Sunday, 30 September 2007


I'm back

Yes I'm back; I wasn't in a position to have ALL the problems solved but at least I'm decluttered and while the computer does work it's a little faster! So much has happened since I've been "computerless". Rob (my baby boy...LOL) had a birthday;


Lynn and Steve have been holidaying in Cuba and should be back some time today; I've had to turn the central heating on once or twice; Manda and co have had stinking colds; Leanne has had an ear infection but luckily managed to have a much earned child free girly weekend and I've had 3 teeth out at the dentist (just call me Gummy...LOL);

I've handed in 2 assignments....don't know yet what the tutors thought of them; I've cleared out the shed and lined it with bubblewrap and fleece ready for the tender plant winter pack-away; I've been to the CAB re bankruptcy...once again my bereavement benefit precludes me from cheaper court charges....(that's a month or so down the line though so won't go into it); had time to watch TV and probably best of all I've been SLEEPING! I have missed you all; both your comments and reading your posts but it has certainly been of a boon not staying up till all hours or getting up at 4am to make posts and do my blogvisiting. I really feel like I've caught up on the sleep that for various reasons I've missed out on over the past few years.

I said to Manda the other day "How on earth did I care for Mick; keep the house tidy; keep the garden going; endlessly cook cookingand prepare bedrooms for visitors etc etc and still mange to keep (what was then) 6 blogs going.

Now I've only me to care for; no visitors; just 2 blogs and a college course and I feel under so much pressure! Is it this blue funk I'm in making me go soooo slow?"


Her answer "Well we always wondered how you did it Mum! Maybe you've just come back to the real world that only has 24 hours in a day!"


Now I'm back on the computer I have a lot of study research to catch up on so I'm making no idle promises that I'll manage to read ALL the posts I've missed and comment on them though I will do my best. I'm also temporarily suspending my Photo A Day blog and can't guarantee daily posts here for the time being or maybe I'll just do shorter posts....I'll see how the computer holds up......I still do feel really "blue" despite the antidepressants doubt this will ease in time. Doing the course is helping a lot and I'm enjoying "losing myself" in the studying plus the social face to face interaction with other people. We're studying the Theory of Marxism in Sociology at the moment so time for me to do some Googling now.......

Before I go though...some of you may visit Helen at Helen's Haven.......just before my computer went away I received an email from her friend Gina...sadly Helen has suffered another stroke. I have managed to email her at the hospital in Perth (what a fabulous system that is!). Any one wishing to keep up to date with Helen's progress...please visit Patra's place. I'm sure we will all be thinking of Helen and her family and wishing her a speedy recovery.


Akelamalu said...

Oh good to see you back Ruth! :)

Wow what a lot has happened in such a short time. Good to hear you've at least caught up on sleep - that the most important thing.

When MWM retired and took over the cleaning and gardening he commented on how he didn't know how I'd managed to do everything and work and he was ashamed that he'd let me do it! It's not until you don't have to do everything that you realise just how much you did do! We're SUPERWOMEN obviously.

Glad you're enjoying the course, we'll see you when we see you. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Great to see you back Ruth. I too stopped my photo a day and my gardening blog and now just have my main blog, it is so much easier to manage and I dont podt everyday.

I have been very very busy in the garden this weekend and am just waiting to have a bath then relax time....with a wine! LOL!


dot said...

Ruth, you are an amazing woman to have done all that! I sometimes wonder why I even have one blog but I guess I just enjoy it. Good luck with the school work.

CG said...

So glad to see you back Ruth, I missed you.
I never planned to do a daily POTD blog; so I don't feel guilty if I miss a couple of days and I restrict my gardening blog to once a week.
The anti-depressants take a few weeks to kick in and then hopefully you will feel a little better. Glad you got some much needed REST!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Ruth,
As I promised I visit this blog also, I red your post and I think its good that you're studying , and therefore parttime blogging.

I' ll be doing more stuffs also besides blogging ( most people do I hope?) So I'll post also not every day, I'l understand.

Take care Ruth,I'll think about you HUGHS from JoAnn:)

Mauigirl said...

Hi Ruth, I'm just catching up after a very busy week at work. I'm glad you were able to get your computer fixed.

I can imagine it is hard to find time to do all you were doing before, especially now that you have school to deal with! But school will help keep your mind occupied, which is great.

Hang in there with the antidepressants; as someone else said, they take awhile to kick in. I'm on 'em myself and find they make a substantial difference in how I feel.

Sheila said...

It's amazing how time consuming it is, and after having a break you realise that. Don't give up on the A/D tablets, I've been on mine for over 6 weeks, and I'm still not 100%. I'm told to give it at least 8 weeks, before they take full effect.
I will keep stopping by, and check for posts, meanwhile I hope college goes well.
Take care, love and big hugs

gledwood said...

I'm glad you're back!
Did they have to reformat the disk... do that thing that involves moving coloured blocks about? (I don't know anything more about it than that... hmmm.)
If the ££ situation really gets that bad maybe you should consider going to the press you do have a story to tell and it's disgusting what they're doing to you.

Katya said...

It is good to see you, Ruth! You certainly have been a busy girl!

I am glad that things are moving right along for you..I know it must get hard sometimes, doing so much and feeling overwhelmed! Glad you are able to get some sleep! That is SO important. With the cooler weather comes better sleeping weather!

No need to feel pressured to post, Ruth. When you are so busy, it certainly is easy for those of us reading to realize that you must prioritize!!!

Libbys Blog said...

Gald to see you back in the land of blog!! Studies first then play time later. We are all with you and support you in what you do.
Love ya xxx

Shaz said...

Nice to have you back Ruth. I think Manda hit the nail on the head. Blogging should never be a chore. We'll all be here when you have time to post to us. So pleased the studying is giving you a social time outside of those four walls. We love you Ruth, hang in there.

PS HUGE hugs will be given to CJ from you x x x

Will mail you tomorrow night with all the gossip x x

Jenny said...

I'm glad to see you back. Your college course sounds so very interesting - your description a few posts back about how they don't just teach history now, they teach how historians think about history was so funny - a great laugh and so true! I went to college in the 80's, about the time that change was coming in but was still somewhat unusual - now I guess everyone teaches that way!

allotment lady said...

Glad you are back - and my you have been busy!

It does do you good sometimes to have time off from the computer.

I have just got back after 4 days away, but post-dated my daily 'bloggings' so appear whilst I was away.

It is amazing how one can get into the routine of spending hours on the computer visiting lots of blogs and updating one's own.

You are definitely doing the right thing

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello, I just found you recently and am so happy to see you have your computer back. I was on antidepressant for about 18 months after my mom died. Sometimes I think I still need them. There doesn't seem to be as much anxiety when dosed but I am tryingto get by without.
Mama Bear

Gina E. said...

Dear Ruth,
Thank you so much for your words about Helen. I've done a copy and paste of all the comments left on her blog and my blog, and am going to email them all to the hospital shortly. Ray said they have had heaps of emails for her and it has helped a lot to cheer her up.




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