Wednesday, 28 February 2007


Look at this!!!'s finally stopped raining and blue skies ahead. We can't stay indoors in this weather so no tea today.

We'll take the hip flask just in case of emergencies!

That's good the sun is slowly creeping down as far as the pond. The frogs will like that.

I don't believe this...the phantom rubbish dumpers have been at work again! The dustmen haven't taken it so I guess it's going to mean numerous phone calls to the Fly Tipping Dept. to get it cleared.

Must have a look at my friend, Sue's Camellia. She is very proud that hers is out before our white one. Guess who pointed it out to her though!

Her trough of snowdrops and hyacinth is doing well too.

So nice to get out into the open air.

And look at the sky now..........lovely!.........and feeling quite warm.

I do like nosing at other people's gardens

Nice heather in bloom over this wall.

Looks like the council are taking down more trees. I know it's a shame to see them cut down but when the council planted them umpteen years ago I don't think they'd allowed for growth. There have been a lot of problems for some houses as the tree roots are getting into the footings. I'll point out the one outside our house when we get back home.

They are ruining the pavements too. Not very wheelchair friendly!

Look at this cat snuggled up in the Forsythia; almost missed that.

It so difficult to get along these small pavements with all the brambles sticking out. If they grow much more - which they will- poor Mick's legs will be cut to ribbons. I may have to start carrying secateurs with me. You may laugh but we know from last year that these brambles never get cut back.

Now this dumped rubbish would be handy if we could get it home. Just imagine that filled with chamomile or thyme. What a fragrant garden seat that would be.

These little daffs are coming out nicely; last year they got mown off before they came into flower. Heartbreaking!

They may be a lawn grower's nightmare but I love seeing Daisies in the grass.

Really warming up now; and this last stretch home is all UPHILL.

Phew that's handy. We spotted Manda on her way back from a meeting at Nicole's school. Just in time to do the uphill push.

Now you see the tree next to the lamp post......that's our front garden and house to the left of it. It's a council owned tree on council land but we have to pay extra house insurance because of it!

Well thanks for joining us. It was nice to have company. Let's hope the good weather continues; may get a sit in the garden soon!
Don't forget to pop over to Claire's; she is growing herbs for the Great Pip Challenge and is having some good results.


A wildlife gardener said...

I really enjoyed that walk, Ruth! You are having lovely weather today whereas we are overcast and windy, but my wonderful sister is with me for the afternoon, so I don't mind the weather!

talj said...

Oh Ruth, it's so lovely to get out and about with you!! It is raining here and I am without company for a couple of weeks now so todays little trip out with you has been great! :o)

Good to see Manda appearing just at the right time!! Really made me chuckle ;o)

{{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Mick

CG said...

I really enjoyed the walk too, Ruth, thanks for taking me along :)

Gledwood said...

It really reminds me of some of the places I grew up your area ...

have you any idea who those flytippers are?? Why do they feel the need to slop the stuff all over YOUR street?? Why not just hide a bit at a time in different bins or even just rubbish bags? I don't get that..? I suppose people are just laZZZy!

You printed up some lovely atmospheric fotos as always Ruth. I'm glad you liked the ones of the horses, dogs and nature I referred to yesterday... notice when I said it must have been in Britain and Ireland ... I didn't notice till later looking at the KEEP OUT /whatever it was sign: of course it was in ENGLISH so I was probably right. We are so lucky to live in this GREEN and STILL (mostly) PLEASANT LAND Of Ours...!!!

Vic Grace said...

What a lovely idea to share your walk. I enjoyed the flowers. My crocuses and daffs etc will not be up until mid June. We are in 2B as far as climates go and our summer is quite short. I especially love the spring flowers and I miss them. We are building a solarium and hope to have a selection of spring flowers coming up in there by this time next year.

Sharon Lynne said...

I enjoyed the walk! Quite creative of you to take us all along! If you want an early preview of Daffodils, I photographed mine. They opened up about 10 days ago. (Go one post back to see them.)

Everyone here is commenting on our "cold weather". It has been in the 50's (and windy) during the day, and we have snow on our local mountains. Surely, we do not know what REAL COLD is!

I had a wonderful on your blog today!

UKBob said...

I know what you mean about the trees but as far as the insurance goes who's the worse the council for having the tree or the insurance people for being such scrounging parasites. In these days when people are being encouraged to be environmentally friendly you would think insurance comapnies would be discouraged to charge extra for living near a tree.




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