Thursday, 22 February 2007


With all the excitement of yesterday I never got around to posting about our trip out yesterday; so have a cuppa,

help yourself to a muffin (especially for Libby) and make yourself comfy.

The weather was a little daunting first thing and waterproofs were at the ready.

The raindrops on our Sorbus berries looked lovely though.

Mother Nature looked kindly on us though and just before we were about to leave the sun started to shine.

Mick & I were on our own for this trip and that makes it a little harder shooping. I have to try and carry baskets or push trolleys as well as push Mick. Unfortunately many of the gangways were too small for me to get Mick down them so I had to keep running off, picking up items and bringing them back to show him.

I've been meaning to repair the plastic cover on our little greenhouse for some time now. I was really pleased to see these replacement covers for will save me a job...and the fleece one will be so handy for when I'm hardening off the busy lizzies etc.

There wasn't much plant wise this time of year that we wanted. The trip was mainly to buy plant feeds and the suchlike; but I couldn't resist a pack of Galtonia Candicans bulbs (Summer Hyacinth)....we'll find a space for them somewhere!!!!!

If we had the space I'm sure a few more of these packs would have gone in the trolley!

Luckily in the outside area there was more space in the aisles, so Mick could get a bit more "up close and personal".


Although we weren't officially plant hunting we had to have a look at the "reduced to clear" just in case something there was screaming out for a bit of TLC. Most of the plants we either had or looked past saving.................................

however this "Multiblue" clematis and an "Unknown" one looked ike they stood a chance. At 25p a pot we couldn't resist them; I mean you can never have TOO MANY Clematis can you? I'll pot them up and grow them on before I actually put them in the garden.

The bright coloured Primroses are very nice but I do love these more natural looking ones. I just about managed to resist them!

By now the sky was a clear blue; weren't we lucky!

We had a look at the Rhodos; Mick always like to compare how healthy his three at home look compared to the ones in a garden centre.

We have a lot of fairy ornaments in our garden.......just had to buy this little cutie.

I left Mick looking at this double water butt feature while I went to pick up a bag of compost.

Once upon a time I would have baulked at lifting a 100 litre bag; caring for Mick has certainly built up my muscles as I have no problem now!

We got home safe and sound and I'm pleased that the new greenhouse cover fitted.

Well I see all the muffins have gone so I'm off to the kitchen to make egg and cress sandwiches for lunch. Then this afternoon I'll pot up the Clematis and the Galtonia bulbs.
Have a good day all!


UKBob said...

Hi Ruth, glad to see you having a nice trip out and that you managed to find a couple of bargins. Its not much of a gardening day here today. Despite the thermometer saying it's reasonably mild I think it's lying because it feel quite cold.

Sylvia said...

The pictures and account are very nice. Like being there with you.

talj said...

Hey Ruth, what a great trip you had! I too get very frustrated with the width of aisles and things, some places have no consideration! Love the greenhouse cover, its looking excellent!! {{{BIG HUGS}}} for you and Mick :o)

Jacquie said...

What a lovely day out - thanks for the muffins!

I am not much of a gardener though I do enjoy visiting gardens and garden centres a lot.

Someone has kindly given me some Romanescu cauliflower seeds and I am scared that I will not be able to grow them and will let her down. I will do my best though!

Libbys Blog said...

I didn't eat them all!!!! Honest!! Looks like you had a lovely time though!!

Allotment Lady said...

What a great trip out you had, and I bet Mick loved every minute of it. All those smells, sounds, and colours and textures - you had so much fun despite the thoughtlessness of small aisles.

There is nothing wrong with those clematis is there? Sprouting already and I didn't know that you can get fleece cover for the green houses. I have a little one like yours, so will need to take a trip out to a big garden centre

Unlike Mick, Pat does not like garden centres and if he has to come with me to get lots of bags of compost when it is on special offer, he sits in the cafe with a coffee whilst I get a man to load it up in the car!

So you have inspired me to take time out myself.

(And Libby is watching watch she eats so don't you keep leading her astray) LOL

RUTH said...

Lottie; just make sure you have Pat's credit card &
Fresh fruit for Libby next time!

Nicole said...

That looks like a fabulous day! I love looking at all the plants you have on the blog.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Ruth!
I'm not sure which is your 'main' blog, but I dropped by to let you know that I would be honored to have you be part of the Blogger Over 50 blogroll.

Just tell me which url you want me to list, and make sure you have either a linked "over 50" image [that will link back to the blogroll page] or the javascript that you find on the main blogroll blog, somewhere on your sidebar.

When you have that done, and you know which one you'd like me to use for the url on the blogroll...I'll add you. Just let me know either on my own personal blog, or the blogger over 50--in the comments.

Nice to meet you. You can go back to the underlined link I left in this comment. :o)

gledwood said...

Hi Ruth I've just been given this link for Turkish cookery in English. The recipes look really good:



Mother Marlene said...

Hi Ruth, I hopped over from Women on the Verge and found this an absolutely wonderful blog! I love gardening and am glad to see that the rest of the world is starting to bloom even though here in Upstate NY, USA we are still under about a 1 1/2 ft of snow!
Thanks for the muffin!




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