Wednesday, 4 July 2007


We had some periods of SUN between those we had TORRENTIAL RAIN...HAILSTORMS...THUNDER AND LIGHTENING...GALE FORCE WINDS......but at least it was fairly warm......

I'd heard last year that one area of Great Cornard was having some new ornate paving done so I thought I'd take a look around the area and see if I could find it. The idea of the project was that art, such as text or images, would be cut into stone at foot level and placed along the pathways as a lasting testimony to the people from the estate and the wider community. The inspiration for the artworks came from local residents and school children through a variety of workshops and activities. Some of the ideas included:
· People’s personal histories – for instance experiences of first moving to the area from London (Mick himself was one of these incomers)

· Stories about people’s lives in the area

· Thoughts that residents have about the past, present and future

· Ideas of young people (from the local Gt. Cornard schools) expressing ‘what is important’ to them.

Unfortunately due to the heavy rain some of the relief work was filled with mud so the photos don't really do the work justice.

Nowhere becomes somewhere

What is important?

Then and now

Something to care for

They, you, he, she, I, we, them
interspersed with the letters of the word FRIENDS Them and us and them
All the individual pictures are re-creations of drawings done by children and adults from the communityThe paths interlock towards central points

What a marvellous idea to involve the community in a project like this. This area of Cornard has for many years been thought of as the "rough" end of town but projects like this must help the residents to feel pride in their area and hopefully bring back the community spirit that is so sadly lacking.


CG said...

What a great idea! I hope you can take more photos when (if?) the mud clears away, but these already look very effective.

dot said...

I'd like to see more also!

talj said...

Its good to see things like this springing up in the 'not so good' areas of town! It certainly looks very pretty :o)

Your garden is looking fabulous too, I bet it looks a hell of a lot different since the start of May!!

{{HUGS}} x

Akelamalu said...

That's fantastic, I love that sort of community stuff.

Libbys Blog said...

That is such a lovely idea.
I like your dragonfly!

UKBob said...

I think that sort of project is good for the community and it's good that the people will do things together. It sounds like you had a good selection of weather yesterday Ruth - who was it said we need some rain? Bob.

allotment lady said...

Wonderful photos - and great that you went out and looked them up for on here.


lilymarlene said...

I love things about places that are "different".....floors in particular.
The floors in St Marc's Cathedral in Venice are the most wonderful mosaics, laid many many centuries ago...truly beautiful. And I've asked so many who went to Venice what they thought of them.....and they never noticed them.....! I suppose I look down because the distant stuff is blurry with my eyes...
I'm also patchwork mad, and mosaics are a bit like patchwork, aren't they?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


They did something like that by the seaside at Sheerness, where Granny lives.

We really must get over to Suffolk soon and investigate these places you're blogging about!

Mum's favourite was the cat one, btw, as if you couldn't guess...


Helena said...


this is a link to a photo of one of the mosaics you mentioned, in St MArk's, Venice, on the floor!

Helena said...

...oops...that link goes to a mosaic that's set into the wall! LOL! Never mind. That blog has some more info on them though.


Mauigirl said...

Lovely idea! We should do something like this in our park!

Shaz said...

These are excellent. I remember when the pound coin came out & a trail of coins were embedded into the fags to follow to a new arcade in town but thugs eventually dug them up! All that effort for a pound!

RUTH said...

Oh Shaz that reminds me of when super glue first came out; we stuck a coin on the pavement then watched people trying to pick it up..hee hee




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