Monday, 30 July 2007


It's been a pleasantly full weekend. I had quite a lousy week and was getting really low; but all the smiling faces this weekend have lifted my spirits a little. It's the first time I've been able to take Lynn, Steve and Max the dog on the Riverside Walk due to it being so wheelchair "unfriendly". Manda and Nicole popped round too and "dogsat" and walked Max while we went out to dinner and yesterday Leanne and the girls came over from Colchester for the day. As I've had company I've not really been near my computer for a couple of days...I couldn't believe it when I opened my NETVibes late Sunday afternoon and saw over 150 posts unread on blogs that I usually visit plus a ream of emails to answer. I know I have no chance of catching up with them ALL so "APOLOGIES" to those I miss and forgive me if I only lurk! While I'm having a Blogaround Lurk I'll let Max show you his Photo Album...........

Everyone got home safe and sound; suitably sustained with a Full English Brunch...and with the weather set fair for today I'm hoping to have a bit of a sort out in the garage. The compost tumbler is stuck right at the back and I need to make it more accessible. Lynn kindly took me to a place near Bures where they bag up rotting horse manure (pure gold!) and sell it for 50p a bag. For the last couple of years our garden hasn't had a good mulch in the Winter. Previous to that Mick would, during the course of the year, gradually collect as many bags of manure as he could, mix it with any spent compost we had and leave it in the tumbler to carry on rotting down. We used to call it "Mick's Magic Mix". Although the garden is doing reasonably well this year I can tell that it's lost some of it "oomph"....I don't think "Ruth's Magic Mix" has the same ring to it but I'm sure the garden won't mind!


Chris said...

I would love to buy some of your pure gold for 50p a bag :-) Its badly needed on our allotment, I will have to find a local supplier this year, you would think it was easy to come by! I'm sure your garden will love Ruth's Magic Mix, its the recipe that counts :-)

A wildlife gardener said...

Wonderful pics of a loving family sharing and caring and making life worth living...real family values :)

I was slobbering like a big hungry dog looking at all that lovely grub!

Shaz said...

Don't blame ther magic mix blame the weather!

Max looks like a real cuttie pie & I loved his commentary, funny looking dogs had me giggling!

Pleased you had a good weekend. My Flower Show pics should be up tomorrow for you, but I'm no photographer. Near the end of the day I gave up with the camera as we were laden with bags, plant pots & goodies (Curried Vodka!!)

Akelamalu said...

Great slide show Ruth, I'm sure that pure gold will do the trick!

Auntie Noo said...

Lovely slideshow - what is is about dogs that means their faces tell it exactly how it is?!

Libbys Blog said...

I'm fortunate I have a friend who has horses! The only problem is, I have to bring it through the house!!!!

lynnie said...

hi mummy
Wonderful slide show - really made me smile - shows what a wonderful weekend we really had.
Why not call it Micky & Ruthys magic mix as it is going on yours and daddys special garden...
Hope the sun has been shining for you today mummy.
Loads of hugs and love

Dirty Fingernails said...

I like the ring of Ruth's Magic Mix.. It should do wonders!!

Audrey said...

Im pleased you had such a lovely family weekend and isnt Max a real cutie.. Im sure the magic mix will work wonders xxx Auds

Gledwood said...

I'm glad the weekend purked up for you. Weekends can be pretty crap! Hope your pond's in great shape again, btw. Take care


Annie said...

That was a wonderful outing, told from the dog's point of view but clearly a wonderful day for the humans too, Ruth. You have a quick imagination - and a real knack with the camera.

Mauigirl said...

So glad you had a nice weekend with family. I'm glad it lifted your spirits. Adorable pix!

jmb said...

Someone's been for a haircut at the groomers. I did enjoy the slide show that Max created. I hope you enjoyed the visit with your family Ruth.

Katya said...

Ruth, many years ago, I took my kids to the zoo, and guess what they brought home for Grandpa? hehehe....Yes, they were bagging and seling "ZooPoo"!
I think your beautiful garden grows from all the lovng care you give it!
Max...what a CUTIE!!! He is so cute! What a clever idea to let him have his own little album of pictures. Now, when Angus and Murphy find out about that, I am in trouble!!!




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