Monday, 16 July 2007


Now I hadn't let on about this because I didn't want you refusing to visit thinking I was unclean.......but my shower stopped working a few weeks ago. I have been having a bath...HONEST... but I really enjoy a shower especially when the weather is hopefully warming up. I knew what the problem was; it's happened before; the water in our area is so hard that sometimes the little "push up and down" bit (please note the plumbing siezes up and won't go into "shower" mode. Now I've been Mick's "gofer" in the past when he's done the job so I thought I'd have a go myself. So out cam the toolbox and...too cut a long story short...after much clanking, banging and stiltsoning (another technical term..tee hee)......I managed to get the piping apart.I doused the "spring thing" with LimeLite and gave it a good flush out; put it all back together again and.......HEY PRESTO (after 2 hours! and much sweating perspiring!).....the job was done. Boy did I NEED that shower.

I've been watching the BBC Programme Nature's Calendar and the other night they mentioned that these Cardinal Beetles are sometimes called BONKING beetles.............

as most of the photos I've taken of them look like this I can see how they got their name!!!!
Mind you I don't have to go for a walk to see strange bugs....this was on the glass in my front door.........................I assume it's some sort of Longhorn.....Couldn't resist snapping this frog reading the Mosquitos Wanted sign......
I haven't updated on The Great Pip Challenge for a you can see they needed some potting on done......
from left to right...2 Avocado, 2 Lychee and 5 Orange.........I can't believe I got them to germinate let alone keep them alive!
I had a great day Saturday in the garden...we didn't have the heatwave that had been forecast but it was pleasantly warm and I got loads of dead heading and general tidying up fact I stayed out there all day.............................had to take a few photos of course...........

starting top left.......Campanula Lodden Anna, Oleander, Lantana,
Verbena Boriensis, Begonia (bedding), Clematis Polish Spirit
Osteospurnum Sheila, Sedum album (stonecrop), Echinacea

Sunday morning it was really rainy and we had a massive thunderstorm! Trust me to have left washing on the line overnight...I had to respin it!
Before I go "APOLOGIES" to those whose blogs I've not commented on. All to often I'm halfway through a comment and the pc closes down. So forgive me if I appear to be "lurking".


Shaz said...

Sounds like an ideal chill out weekend, & I'm not suprised you got those pips to grow. Thank you for all you support & good wishes, will let you know the outcome later this evening I hope x x

Audrey said...

Some great photos, Wow well done with the shower one thing I never go near is the plumbing these days, too many

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Ruth what a lovely post you have up today. Where to begin commenting? I'm impressed that you've solved the little problem with your shower. Well done!

Such lovely pics of your garden too although I had to avert my blushing eyes with some of them. ;-)

Here it was hot and humid this weekend with lots of heavy showers as well. Are we going to have a real summer this year? What do you think?

dot said...

Ruth, we've had a rainy weekend also (much needed). I admire women who can do jobs like that! Your flowers, as always, are just beautiful!

CG said...

Well done on fixing the shower; I'm most impressed. And with your pips too; wow, must have a go at that sometime. I loved the photo of the frog reading the sign!!

talj said...

WOOHOO! Way to go on fixing the shower Ruth!! Good job {{HUGS}}

Everything in your garden looks beautiful and your photos are fantastic!! I love your bug shots, so much detail :o)

Have a good week {{HUGS}} xx

Auntie Noo said...

Well done on the shower doohickey! I did my tap washers the other week too! - Have to tell you that a friend's husband on a crafting forum did some kitchen plumbing work...... when it went a tad (!)wrong he didn't know where the stopcock was and consequently flooded the whole kitchen area! - So you're a star for doing it and not flooding anywhere!!!!

Vic Grace said...

Good thing I wasn't around when you were plumbing. Several years ago when I was single I had a friend offer to help with a plumbing problem. He dismantled the pipes and collected the dirty water in a bucket and asked me to dispose of it since he was lying underneath the sink. I had a blonde moment and dumped it into the sink and of course if came out all over him. Fortunately he could see the funny side, I felt so dumb but I was splitting my sides with laughter too.

RUTH said...

Thanks EVERYONE for dropping by. Auntie Noo; I must tell you, the "tap" part of my stopcock has broken off and the stiltsons had to be used on that first!
viv grace; you are in good company; a few years ago Mick was cleaning our pea trap and I did exactly the same thing!!! :o)

Gledwood said...

the red insect at the top is well funky!!
good on yer for the diy!

Katya said...

Ruth, since my husband has suffered the spinal cord injury, I have found myself under the sink, replacing a faucet, as well as inside the engine compartment of an older Volvo and trucks! Since Mark is unable to crawl about, he nominates *me* to the tasks at hand. I usually don't mind most of them, but there have been times when I grumbled and complained about doing "man's work"!
Your flowers are so beautiful and you have a good eye for photographing them, to be sure! I was especially drawn to the sweet picture of the sign-reading frog! That looks like something straight out of a children's story book!
What a pleasant way to spend some time....looking along with you at your garden~

jmb said...

Wonderful photos, I love the osteospermun, beautiful colour, we only seem to get mauve or white and mauve or dead purple here to grow. I find that they have a great flowering show just after you buy them, then they put on lots of green stuff, but never really flower nicely again. We can only grow them as annuals, I wonder if they are actually more like biennials.




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