Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Now that my Buddleia is in flower I'm getting so many butterflies in the garden. It's quite hard to get photos as they flit about so much but patience pays off sometimes. This is the first year I've seen these in the garden so quite exciting for me.
I think it's a Gatekeeper as it has 2 small dots in the black circle.................

whereas this one I think is a Meadow Brown as it only has 1 spot.........We always get plenty of these.................Green veined???? White.........

But I'm not quite sure what this one is?

Meeyauw gave me a link to a great site BudGuide.net but it deals with US and Canadian insects and I can't find this one there or on any of the British sites I visit. It's wings are almost translucent even when closed. I remember my pre-camera days when a butterfly was just a butterfly....it can be quite hard for a novice to tell the difference................

Red Admiral

This moth decided to have a doze at the base of my butterfly solar light; no doubt waiting for lighting up time!
Despite so many bugs in the garden they hardly ever "bug" me......I guess I'm not as tasty as the flowers!!!!!

I think this is a Coreus Marginatus...boy that's a mouthful ....its common name is Squash Bug which derives from it being a pest on squash crops in North America.

It's been a long wait this year but FINALLY my Eucomis (Pineapple flower) is coming into bud. Libby at Woodlands World has had hers in flower for a while; I'm hoping at some point my Brugmansia will show some signs of budding as Libby's flowers on hers are beautiful......I can almost smell their fragrance through my PC screen.

As our garden is quite shady and small and I'm such a plantaholic I'm inclined to place plants according to the amount of sun they need rather than concentrating on colour combinations. Sometimes though an area"comes together" colourwise just by accident. This small area is "accidentally" working so well with the colour of the Canna leaves, Lucifer crocosmia flowers and Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia.

Even the underplanting of Heuchara and Oxalis are picking up the dark bronze-like colours
and the Japanese Blood Grass plays its part too.

Once again it's a warm, sunny day here in my part of the world. So what am I doing blogging you may ask.......ahhhh well I'm blogging in the garden! And I don't get so stressed when my tempremental pc shuts down...I just go and do some deadheading or weeding until it decides to play again......

I guess that makes me a Garden Blogger in more ways than one!!!


Annie said...

Hi Ruth, Your garden is lovely, made so all the more by the efforts of you and all your little pollinators. These are wonderful photos. I'm going to think about you sitting there in your garden, at your computer, with your camera by your side, having a happy day.

A wildlife gardener said...

Ruth I have recommended you for the Bloggers For Global Change award. All the details are on my post of 10 July.

I shall return to catch up on your recent posts and leave a comment :)

Shaz said...

You are a true Garden Blogger x x x x

farmingfriends said...

Hi Ruth,
The laptop in the garden is such a fab photo. That's what I call a dedicated blogger!
Sara from farmingfriends

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I will have to try that laptop thing out in the garden. Looks like fun. Your garden is looking very prolific and profuse.

BTW, those are wonderful photos.

Vic Grace said...

I can't wait to get a decent camera, it makes it special to be able to immediately share the pictures rather than wait to have them developed and a blog is a perfect vehicle to do it.

Thanks for the rose you left for me when I was having my funky day

jmb said...

Great photos Ruth, amazing actually. I love the photo of the laptop in the garden.

Everything is looking great although I see it is cool from your sidebar weather thingy.

maiylah said...

wow ... what a lovely place to put your pc and do some surfing!
wonderful bug shots ... and I think i see some that's also present here in my country ... or maybe just a look-alike. :)
thanks for dropping by my WW post!
too bad, i have no idea what type of moth it was ...

Crafty Gardener said...

Wonderful photos Ruth. You certainly have captured a lot of butterflies and insects. I love digital cameras as you can take so many photos, see them right away, discard those that aren't any good, and blog the good ones. Hm-m-m blogging in the garden sounds like a fun idea. Except right now we are getting a bit of rain, so it's inside for me.
I did check to see if the mourning cloak butterfly I have on my blog is in your area, and it did say they are found in Europe and North America. Happy hunting for more photos.

Chris said...

Wonderful pics, Ruth, I really enjoyed looking through your garden and so many butterflies! I have a pineapple lily too though no sign of any flower yet. Does yours produce new shoots, I'm told they do sometimes, from around the base. Great post!

RUTH said...

Chris; I think the reason mine are flowering later this year is because they have sent up a lot more shoots. I've also had success with them from seed.
Crafty Gardener; thanks for checking the moth out I'll keep a look out :o)

Katya said...

Ruth, your garden is so beautiful! What a magnificent place to relax and reflect on the day, or life in general!
I carry my laptop all over the place....when the weather gets too unbearably hot, I head into the camper and turn on the air conditioner and HIDE! WITH my laptop! And, a Scottie, or two!
Thank you for the wonderful look into your garden. It is obvious you have put much time and heart into this very special place!!!

Libbys Blog said...

I must admit thats how I garden too, if I like it I fit it in where I can, no matter what colour!!!!

Dirty Fingernails said...

you must have the patience of Job to get pictures of all those insects and butterflies.. I love it..

Dawn said...

Your insects photos are very clear and detailed, Ruth. I enjoy seeing all the different kinds of butterflies that we don't have here. The Gatekeeper is especially pretty! The photo of your computer in your garden made me smile. If only I had a laptop I might do the same. :-)





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