Thursday, 12 July 2007


After a couple of years of neglect I decided yesterday that I really must do something about the kitchen ceiling. Of course in the old days Mick would have taken one look at it and almost by magic a fresh coat of white paint would appear. Many's the winter I would come home from work and find Mick (sometimes he would have quiet work periods during the winter) had painted one of the a ceilings or the bathroom; he was really good like that....he loved painting and decorating so much that he never thought of it as a chore when he did it at home.
a quick lick of paint
Now the job's going to be down to me. I had a good teacher but I know I won't find it as easy and quick a job as he did. But I digress; the kitchen ceiling looked awful....decidedly brown rather than white! So rather than go for a paint job I thought I'd give it a clean. So out came my hop-up steps, sugar soap and elbow grease and wow! what a difference it's's now a pale shade of fawn.....LOL. I may get away with it a bit longer before the paint roller has to come out!

Of course having dripped water on the floor I realised how dirty that was. It used to get a regular cleaning when Mick had his kitchen/showers but now it just gets a quick mop now and then. So down on my hands and knees I went, scrubbing brush at the ready and I would almost let a dog eat it's dinner off it now............ It made me realise how much I'd got out of the routine of housework over the last couple of years when more important things were taking up my time. I'll never be a Domestic Goddess;
our home's a HOME not a show piece; but now there's only ME to blame any mess on so I have no excuses!

Talking of being up in the air; Talj asked if I could take some overhead photos of the garden so she could see how it had changed since her visit....................

We had a beautiful sunset last night and although rain is forecast it looks quite nice outside so I'm off to town as it's Market Day. It seems we are forecast a HOT, HOT weekend.......that'll do for me......I do hope the forecasters are right.


Mousie said...

ruth, your photos are nicer and nicer...great work deserve all rewards...and you're the nicest friend we ever had
love from mousie

dot said...

Ruth, I love your photos also and the little images are so cute! It will be a wonderful day when they invent a home that will clean itself. Just press a button. lol

RUTH said...

Thanks Mousie. Hope all is well in Plumpiemouse
Dot; Oh I wish!

Dawn said...

Good idea to clean the ceiling rather than paint it. Painting ceilings is hard on the least the way I do it. The overhead photos of your garden are beautiful!

Claire said...

No before and after pics of the kitchen?

inspired said...

a beautiful garden bursting with life
thank you so much for you special thoughts on my post "without you" i appreciate what you share ;o]

talj said...

I still cant believe how much the garden has changed! Wonderful! Hope the cleaning goes well! :o)

Sunset looked beautiful too...not sure about the weather at the moment, raining one minute and boiling hot the next! Weird!

{{HUGS}} xx

lilymarlene said...

Great photos Ruth. And well done on the ceiling....bad neck time?

Annie said...

Ruth, you certainly got your stretching exercises done with the ceiling and the floor. I really must follow your example.

RUTH said...

I did wish that I'd taken a before photo! My neck's not too bad but my knees hurt from scrubbing the floor!

Mauigirl said...

Lovely photos as always, Ruth! I am living vicariously through your garden this year as ours isn't all that great this summer since we're having work done in our yard so didn't plant as much as usual.

Congrats on cleaning the ceiling! It does give satisfaction to clean when you can really SEE the difference (since I too am no domestic goddess that's about when I usually get around to doing any cleaning myself - when you can see the difference!)

ABQ-B-Fly Guy said...

Wow, I love the overhead photos of your garden. Amazing garden, thanks for sharing.

CG said...

You have been busy. I'm inspired to scrub my own kitchen floor! The garden looks lovely too.




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