Friday, 7 September 2007


As usual when I went through my photos from last month there were some tucked away in my BLOG THESE folder that never quite made before they get filed away into the "Folder Of Obscurity" I'm giving them their 5 minutes of fame.

Amazing Gracie has kindly presented me with this

I think Gracie herself deserves an "I kept my cool" award after reading her latest Bear adventure!!!!!!

Shaz has written a brilliant post "NO OFFENCE INTENDED" about the difficulties that can arise doing tags, memes, accepting and giving awards; as I've mentioned before when I start my college course I really am going to have to throw myself into it 100% so my blog too will have this is my sidebar.............

I urge anyone who is having similar angst about memes, tags and awards to read Shaz's post and the positive comments she's received.


Ruby in Bury said...

I just read Shaz's post and I know exactly what she means. I have only ever responded to one tag, and it exhausted me, LOL!!

Shaz said...

Thanks Ruth. I was pleased at the amount of positive comments & feel so much better about my future bloggin', as like you, I'm gonna have to pull my belt in with a new job on the horizin & already signed up to two back to back professional development courses via the new job as well as wanting to do my Digi Photography! Did I tell you I have the pattern for knitting extra hours for the day!!!

Shaz said...

PS Ruth, I've also found a couple of new Blog reads via the comments, better than any tag . . . .lol

Naturegirl said...

I see that you love the morning glory as I do! That speckled lily is stunning!! Certainly a showstopper!!
hugs NG

CG said...

Lovely photos and well done on another award!

mrsnesbitt said...

A great idea! I will be putting this in my blog later. A busy day here as you know, but will put it there.


dot said...

Ruth and Shaz, thank you both for taking a stand on this. I'm adding it to my blog.

Crystal said...

It really depends on how you view the tags/memes. If you're just here blogging for fun and could care less about traffic/page rank/etc - then you will either:

- hate them cause they aren't your thing
- love them cause they give you a chance to interact with other blogs

If you are a blogger who uses blogging as part of your business/income - you should view tags/memes as a positive thing. Yes, they take time and effort but they show that people are reading your and they give you a chance to show some link love to the blogs you enjoy as well.

RUTH said...

I do understand what you mean Crystal but if the time spent tagging etc means I don't have time to use my blog as my online diary (which allows my girls and friends to see what I've been up to) then it defeats the object of my having a blog.
I don't use it primarily for an income but rather as a place for social and friendly interaction.

Gledwood said...

i got tagged about 3 times when i was having dreadful landlord troubles... to be quite honest when i tried to find out later what the tags had been by trawling back thru my comments i still couldn't find them so i expect i've mortally offended at least 3 people but there we are...

do you want a go on my new voting box?

i set up a questionnare on my sight do people want big youtube screens on it any more

allotment lady said...

Fantastic photos - and great to read shaz's blog

Akelamalu said...

I read Shaz's post and so agree with her, especially now my blogging days are reduced.

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Ruth...Was not sure how to get back to you. Sorry to post "off the topic". Got your post last week, so decided to add an easy bean recipe for you for my "monday recipe" post tomorrow (9-10-07). Thanks for commenting!

Mauigirl said...

I can understand - the tags thing can be sort of like getting a chain letter. I'm never sure who to tag after I've been tagged, and am hesitant, wondering whether they'll appreciate it or be annoyed.

I prefer to share the "link love" in other ways, by writing a post about a good blog I've been reading lately, and link to it, or other similarly spontaneous things.




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