Friday, 9 February 2007


daybreak Almost all the snow has melted now and the day started quite foggy it didn't deter the sun from breaking through though; I find sunrises quite romantic. H.H.W. Longfellow starts his poem; Sunrise on the Hills;

I stood upon the hills, when heaven's wide arch

Was glorious with the sun's returning march,

And woods were brightened, and soft gales

Went forth to kiss the sun-clad vales.

I'm starting to notice how often I mention the weather in my posts; quite strange for someone who doesn't actually get outside much!! I wonder is it because I'm a stereotypically British person or is it because I'm a gardener?..........probably a mixture of both!!
another bud!
My forgotten Amaryllis is now sending up another flower stem!......It must have been under so much stress that it decided "I must procreate"!
my new profile pic
I took this close-up photo of one of its flowers, the stamens show up quite well, the poor stigma got chopped off though...ouch..; I loved it so much I decided to use it for my picture when I if you see an Amaryllis Ruth in your comment boxes instead of a Butterfly Ruth it is me!

piggy back? Speaking of procreation... look what I saw in the bottom of the pond today; luckily the water is so clear at the moment I managed to get a reasonable photo although the two cavorting frogs were right at the bottom; I guess Spring IS in the air.
green fly The cold weather doesn't seemed to have deterred the aphids;.....can you see all these greenfly on the new shoots of our Ernest Morse Rose; I'm afraid their sex life got ruined as they were soon squished!

seagulls on the move I'm persevering with my attempts to get a decent shot of birds; Icarus gave me some useful advice that I'm attempting to follow but I think this is about the best I'm going to do as my little camera doesn't have a very fast shutter speed. These seagulls seem to be well inland at the moment...I guess they are getting hungry and hunting for food to build their strength up before the mating season begins!

Right I'm going to look through the TV magazine now....there's got to be a nice romantic film on to watch on one of the channels................
love is in the air


Jeanette said...

hi Ruth nice sunrise. Your Amaryllis is so Vivid red and your pond is very clear looks like the frogs having fun init

Gledwood said...

How inconvenient having to do it underwater. Don't they get COLD??

Anyway I've found another Portuguese blog. I didn't give your name. But i think the pixx are wonderful & lovely music. I wish I could read the poems. I really do.

Well this is the url:

RUTH said...

gw; thanks will have a look later; busy with housework at the mo. Re; the frogs.......they're cold blooded so probably don't actually FEEL the cold...mind you the gang bangs they have I reckon they're pretty HOT....LOL
jeanette; thanks for popping over from sunny Australia.....waiting to see some frog spawn now but it's a bit early yet I think.

Lou Correia said...

Good day, Ruth! Debtor for its visit to my “Life and Poetry”! I was happy for having appreciated “the butterflies”… rsrsr...
To understand everything that is written, as well as the poetries, a suggestion: It translates this page and any another content, for the language that you to desire, using:

Light and happy life for you!
I hug, Lou.

talj said...

Lovely images Ruth! Glad you made good use of the snow while it lasted!! :o)

Sheila said...

Flowers, frog sex, and birds...quite the biology lesson today Ruth.. All interesting as always.!
That flower is the most amazing red.
Thanks for the kind wishes today..xx

LittleJen said...

They are lovely photos, the frog looks like its comfy in its new home.

Women on the Verge said...

Bulging stamen, gang-banging frogs...I do believe I need a cold shower...and my husband sends his thanks ;-)


RUTH said...

E; glad hubby approves ...they don't call me Dr Ruth for nothing...LOL




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