Sunday, 4 February 2007


I get so irritated when I see a beautiful sunset partly hidden by the houses in the way. There is just a small "window" down the pavement that I can see. I tried last night zooming as far as I couLd to try and capture the "out of reach" sunset; trying to keep my hand as steady as I could (the slightest wobble results in one big blur) I managed to get this. It's no way as good as I could see with my naked eye but it's the best I could do.

high zoom This morning is really foggy. Mick is still fast asleep and it's 8.30 so we will be having a late start today. I'm hoping the fog will lift and that maybe we can get out later; though it's very cold and there's been a frost again.
foggy Still 3 hours of gardening on BBC Kent Radio this morning so that will help abate my gardening withdrawal symptoms.


Elsie said...

I have send you e-mail with the recipes,

I read a good tip in one of my photography courses the other day.
Try holding your breath to still your body and only press the shutter button halfway down, then when you are focusing on the pic, press it down all the way and release your breath as well.
This seems silly, but it really works sometimes - you can actually "see" how the camera focuses on the object
Have a nice day

Ruby in Bury said...

I like your misty pic! It's a bit cold grey and miserable here in Bury today - I'm hoping it clears up as they're having the cattle market site open day today and I need to go and look for builders bums, ER, I MEAN, I need to go and look at the fine historical and ancient sites that are being uncovered (that could still be some of the builders' bums, couldn't it, LOL!). Hope you have a good day, Ruby xx

RUTH said...

Thanks for the tip Elsie; will try that next time.
Ruby; waiting with anticipation to see your photos of the ancient sites......hopefully any BB photos will be nice, young , pert sights!!!...LOL

LittleJen said...

popped in to say hi, nice sunset photo.
Have a great week.

gledwood said...

Hi I left a message at Ezi-gifts but her comments are moderated so you wouldn't be able to see it. It's still there (candles, bowls of wheatgermy things etc) ... Maqira's blog had such an intriguing run-in in English... and then it is all in Portuguese!!! I was trying to direct her to yours the most ... bc of langauge issues. I did love the illustrated poem at the top.

Anonymous said...

PS Are you THAT near to BM's farms? I thought they were in Norfolk or has he got loads of them?

Ooer I will pray for you then.

gledwood said...

That was ME. Eeeeejut computer took my return for a "print this now" not new paragraph.

Now it has made me loose my thoughttrain.

Ah! This was it. Haven't you noticed how LITTLE hysteria has arisen >???? I find that a little odd.

RUTH said...

GW; the problem's not with the gifts blog it's with her recipe blog. Did you try that?
The farm is in Suffolk.Here's a snippet of ITV website;
Britain has been struck with its first outbreak of the potentially deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu at a farm in Suffolk.

Tests have confirmed the dangerous form of avian flu on a Bernard Matthews farm in Suffolk, following an outbreak in which more than 2,000 birds died.

Gledwood said...

OK you mean ezi-edible gifts (as opposed to ezi gifts galore?) if i'm wrong i'm sorry you'd better start again send me the right url. i left a message there too ...

gledwood said...

No I can't... the blue bar at the side just won't slip down any further, there's about 3 things on that page and that's all it will show ...

gledwood said...

nothing before 30th jan,sorry

Elsie said...

Thanks for asking Gledwood to also have a look, Ruth. He also told me that he cannot see the older posts.
I truly do not know what is wrong.
I will go to Blogger's Help Group and ask them to also view, maybe somebody will know what is wrong.

Did you receive your e-mail with the recipes?


Women on the Verge said...

It snowed like the dickens last night... even more to melt before I can get at my gardens... sigh

By the way... where did you get the babel fish thingy??? I think I'd like to add that to the blog...

Women on the Verge said...

Loved the bit about your son in your comment to my post! That is EXACTLY what I feared my daughter would do!!!

Deb said...

Lovely pics (and blog)...I think I'll enjoy it here.

(After reading your profile, we have a lot in common. I'm terribly sorry about your husband - I'm going through exactly the same with my mother right now. And my (ex) husband and I had been soulmates and, if it wasn't for the drink (and the monster it created in him) we'd still be together...from the time we were 14. My Dad's a wonderful gardener and I'm picking up some great techniques from him....just thought I'd let you know this because when I read your profile I "connected" with you. Take care!)

Elsie said...

I think the problem lies with Internet Explorer.

I have the same problem when viewing from there, but in Mozilla Firefox which I use all is fine.

Even your blogs look different when I view it in Explorer.

Now I will have to find out how to solve this problem

Wish me luck

talj said...

Lovely sunset photo!! :o) Hope you have had a good weekend :o)

Pat said...

Ruth, the sunsets and sunrises are similar where I live. It really is irritating. Someday, I'll just have to get dressed and drive to a nice area---somewhere-- and try to capture a sunrise without houses.

When I drove my dear husband to dialysis every other day for several years, I used to take the odd sunrise shot out in the country on our way to the city for his treatment and that was lovely.




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