Tuesday, 3 July 2007


The first bloom of the Polish Spirit Clematis.
Although we've still had plenty of heavy rain it's been nice to see a little sun on the garden..this area which holds the largest of the Cannas really needed some sunshine.
and although it copes with the shade the wheelbarrow has looked perkier with the improved light levels
The Buddleia in the far corner is starting to flower well now;

so I can look forward to some more butterflies in the garden; this poor little thing seems to have a damaged wing but still managed to fly around quite happily...

this poor grasshopper seems to have lost one of his antenna...I wonder if it's the extremely strong wind we've had during the bad weather that has caused all these injuries..... The pink bedding Begonia is now smothered in huge bloomsand the red one has now started to bud.This pink Lily is so pretty and smells delicious................ This Yucca Mick brought home from a job he was on about 6 years ago...one of his workmates was throwing it out.....this is the first year it's ever flowered.........My camera has a video facility; not the greatest picture quality but good enough for a quick tour around the garden........as it's a movie I've laid on some popcorn.......
garden tour

The sun's peeking through again now.......see you later!


dot said...

Enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers.

CG said...

Your gorgeous photos are video have really brightened my day!

Nicole said...

Your flowering Yucca is a sure sign from Mick! You know, my mum was given a cyclamen plant by a good friend once. The plant died after a while (or so we thought) and our friend died of cancer. My mum took the dead looking cyclamen out by the walnut tree and like a miracle it came to life again and flowered. My mum always felt it was her friend sending her a little greeting as I am sure Mick is sending one to you.

Felicia said...

What a delightful garden! I've only just moved to a new house and had to leave many of my beauties behind. I'm sitting this first year out on gardening and waiting to see what comes up where before I go gangbusters next year :)

RUTH said...

DOT & CG; it's nice to invite you into my garden.
NICOLE; it does seem special that it flowered this year; it's small signs like this that keep me going
FELICIA; so wise of you to sit back and see what treasures the garden holds

Shaz said...

I've never seen such a packed garden, the flowers & colour are fab. This is making me want to start on our front garden & have a very different effect to what we have created in ther back although they would have to be hardy plants that could with stand the traffic of children & the throwing down of bikes etc!

Shaz said...

PS Ruth if you use photobucket you can upload videos rather than going through youtube x x

RUTH said...

Cheers Shaz, I'll try that next time. I'm sure you'll have fun creating your front garden..don't forget to take before and after pics.

JoAnn said...

Yes indeed sun is nded,send me some please, we are already for 2 weeks in the rain! Nice flowers, beautiful garden!

Greetings JoAnn ( from Holland)
Feel free to visit my blog , your comments are welcome)

Mauigirl said...

Lovely as always! Glad you're getting sun. Our week so far has been sunny but cool for July!

Chris said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love plants packed together like this and I am trying to achieve this effect :-) The video is a really good idea and gives a sense of walking around your garden. I also love the bench, its important to have somewhere to sit and be quiet sometimes as well as working! Thanks for sharing it with us :-) Sending a hug!

Misslionheart said...

Lovely colourful blog!

Your map says I'm from Limerick, I'm actually in Kildare although I'm English. We moved here a few years ago.

I'll visit you again soon. Thanks for your comment.

Women on the Verge said...

Your garden is simply gorgeous! I like your grasshopper photo! It reminds me of a shot I took of a Great Golden Digger Wasp on my asclepia.

Sheila said...

I am impressed by the number of plants you have in your garden, and they all look so healthy and lush. It's beautiful Ruth, what a great job you and Mick did.

jmb said...

Everything is looking great Ruth, despite the bad weather you've been having.
I too think Mick is sending you his approval via the yucca flower. Anyway it made you think about a lovely memory of him as the plant rescuer.

RUTH said...

Thanks all for visiting; so glad you like the garden.
W.on the Verge; I had to Google both Great Golden Digger Wasp and asclepia. Mighty big wasp and the Asclepia is new to me; interesting plant.

Michelle said...

Ruth~WOW, your garden is AMAZING! And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet message! Happy Gardening! :)





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