Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I wondered whether it was fitting to do an "ordinary" post today....so much of the world will be remembering the events of 11th September 2001. Then I thought......but grief and remembrance isn't just for one day a year. The families who have lost loved ones will grieve every day of every year and as much as our grief pains us "Life does go on"..........
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"

Oh I did enjoy my dinner last night...the last few days, while I was decorating, I'd been living on snacks and had really looked forward to having the time and energy to cook myself a "proper" meat and 2 veg dinner....I followed this with some home made bread and butter pudding...waistline beware!I came across Meg Wolff's site last week and am quite interested in the macrobiotic diet she follows. I think I may try some of her recipes now and again to help balance my love of roast potatoes and stodge!

I'd hardly set foot in the garden for a few days....this spider must have been pleased as my way was barred by a huge spider's web......

The busy lizzies are looking rather jaded...not that this frog seemed to mind.....The Asters are starting to bloom...a sure sign that Autumn is on it's way..... though the Cosmos are really enjoying the sunnier weather we've had the last few days....

As I wrote yesterday; my "project" was to clear an area near the fence to give me easier access to my neighbours dreaded Russian Vine. When I went to get my fork and spade I saw that it was even invading my shed!!!!!Although I was only digging out a small area; due to the fact we'd raised the soil level I had quite a lot of earth to move ..........................

I've now bagged it into "liftable" portions...it won't go to waste as once the garden dies down I'll mix it with some of the bags of horse muck in the garage and use it on the rest of the garden.

It was jolly hard work but the jobs done now; I've shingled the area and stood some of my pots on it.................

That's it for me today........I hear a nice deep Radox bath calling............


Akelamalu said...

Your dinner looks delicious Ruth - I absolutely LOVE roast potatoes.

You really worked hard on your garden, well done.

CG said...

MMM your dinner looks wonderful: i have been told you are a great cook! You really worked hard and got a lot done - must feel satisfying! xx

john.g. said...

Garden looks great as usual!

Pauline said...

Alternative garden getting you down? Russian Vine invading your space?? Two words, Flame Thrower!

david mcmahon said...

G'day Ruth,

Great work in the kitchen and graden. Love the web shot - a great ``web sight''!

I have to lean on you to identify a tree picture .....

Will be in touch



Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Wonderful photos of your garden Ruth. I agree, the families of 9/11 will never stop grieving, it is nice for us to acknowledge the tragic loss today.
Your spider is huge!
That dinner looks scrumptious, I adore roast potatoes, and your spinach looks yummy. I haven't had a proper English Sunday dinner since my MIL died. I have made them, but they are not the same at all. I can still taste them!

dot said...

I always enjoy seeing your pretty flowers.
That vine is AWFUL! Can you spray it with something and kill it?

Vic Grace said...

It is good to remember but we can't live there, heroes are made in the ordinary days too.

Your dinner looks good, we had roast potatoes too, tonight.

RUTH said...

Thanks all for dropping by...it's been nice to get out in the garden in SUNSHINE!
Dot; I'd love to spray the vine with something deadly but unfortunately it would probably kill my Solanum and Winter Jasmine too.

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Ruth,
I saw you dinner and I thought it was GREAT, go girl go!!! We have to take care of ourselves because we are SO worth it!

Funny, but for the past 3 days was unable to click if I got onto your blog and everything would freeze on my computer...my friends tried too and it was the same...but, no problem now...fantastic.

Shaz said...

Your photos never ail to amaze and inspire me Ruth. & that dinner is to die for x





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