Wednesday, 28 February 2007


UKBOB was asking about a picture of the upward facing Fuchsias; these are all I have to hand at the moment and really don't do them justice;






Others we have had but no photos; Waltz jubleteen, Cherry, Nici's Finding
J.Parker have quite a good photo on their HERE for a look.


Look at this!!!'s finally stopped raining and blue skies ahead. We can't stay indoors in this weather so no tea today.

We'll take the hip flask just in case of emergencies!

That's good the sun is slowly creeping down as far as the pond. The frogs will like that.

I don't believe this...the phantom rubbish dumpers have been at work again! The dustmen haven't taken it so I guess it's going to mean numerous phone calls to the Fly Tipping Dept. to get it cleared.

Must have a look at my friend, Sue's Camellia. She is very proud that hers is out before our white one. Guess who pointed it out to her though!

Her trough of snowdrops and hyacinth is doing well too.

So nice to get out into the open air.

And look at the sky now..........lovely!.........and feeling quite warm.

I do like nosing at other people's gardens

Nice heather in bloom over this wall.

Looks like the council are taking down more trees. I know it's a shame to see them cut down but when the council planted them umpteen years ago I don't think they'd allowed for growth. There have been a lot of problems for some houses as the tree roots are getting into the footings. I'll point out the one outside our house when we get back home.

They are ruining the pavements too. Not very wheelchair friendly!

Look at this cat snuggled up in the Forsythia; almost missed that.

It so difficult to get along these small pavements with all the brambles sticking out. If they grow much more - which they will- poor Mick's legs will be cut to ribbons. I may have to start carrying secateurs with me. You may laugh but we know from last year that these brambles never get cut back.

Now this dumped rubbish would be handy if we could get it home. Just imagine that filled with chamomile or thyme. What a fragrant garden seat that would be.

These little daffs are coming out nicely; last year they got mown off before they came into flower. Heartbreaking!

They may be a lawn grower's nightmare but I love seeing Daisies in the grass.

Really warming up now; and this last stretch home is all UPHILL.

Phew that's handy. We spotted Manda on her way back from a meeting at Nicole's school. Just in time to do the uphill push.

Now you see the tree next to the lamp post......that's our front garden and house to the left of it. It's a council owned tree on council land but we have to pay extra house insurance because of it!

Well thanks for joining us. It was nice to have company. Let's hope the good weather continues; may get a sit in the garden soon!
Don't forget to pop over to Claire's; she is growing herbs for the Great Pip Challenge and is having some good results.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Quickly come on in out of that rain...can't believe you made the journey over here in this weather. The tea's poured so sit yourself down.

Try some of the cake I made for Manda or, if you're dieting, have some fresh fruit instead.

Isn't the weather dismal here at the moment. Mick & I spent a very brief spell out in the garden yesterday but we soon had to hightail it back inside.

It did give me a quick chance to take a look in the shed-cum-greenhouse. The cannas are looking ok...even a few new shoots coming up. I'll be bringing them inside as soon as I can wangle some space! We've four more pots like this and a trough of them.

I was happily surprised to see that the pelargonium cuttings (from last September) I'd left in there were actually alive. Usually I would have brought them indoors for the winter....that space problem again!. Even the mother plant in the basket is looking fair.

I tidied up the non-hardy Fuchsias. Just a case of clearing up any dead leaves and checking the roots to make sure no vine weevil had overwintered in there. All seemed ok and I gave them a little misting to help them start shooting. Once I'm sure they are alive I'll prune them back and give them some fresh compost. This one in the photo has already started putting out some new growth.

I also realised that although I'd seen to the hanging basket begonias I'd forgotten all about the pot ones. Even the corms of these are getting larger now. They are lovely plants and the flowers can be up to 6" across. I'll start these in a tray of compost until I decide which pots to put them in.

Outside the Euphorbia is starting to put on some colour

and the pink Dicentra is starting to come through, though no sign of the white one yet;

the Hyacinth buds are getting bigger

and the snowdrops are still doing well. This is actually a Hosta pot but snowdrops help to extend its seasonal colour.

This little chap passed us as he made his way towards the pond

These FRITILLARIA persica shoots have come up almost overnight. I'll be keeping a keen eye out for slugs and snails now.

Finally a glimpse of a crocus that isn't purple!

The Daphne odurata is coming into flower; just this single flower has the most glorious scent.

I really hope that next time you drop by the sun will be shining and we can dust the parasol off!


Encourage biodiversity in your garden. A plastic drinks bottle with the bottom cut off, stuffed full of rolled-up corrugated cardboard and hung from a tree branch gives lacewings somewhere to shelter. A solid block of wood with lots of 1/4" holes drilled deep into it can help overwintering solitary bees. A few logs piled up somewhere can provide havens for ladybirds and all kinds of other beneficial insects. Feed the birds, too. The more kinds of living things in your garden, the healthier it will be. I still kill slugs, though. You've got to draw the line somewhere.

This tip kindly donated by Melanie, BEANSPROUTS

Monday, 26 February 2007



Sunday, 25 February 2007


The only snail in our garden that DOESN'T eat the lettuces!

Join Green Thumb Sunday

Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday,

visit As the Garden Grows for more information

Friday, 23 February 2007


Bit busy today getting the house in order for this weekend's visitors so no cuppa I'm afraid.

Just time to show you the two different coloured Irises we have

and, at last, the flowers have started to open on my Hellebore seedling that I've been growing for two years. So pleased; don't have the space to keep every seedling so I'm happy that I made a good choice here.

Have a great weekend case I don't do another post before Monday!

Thursday, 22 February 2007


With all the excitement of yesterday I never got around to posting about our trip out yesterday; so have a cuppa,

help yourself to a muffin (especially for Libby) and make yourself comfy.

The weather was a little daunting first thing and waterproofs were at the ready.

The raindrops on our Sorbus berries looked lovely though.

Mother Nature looked kindly on us though and just before we were about to leave the sun started to shine.

Mick & I were on our own for this trip and that makes it a little harder shooping. I have to try and carry baskets or push trolleys as well as push Mick. Unfortunately many of the gangways were too small for me to get Mick down them so I had to keep running off, picking up items and bringing them back to show him.

I've been meaning to repair the plastic cover on our little greenhouse for some time now. I was really pleased to see these replacement covers for will save me a job...and the fleece one will be so handy for when I'm hardening off the busy lizzies etc.

There wasn't much plant wise this time of year that we wanted. The trip was mainly to buy plant feeds and the suchlike; but I couldn't resist a pack of Galtonia Candicans bulbs (Summer Hyacinth)....we'll find a space for them somewhere!!!!!

If we had the space I'm sure a few more of these packs would have gone in the trolley!

Luckily in the outside area there was more space in the aisles, so Mick could get a bit more "up close and personal".


Although we weren't officially plant hunting we had to have a look at the "reduced to clear" just in case something there was screaming out for a bit of TLC. Most of the plants we either had or looked past saving.................................

however this "Multiblue" clematis and an "Unknown" one looked ike they stood a chance. At 25p a pot we couldn't resist them; I mean you can never have TOO MANY Clematis can you? I'll pot them up and grow them on before I actually put them in the garden.

The bright coloured Primroses are very nice but I do love these more natural looking ones. I just about managed to resist them!

By now the sky was a clear blue; weren't we lucky!

We had a look at the Rhodos; Mick always like to compare how healthy his three at home look compared to the ones in a garden centre.

We have a lot of fairy ornaments in our garden.......just had to buy this little cutie.

I left Mick looking at this double water butt feature while I went to pick up a bag of compost.

Once upon a time I would have baulked at lifting a 100 litre bag; caring for Mick has certainly built up my muscles as I have no problem now!

We got home safe and sound and I'm pleased that the new greenhouse cover fitted.

Well I see all the muffins have gone so I'm off to the kitchen to make egg and cress sandwiches for lunch. Then this afternoon I'll pot up the Clematis and the Galtonia bulbs.
Have a good day all!




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