Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Very cold this my standards anyway. I say that because from some of the comments I get and during my Blogarounds I find so many places in the world that are -10 to -20! frosty carThe sound of window scraping rang through the air as neighbours attempted to clear their windscreens before setting off to work
sunriseBut as the sun rose the frost soon melted and indoors, "behind glass" our living room seems lovely and warm.icy skating please!Outside though, where our pond is in the shade, there is still a sign of the frozen water. I'm glad I've left the pump running and popped a spare cloche over one end I don't want our poor fish gasping for air!

I had a little Blogaround while Mick was having his after breakfast doze; visiting a few blogs of "new" commenters. I came across one that also had an art blog. Now I'm not particularly artistic as far as painting or drawing goes; but I do enjoy looking at other peoples works. My favourite well known artist is William Blake.Dragons..W. Blake Our friend Fran once gave me a booklet of Blake reproduction postcards....well I'm never going to have the real thing am I? Back to what I was saying; I found Salix Trees art blog. Her work is breathtaking and particularly appeals to me. I'll just show you one example here but please go and look at the others she has posted.Taranis Sleeps....magical!

Isn't it beautiful? Her art blog is SALIX ART.

While I'm on the subject of art; if you haven't already seen it please check out my plea...Art, Art, Wherefore art thou Art

sweet and yummy

I did some cooking this morning; one way of warming up the kitchen! I had a jar of Strawberry and Champagne Conserve in the cupboard that we received in a hamper at Christmas. I thought I try some of it in the base of a Bakewell tart well baked bakewell

It'll go down nicely at lunchtime.

ginger potted up

I also potted up the ginger that had starting shooting for the PIP Challenge.

It's some way behind Libby's but I'm sure it will take off now it's in the daylight.

This is Libby's ginger; click on the photo to visit her Woodlands blog.


talj said...

Beautiful photos today Ruth!It seems everywhere is cold today except here....or maybe I got up too late to notice!!! :o)

Nicole said...

It's freezing here as well! I love that ginger picture. I'm going to try and grow some later this year once we're back in Australia.

RUTH said...

talj; glad you had a lie
nicole;you should have no trouble growing it in Australia...hear it's really hot there at the moment.

Elsie said...

I received your request for the pillow box template, having trouble with msn at the moment, but will keep trying to send it.

I do love your thermometer. Is that what it is called, seems it is outside in the garden?

Lovely pics as always


Gledwood said...

Ruth! Win a fantastic prize on my horrorscope comp!! Hurry round now!!!



RUTH said...

elsie; don't worry there's no rush. I had problems with mine this morning.
gw; glad you realise finally that I'm still young enough to RUSH anywhere!...LOL

gledwood said...

They've been spraying our streets with salt & grit to stop pensioners falling over ... the air is so crispy you can 'bite' it (but not b4 it bites you!!)

grrr I knew someone would guess where that horrorscope came from!!!! thanx for not telling tho.


gledwood said...

o I didn't see that comment just one above ... rush anywhere ?... well you can on our pensioner-friendly pavements!!

Elsie said...

I have send the e-mail from msn, but do not know if the attachment is ok.
Watch out for another one from ElsievanRooyen (personal address) though.

Stay well


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Ruth - just found you via "The Estate Gardener" - love your blog. I am going through major gardening withdrawl here outside of Chicago - today is our first day above 0 degrees in over a week or so.
I'll add you to my links.

Gledwood said...

Hi I've found another person who got tagged by that 6 weird things ..... variousmutterings.blogspot ... just thought I'd enlighten you with that ...




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