...your room looks lovely now :) You must be pleased with yourself!!
LOL at the alternative garden. What a contast to yours!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You have done an amazing job Ruth, I am sure Mick was a fantastic teacher over all the 'GOFER' years and it certainly shows you were paying attention! I know how theraputic it can be to get stuck into a job and see it through to the end! Great photos too!

I'll be round for my dinner in about...3 hours ;o) Love and {{HUGS}}, T xx

mrsnesbitt said...

How lovely to use his tools Ruth. Treasured and loved.

Great to have you back...I must return to my decorating, well when I have finished the windows! LOL!

Gledwood said...

D'you think they've got a theme going on there? With all that stuff coloured in blue..??

Gledwood said...

What else was I going to say... yah! I got back from the Highlands thanks to a lift from Lord Devonshire's equarry ... home seems rather pokey now. Not what I grew up with!!

More seriously though:
1. ornaments are supercool!
and 2. decorating=good... i remember in our old house (my family's home) they did up a room once... wow under the layers and layers and layers and LAYERS of wallpaper EVENTUALLY we came to brown SACKING.. wow I thought it was fantastic ! But I new everyone would just think I was being contrary... it had to go and pink stuff with ducks went over it... but it was SO Absolutely Fabulous while it lasted!

jmb said...

Great job Ruth, even without the gofer. It looks lovely. Be proud of yourself.
Alternative garden. How kind you are.

Akelamalu said...

What a great job you've done Ruth, I think Mick would be so proud of you. But you can't possibly be a gofer for years without learning a trick or two. I was alway my Dad's gofer and wallpaper paster - he said I was the best he's every had - but he'd only ever had me! :)

allotment lady said...

When you said that you were going to paint your lounge, I never dreamt for one minute that you would get it done in two days.

I did however know that you would make such a fantastic job of it!

Don't you just feel really good - you are just brilliant and it looks so different - light, bright, and airy.

What did you use to work as (as well as being a gofer!)

You are going to 'fly' doing your college course

Sorry that you are having problems leaving comments on my blog - I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a email message.

Leanne said...

hi mum, the front room looks amazing, well done, mick would certainly be proud of you for doing such a great job!!! but you did have the best teacher!!! love you lots xxxx

john.g. said...

Dad's found the dreaded bindweed in our garden!

Audrey said...

You never cease to amaze me Ruth, to get all that done in such a short space of time is remarkable. The room looks lovely, you've obviously picked up some trade secrets over the years off Mick and Im certain he'd be proud of your hard efforts...Well done :)

Hope you enjoyed your dinner, it was certainly well earned xx Auds

Suzi-k said...

you GO girl! It's so fresh and airy looking. It is really satisfying finishing a project like this isn't it? Hope that sandwich was worth waiting for!

Katya said...

Hurrah! The room looks LOVELY! You did a wonderful job..Oh, if only we lived next door to one kids are terrific helpers! With Mark suffering the spinal injury years ago, the kids and I had to learn how to do all sorts of things many people never even try! hehehe (I have even crawled up into the engine compartment of our truck!)
I love the look of the room...fresh and clean!
Now, about the about you just go out and YANK on that vine and pull out as much as you can!!! Tell him your plants killed the darn thing!!!(self defense!!!)

Carver said...

You've done a great job. That's hard work and the room looks very inviting. At first I was worried when you mentioned the alternative gardener because I fear my habitat garden is increasingly alternative but when I saw the pictures I had to laugh. Wow, your neighbor makes my garden look fastidious, ha. Take care, Carver

Annie said...

You earned a good and filling meal after all that work, Ruth. Your "new" room looks so pleasant - it's fun, isn't it, to spruce things up. Gives us all a new lease on our lives ahead.

dot said...

Your room looks really nice! It's a shame your neighbor's vine is such a pest.

julia said...

I can relate to your feeling of closeness with Mick as you repainted the room. When my mom gave me my grandpa's set of colored pencils (he was an artist) they were sharpened by his pocketknife. As I used them, I got to the point where I had to sharpen them, but I didn't want to, because his pocketknife marks would be gone. While they were there, I really felt his hands still upon the pencils.

Mousie/Paisible said...

so nice to have you back darling, gosh you've been working so hard !!!that's great! you are so clever...a pity I'm not living next door...would invite my self for a cup'a !!! my jasmine is like your russian wine...have to cut a part of it...but I hate doing it when there're still flowers on from Mousie

Dirty Knees said...

Nice job, Ruth! Your neighbour's garden is ... ummmm Alternative? Hahaha!

Pauline said...

Looks like you did great job, Mick will be proud of you (I'm sure he's watching). I've just had a good read through your last few posts, this is such an interesting place to visit I am going to pop you in my jolly bloggers on my side bar if that's OK.
Good Luck with your course btw and well done for getting out there!

Jeanette said...

Oh Ruth I know the "gofer" Feeling That was Me also. And im sure Mick taught you well as my Alan taught me..
You have done a fantastic job re doing your lounge room, I would be giving the Alternative gardners vine a drop of "round up" on your side. Take care...

RUTH said...

So many fabulous comments...THANKS! Still playing catch up with you all at the moment.




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