Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Well so far so good...at least I haven't been frightened off yet! I won't bore you all every time I have a college day with all the details but as it was my first full day I'll give you a brief run down.
S. turned up bang on time to give me a lift and after picking up J off we went. Luckily the traffic wasn't too horrendous and we managed to find a place in the carpark without much ado. Only £1.40 for the day which wasn't too terrible. We quickly hoofed it to the college; keeping an eye on our watches all the time and made it in through the front door with minutes to spare. We asked at reception which room we needed to go to and were told 103. Up the stairs we went....keeping a lookout for loos on the way...but 103 was empty! OH DEAR!!! Further along the corridor was a notice board.....Humanities 109...so off we go to Room 109...the class was full and rather embarrassed in we walked. "We're the students from Sudbury" I say to the tutor......"You're in the wrong room" he says "go upstairs to the office" OH DEAR!!! So off we stride again...we're late by now! We find the office and after lots of ermming and ahhing were told to ask at Reception...but that's where we started. OH DEAR!!! So off we trudge again trying to find our way back down stairs when who should we bump into but the two tutors we met last week. "Follow us" they said "it's in room 033". On the way we pick up a few other students who had got equally lost and finally got to Room 033. Door LOCKED! OH DEAR!!! "I guess it must be in Room 044" says one of the tutors "Where's that?" OH DEAR!!! We trudge through a further maze of corridors...looking at room numbers......036...037...038...LOOS! (mental note)....039.....040...041....042....043.....EXIT. OH DEAR!!!! After retracing our steps one of the students spotted Room 044......PHEW!!!! We went in and found ourselves seat...a quick look around at the students who were already there (how they found it I don't know).........apart from about 5 of us they all looked as if they'd just stepped out of school. OH DEAR!!!! And besides myself I'm sure there's no one else over 40 (including the tutors). OH DEAR!!!
After handing out timetables and making sure we knew we had to get our student ID's at some point the tutors left and in came Ms.W. R. (I must get used used to using first names) our Sociology tutor (younger than me too!).
Over the course of the morning (which included a short tea break) we discussed what Sociology is, it's history, influences on behaviour etc etc and learnt about Durkheim's Research into Suicide! Quite interesting actually. The word MACRO came up......Yippee I know that!!!!...I've dabbled at MACRO photography! NO...........WRONG.....MACRO in this case is one of the approaches to the relationship between society and the individual....the notion that society shapes the individual as opposed to MICRO (the notion that the individual shapes society).
I think the most difficult thing to get used to was the fact we had to speak up, share our views, discuss. Not like my schooldays of sitting and just listening to the teacher and accepting everything verbatim.
After lunch...didn't actually eat but downed a coffee.....we had a different tutor Mr. C J. who until Christmas will be teaching us Study Skills....effective reading, note taking, essay writing,making a bibliography and ORAL PRESENTATIONS!! (Don't like the sound of that!!!!) plus how to use study time effectively etc etc. Anyway that's the first of many Sociology and Study Skills tutorials out the way...still got the first Literature and History during the week.


I have plenty of reading to do, I must sort out the notes I took and then write a few paragraphs in my own words about what I feel Sociology is.
My brain was in a whirl last night so I didn't do any blogvisiting at all....I'll try and catch up with you all today or at least soon!

It would be strange for me to do a blogpost without a photo so here's one of MY MACROS!

Once again many thanks for all the supportive comments and emails.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Oh dear, that was a bit of a shambles but fortunately, in the end, the classroom was found. I hope it didn't make you feel very stressed, seeing as it was your first day.

It seems there are different ways of looking at the whole MICRO/MACRO thing. ;-)

BTW liked your pic!

Allotment Lady said...

Sounds a typical first day at college LOL

I did a floral design course for a year - and had a similar experience.

The administration of the college was a shambles - total disaster area from a student and tutors point of view.

But Ruth - you already sound vibrant and excited and full of life - so wonderful!

And think how you will feel as you progress. You will have so many new friends - so many new experiences in your college life and externally - young lady - you will go far.

And I won't mind a humanities lesson on your blog one little bit - it is so refreshing to read something different. (As apposed to my little blog which centres around my little life in my little village)

mrsnesbitt said...

Great stuff Ruth, really empathised with you!
I am sorting out some of my books so will see if there is anything which may be of interest. Yhe internet is a marvellous tool...not like when I was a lass! LOL! The great thing about sociology is you can see so many examples of what you are studying within your own village/town/country even!

Claire said...

Hey Ruth
sounds like you are enjoying college and looks like you have picked some cracking subjects!
It is funny calling the tutors by their first names and you better get use to room changes!

Are you going to post your homework?

Shaz said...

I'm with Allotment Lady on this one, I remember my irst day being very simillar & extremely tiring. Can't wait for the next installment x x x

CG said...

I agree, sounds like a typical first day at college..indeed ANY course! The course sounds interesting and I'm waiting if you want to talk about Silas Marner! You will make friends of all ages; age doesn't matter in friendship. Can't wait to hear more.

Sheila said...

Sounds very exciting Ruth.
I'm sure today will go much more smoothly.
I'm sure there are many of us who would like to go back to school, and envy you this experience.
Keep us posted on this venture.

Gledwood said...

Did you really say "oh dear" or "oh ******* ****?!?"

Gledwood said...

oh and you know macro vs micro isn't it true it happens BOTH ways round?

e.g. Germany formed and shaped and gave birth to Hitler but Hitler very much affected the Germany of his day!

Akelamalu said...

At least you'll know where to go and where the loos are next time! :)

So glad to hear your first day went well Ruth - I have a feeling you're going to love every minute honey. x

dot said...

What an interesting first day. I'm glad ya'll finally found the right room!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Never been one for schooling, or education, but I can tell enthusiasm when I see it. Enjoy!

Katya said...

Oh Ruth!!!! You had me giggling so hard, I think the family thought about commiting me to an asylum!!!

I am so glad that everything is working out well for you. It will be a new adventure, a new lifestyle, and new fun! I envy you for being able to have the fortitude to follow through on this! I know you will be so happy!

I looked at your Fuchsias a bit ago and in all truthfulness, I didn't know there were so MANY varieties!!! You are truly a wonder-gardener!!!!

Meg Wolff said...

I enjoyed reading about your day in school! You are very brave and adventurous...I bet you will have a ball! I'd like being your class mates!

Annie said...

You know, Ruth, that beautiful macros flower photo and photoblogging altogether has influenced me and the larger community of photobloggers. Tell your Sociology tutor that.

Mousie/Paisible said...

now you know all the corridors, all the rooms, all the doors, all the numbers !!!hold on darling, we are by your sides...
love from mousie





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