Monday, 19 February 2007


No I'm not spreading weed killer about; this ROUND UP is just to catch up on all the things that had been happening last week that I never got around to putting in my blog posts. Quite a few photos but not too much to read....
pour yourself a cupthe coffee's brewing so settle down and have a look

The little bit of sunshine we had during the week has crept down the garden far enough so that some of the crocuses are opening.

We have a new duck family on our pond since we went into town.

Amaryllis bulbs were going cheap so I couldn't resist buying a couple. They are nice and firm and a good size.

I've potted them up leaving about 1/3 of their bulb showing above the compost.

My "Swiss army" secateurs that I got for Christmas are invaluable for indoor houseplant gardening.

The Alpine strawberry seeds, that were contained in what looked like a match book, have started to germinate.

Jack-in-the-pulpit is coming through well in the garden.

Various tulips all over the garden and in pots are peeking out of the soil.

The Osteospurnum cuttings I potted up are looking well.

Time for another cuppa I reckon
milk or cream and maybe a biscuit?

I've printed out a few of my sky photos so that we have a change of pictures on our walls.

The second flower stem of the "forgotten" Amaryllis is ready to bloom.

The pink Hellabores are now in flower. Still waiting for the bud to open on my seedling one but I think it's going to be quite dark.

The cress is ready for some "egg and cress" sandwiches.

The "Great Pip Challenge" orange seedlings are still alive.

One of the Bletilla bulbs I planted on Valentine's Day is already shooting.

UNBELIEVABLY there is a shoot on the Avocado stone I planted for "The Great Pip Challenge"

Well that's about it. Just leave your empty cup on the side; I'll wash it up later; oh and take that last biscuit if you like; it will give you the energy to pop over to There Are A Million Stories; every comment you leave will raise 50p for a cause close to my heart..........and all it will cost you is a few minutes of your time..

P.S. I am having a lot of computer problems at the moment so if I suddenly disappear one day...........I'LL BE BACK!


Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth Just come in for a cuppa have been a very busy lady, doing all that potting and look forward to more photo's as they grow.(((HUgs))to you and Mick.

talj said...

Hey Ruth! So many plants! I can't wait till I am well again and I can get some little plants on my balcony!! :o) {{{BIG HUGS}}} to you and Mick! Thinking of you all :o)

Pat said...

Ohhh, Ruth! I enjoyed my CUPS of coffee while looking at your piccies!

I have a lovely Jack-in-the-Pulpit in my front garden. I must get more photos of it. I'll let you know.

Enjoy that amaryllis...

BUT...what I was very interested in was your Swiss Army dohinkie! I want one!

gledwood said...

Those crocuses look amazing: did you think that too? Also the "hellabores"... not sure I'd ever really heard of them b4...

gledwood said...

Does hellabores mean meating a dull person at a dinner party in Latin?

RUTH said...

Gleds; that's brilliant....LOL

ladyluz said...

Love your chatty, interesting style, Ruth and I'll be popping back for a cuppa whenever I can get out of my garden.

The sky photos are terrific.

Libbys Blog said...

Lots going on here Ruth! Oranges and avocado coning along nicely!! I'm sorry to say I'm a bit disappointed with the biscuits I was hoping for one of your fresh muffins!!!!! lol!!!

RUTH said...

Glad to see all those biscuits got eaten......I'll make muffins next time libby.

Carole said...

Hi Ruth, im a keen gardener too.Your garden looks lovely.I have just had an op so cant do much at the moment,but im looking forward to getting out there in the spring. Have you spoken to Stewart lately.
Best wishes to you and your family. xxx

RUTH said...

Hi Carole; I hadn't realised you enjoyed gardening too. Hope the op was successful and that you will soon be back to good health. Coincidentally enough an email from Stewart came in to me this evening. I think things are difficult for him at the moment. Such a pity you don't have a blog that I could reply on as I have to hope you look back into this comment box for a reply. Maybe when you contact Stewart next you could get him to give you my email address. I won't put it here publicly as sometimes it can result in a lot of junk mail if the wrong person sees it. Not that I would accuse any of my regular blogfriends of anything like that...they are great people all of them




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