Tuesday, 4 September 2007


I was so good last night and went to bed early....by 2am though I was pacing the floor full of angst and trepidation at the meeting today. Knowing how I'd baulk at the idea of walking into a room full of strangers I made sure I arrived early so that I'd be one of the first. I knocked on the Reception door and asked the young lady where I should go. "Oh dear" she said "I think you have the wrong day, you shouldn't be here till the 14th!". This didn't bode well for me; if a senior moment means I've even got the date of a meeting wrong how on earth am I going to cope with studying!!!! Thankfully the receptionist didn't just fob me off but said that she'd check with the college in Bury St Edmunds. Starting to feel quite a fool I waited while she tried to get through on the phone...then wonder of wonders....in came 2 more people for the meeting! It turned out there had been an administrative cock-up error and the course tutor was in fact on her way......relief!!!!!

By the time the tutor turned up there were 7 of us; I was definitely the oldest and when one of the women started talking about a political argument she'd had the other day with some friends I thought "OMG how am I going to fit in here...the nearest I've been to a political argument in the last 10 years is deciding whether to buy brown bread or white!" Another lady said that she'd decided to do the course because she'd applied for 13 jobs but her age had gone against her; as she was only in her late 30s it made me realise what a struggle I'm going to have as far as future employment's concerned..The tutor arrived, nice lady and very enthusiastic which started to rub off on me. She explained what the course entailed.....telling us about the different modules and the dissertation we'd be expected to do..GULP!...and then went on to tell us about former students who were now at University taking various Degrees......"WHOA" I thought "HANG ON".....let me just get through and pay for this first! She explained that there would be further costs involved as we'd have to buy various books (EBay and Amazon here I come!) but at least I've heard of George Elliot, William Blake and Shakespeare's Othello....(unlike Big Brother's winner Brian who thought Shakespeare was the director of the film Romeo and Juliet).

Despite all my worries I've enrolled, though there is one small hiccup...if the number of students enrolling doesn't reach 14 by the 14th September the course can't be held in Sudbury and we will have to go to the college at Bury St Edmunds....this would make things difficult for me due to the cost and timings of public transport...luckily one of the ladies has kindly said she is willing to give me a lift (naturally I'd give her something towards petrol) but I'd have to be prepared that illness or her dropping out of the course would affect me. Still no point worrying about that now....it may not happen.....but I do really hope that the course will take place in Sudbury rather than have to rely on someone else.

I must thank all my bogpals for their comments and emails wishing me good luck. They are so appreciated and helped get me through the door. When the course does start I know that I'm going to get quite "brain tired" and I don't want it to be money down the drain so I'm really going to have to throw myself into it 100%...it does of course mean that for a while I'll be a part-time Blogger (how some of you work/are carers, study AND blog I don't know...Claire springs to my mind....what a wonderwoman she is)...I also may have to throw in a few more Pay Per Posts....I hope you'll all bear with me!

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I had a lovely surprise on my doormat when I returned home......Mark The Greenfingered Photographer has sent me some Corncockle seeds..........they are beautifully packaged with great instructions and I'm looking forward to them flowering next year....

The front of the card has one of Mark's own photographs on it.....believe me my photo of it in no way does it justice. Mark takes some wonderful photos and he is to blame for my quest to photograph dragon and damselflies. He has made some calenders which he is selling online...if you're looking for calendars for yourself or as gifts it really would be worth dropping by his site.

Manda dropped in to let me know how her first "official" day back at work went and to see how I'd got on myself. Only first day back for the schoolchildren and she's already had to give out her first Bad Behaviour Slip!!!! Manda helps to run an "After School Club" (Homework Club) and last year 5-11 year-old children from After School Clubs across the UK were asked to draw their favourite family members and to say why they loved them. Some of the entries have now been published in a bookand Manda is thrilled that her group has a section...and some of her students work is now immortalised forever..........

Must go now there are Corncockle seeds screaming at me from the garden.....


CG said...

glad everything went well and the course sounds interesting! Fingers crossed more people enroll. Happy seed planting :)

Leanne said...

hi mum, glad your day went well and that your looking forward to the course, i know its been tough lately meeting new people but your doing so well, im really proud of you!! how nice that you recieved a gift on the doormat, as so often happens when you've not been feeling too good. well done manda on all her hard work too!! havent any credit till tomorrow so cant txt till then. love you lots xxxx

Gledwood said...

... hang on what is this? English Literature? It's so much better doing a subject like that after some experience of life... when I did it at school I hadn't a clue what any of the books were about... well I wouldn't have if the teachers hadn't told us

i don't know what you're nervous for... well i do but you shouldn't be honestly

further education is the in-thing these days seriously!

Gledwood said...

... hang on what is this? English Literature? It's so much better doing a subject like that after some experience of life... when I did it at school I hadn't a clue what any of the books were about... well I wouldn't have if the teachers hadn't told us

i don't know what you're nervous for... well i do but you shouldn't be honestly

further education is the in-thing these days seriously!

Gledwood said...

o! i found a wurzel gummidge link (it is aparently spelled "worzel" but i refuse to pander to their vulgarities) ... it is from wikipedia i think i highlighted it in purple on my yesterday's post... the accompanying photo reminds me of the precise view I used to get from my 1970s high chair of Sunday lunch at the grandparents' house!

Suzi-k said...

sounds exciting...i bet you are going to enjoy the studying once you get into it. at least you were right about the date, which is encouraging! Last time I had to go to the knee specialist i was 2 hours early, had to kill time at a nice coffee shop, what a hardship lol!

Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad the interview went well Ruth. You'll be a star pupil I can feel it in my water honey!

Obviously your college work has to come first so blog when you can. x

Audrey said...

Fingers crossed the course is held in Sudbury for you Ruth...Well done

I was the eldest in my communication course some years ago, but found out age doesnt matter as everybody has the same aim, turned out to be a bit of an agony aunt..lol and the eldest Ive come across on a course was an 80 year old lady, who was an absolute hoot..I feel sure you will enjoy studing again

Audrey said...

lol I just noticed my mistake that should read STUDYING again not studing....doh!!!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Good luk, Ruth.

Wich George Eliot is it? (Do yu kno that he was a gerl? I think that's jus weeird) cos Mummy did Mill on the Floss a few yeers ago on a corse, an sed she will send it to yu if yu like! She mite also still hav Othello. Any other books yu need? Let us kno cos we hav piles ov English Lit wuns rownd heer an to be kwite onnist, they get in the way ov my frolickin sumtimes.


RUTH said...

Thanks everyonefor your wonderful comments!
Gleds; it's Humanities and Social Sciences...sort of encompasses a bit of everything!
Auds; if there was "STUD"ing involved I'm sure there'd be more applicants...LOL
BTBear; thanks so much ....I haven't got the book list yet but will let you know when I do :o)

Shaz said...

So glad you went today Ruth & there'll always be away around travel etc. Before buying books check out the notice board at the college as previous students may be selling their books on or when I first went back to college I shared a lift with three other girls & we'd all buy different books & swap. The driver wouldn't take pay towards petrol so I'd put on a monthly "study" night at mine with free homemade food . . . .wink! As or the loudmouth, there's always an "I know it all" on every course, who usually comes-a-cropper! Good luck x x x

dot said...

Enjoyed hearing about your school adventure. I hope it works out so you don't have to travel to take the course.

david mcmahon said...

Oh, that's priceless, Ruth,

We have so much in common.

Love the story about Brian and Shakespeare.

Keep smiling


Dirty Knees said...

Hey, Ruth, I was once an adult student taking journalism with a whole class of young'uns. Hang in there!!! You'll be amazed how far your life experience will take you. You'll probably be the top of your class, or close to it.

Mark said...

Hi Ruth,
It must be comforting to the youngsters to have an older member of society with them, knowing if you can do it then so should they...and it will free up a space in the library in the Winter...lol

Glad you liked the seeds, rock on Corncockle...

Cheers Mark

mrsnesbitt said...

Ruth, when you get your book list..post it here, we will all use our own resources/forums/freecycle to find those books.


Icarus said...

Dearest Ruth. Had to tell you, this is simply the best news I have come across in ages. I did my degree as a 'mature' and it was totally brilliant. It was exactly like I had my years 18-23 all over again, but was much better equipped for studying. Never really caught up again, in fact. What Auds & Dirty Knees wrote is right. It's natural for you to feel nervous, but you'll be a star because of your experiences, because of who you are and also because you will probably be more motivated.
Don't think about where it's leading, concentrate on the studying for its own sake and you will find that it will give you more satisfaction and fulfilment than you could have imagined.
Shame it's not my old London days - I could guarantee you every book you will need. But there will still be plenty of ways round it, be assured.
I hope I can help more when the time comes.
Big kisses. And thanks!!

RUTH said...

Shaz; the study night's a great idea...will force me to keep up with dusting too...LOL

Thanks Dot...:o)

David; shame your book's not on the reading list!

Dirty Knees; it's good to hear of other "mature" students; thanks

Mark; your remark made me realise I'll be saving on my own heating bills through the Winter....the College with be warming my poor old bones...LOL

RUTH said...

Icarus; where have you been hiding? Good to hear from you! Thanks for your support and good advice....I thought back to my years between 18-23 and I was having babies, washing nappies and having sleepless nights!!!! The experience of sleepless nights may come in handy.......LOL
R xxxxx

Dirty Butter said...

Oh, I'm so glad for you that you've gotten past this first scary hurdle. I went back after just 10 years being out of college to get my Master's Degree, and it scared the willies out of me. You'll do just fine, and you'll enjoy reading all those wonderful books, too. Be sure to check out Alibris when you look for books, as well as Amazon and eBay.

Helena said...

Hi Ruth,

Bob's right, BTW, we have lots of English Lit books, so do let us know when you get that reading list!

I went back to full time Ed in 2003, at Hillcroft Women's college in Surrey. It was great: 6 months, residential, all paid for by a bursary. Didn't even have to pay for lunch!

I left school as soon as I could. Too many bullies (and most of them on the teaching staff!) but always felt I'd let myself down, not staying for A levels. And a certain "friend" is always way too willing to rub it in when I see her. Well, the Hillcroft course gave me a certificate that's higher than A levels. My friend hasn't mentioned it since.

When I realised I'd done it, actually completed it, it was like I was fizzy inside and walking on air!

Stick to it, no matter what, if only for that feeling!

Good luck!!

Allotment Lady said...

Well done you - I have every confidence that you will 'fly' from now on - and that course will be a piece of cake for you.

Mauigirl said...

Good luck in your course! You'll do great!





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