Friday, 16 February 2007


I've got a new toy to play with..............a brand new vacuum cleaner!!!......I've been wanting a new one for some time now. My little one was fine when Mick and I hardly spent any time in the living room. If we weren't working we would be out in the garden....but now that almost all our time is spent in the living room I needed something more efficient. Although I vacuum everyday (well most days) I'm always conscious of the noise it makes and figure if there has to be noise then I may as well make sure that the noise is worth it! I couldn't afford to spend LOADSA money and came across a special offer in one of my catalogues.

It's a triple pack; vacuum cleaner, hand held cleaner and carpet shampooer. I decided to take the plunge and buy it. The hand held will be so useful for all those crumbs that occur when I'm feeding Mick and also all his skin sheddings that occur due to his immobility and dehydration. The shampooer is a bonus; in the past we have once a year hired a cleaner to do our carpets but that's impracticable now due to the time constraints. You have to hire them for a specific 24/48 hours and collect and return them. Also at the moment I wouldn't be able to clear a room completely and do the whole job at one go; this will be handy as I can just do some of the small areas around Mick's bed; there are often food and body "spillages" circumstances being what they are.
I guess things have changed a bit since I bought anything electrical like this because it was SELF ASSEMBLY!!! I've often put together flat-pack furniture but FLAT-PACK was new to me.
The hand held was no problem; just plug it in and charge it up. I unpacked the vacuum cleaner box and these pieces were inside;

the instructions were fairly easy to follow; the snag came when it said "you will need to use a screwdriver" do you remember that cupboard under the stairs that I intended to clear out and DIDN'T...............well guess where we keep the toolboxes????????? The cupboard now looks even more of a mess as I threw things all over placing searching for the screwdriver.

Screwdriver eventually found I finished the task............remembering to save the ties (very handy in the garden)

and the plug covering

(three small bamboo canes inserted into the holes and hey presto instant mini obelisk for small house plants!)

The finished article works beautifully; easy to push and great suction! It made me realise how inefficient my old one was as despite having vacuumed the day before this is the amount of dirt that came off the carpet in the living room!

Now I've got to put the carpet shampooer together or maybe I should clear out that cupboard..............decision, decisions........... if only it was warm and sunny outside and I could follow the advice of my little kitchen helper



Women on the Verge said...

Ahhh yes, don't you just love those do-it-yourself appliance assemblies? You deserve a great big round of applause!!!!

I had to get a new cleaner recently too. I'll never forget when I used it for the first time and called out to my daughters, "Hey look, the carpet under the kitchen table is GREEN!!!"

Your comment about the ties made me smile. I have a large baggie filled with them to use in the garden... they work especially well staking up the tomatoes :-)


RUTH said...

E; half the reason I can't get into that under-the-stairs- cupboard is because it's so full of "STUFF THAT MAY BE USEFUL ONE DAY" which means I can't find the "STUFF THAT WOULD BE USEFUL TODAY":-}

talj said...

oooh what a lovely vaccum cleaner!! I wouldn't be without my dyson!! lol :o)

Gledwood said...

O wow we need a new vacuum cleaner too as Laundretta kicked ours down the stairs. She said it hit the ceiling like a football... I really need to hoover my floor with it too... thankfully it is bagless. The biggest bag in our house is Laundretta!

UKBob said...

I'm no expert on vacuum cleaners but that new one of yours looks like its very powerful the way it sucked up all that extra dirt Ruth. I think given todays weather even I would choose to stay home and do the vacuuming as it's been pretty horrible outside. Bob.

RUTH said...

I've never been a fairweather gardener but sometimes when I read about all the work you do in all weathers.....I'm glad I have the choice whether to stay inside or not.

RUTH said...

GW; tut tut....poor Laundretta and poor hoover too.

Libbys Blog said...

I love the 'Gardening is better than housework'!!! Sign, so very true!!

Libbys Blog said...

PS don't forget to put your plug covering tip, on the garden tips blog!




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